100 thoughts on “What’s inside $20,000 YouTube Golf Tournament?

  1. AMAZING VIDEO! Thanks so much for coming over to the UK to play in the first ever YT GOLF DAY! 🙌

  2. It’s not a what’s inside video without a comment saying: “OMG You Lincoln’s changed he hit puberty OMGOMGOMGOMG”

  3. That magnet in the hat just might get me to start using hats. I haven't golfed in a while and I do like TaylorMade but that's proper cool!

  4. Me: im so excited for puberty

    Puberty: This Mf ain’t ready

    Me: Yes i am

    Puberty: you sure

    Me: Yup

    Puberty: ok

    Me: hits puberty screaming AHHHHHH THIS HURTS

  5. What is his house like. Besides a car, that is one thing that would be modified to suit him the best! Good video

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