it’s always important to have a good
practice swing what’s up welcome back to the channel today I’m joined by Josh
Kelly what’s up guys aka hole-in-one trick shots and we’re
gonna do a little bit of a long drive competition I’ve never played golf
before though so I think we’re gonna even the playing field a little bit I do
a weird item a long drive competition the way I think this is the first time a
crutch has ever been inside a golf bag ever so this is an interesting loaf of
bread we’ve got ten round you get a point for each time you beat the other
person by going longer and most points wins here we go alright weird item long
drives going first it’s gonna be a huge this binge right we’re gonna flip a tee
to see who goes first whatever the tee points that will go
first okay Josh I’m going first okay so I guess I better
start with something that I’m familiar with so we’re gonna go juggling Club but
Josh have you ever T to golf ball off in your life I don’t think so I’ve only
played I don’t think I’ve ever hit a golf ball that wasn’t like
brightly-colored and there was like a you know like I said finding oil or a
huge cloud well well mayonnaise you played mini golf right yeah yeah let the
games begin Josh goes with a juggling Club first of
course long drive competition Wow look at those tricks that does that doesn’t
really give you any point to variety and Josh’s first attempt went all over and
what about foot laughs but I think forward only my like six inches forward
uh-huh dinging beat that let me try this is uh Josh had to ask me what this is
this is the divot Phil sand or seed so when you’re playing golf you take a
divot you put the stand in there so the grass grows back we’re gonna use this as
our marker so I get a mark where Josh the ball went I think we we all know
we’re okay actually gonna probably kind of be in that way that’s okay easily and
win but I’m gonna go farther I can’t yell Park all right let’s see that’s
there so it yeah you got it you got it I’ve always liked thousand excellent all
right well nothing me okay the club has done what’s up next all right so I’m
going first here so I get the option I’m gonna go in this racket this racket I
feel like the tennis racket might be the longest Club in the bag for us today I’m
gonna see this as high as I can because the tennis racket as you know the sweet
spots in the middle but the ball can we cheat out something we hit miss a little
bit off the top of the tennis racket but don’t feel like we can hit this probably
maybe 50 yards oh right probably what about interesting okay I
don’t know why on this channel I always feel the need to challenge people at
something that they are way better than the ant but that’s that’s what’s
happening I’m about to get my butt kicked again Josh I’m not sure if this
is necessary but thanks for at least humoring me technology that it’s
possible that I could get it that far hey everyone Josh dun one point I do the
test grunt you should definitely Drive Oh what that was crushed I think it
might be we got to go to the judges on that definitely had that one in the bag
crush them all right oh yeah it definitely is there’s a there’s Josh
Kelly’s let’s see make sure yeah I wasn’t gonna put that out there cuz I
figure Josh had no shot with this one I think one two three all right six yard fast
line a blind squirrel finds another was like wow okay that’s one two one
follow-up my my victory with the hockey hockey stick
Wow by the way guys Gilmore so this hockey stick is like the worst of all
time juggling Josh coming off a double use got all kind of tricks but like I
said that doesn’t really smoking doesn’t really help you and comes a long drive
here you go mark cameraman right where the marker is perfect we got that going
first I’m okay with that this target look shot
alright guys hockey stick time gonna be tough because it’s a little bit flimsy
but Josh’s ball went really right because I think when it hit the stick
the stick kind of opened up because the help limit is kind of cheap plastic I
went to the right so I’m gonna learn from that close a little bit oh my gosh yeah okay you get another point she won
me all right so so far the person that has gone first has lost all three
interesting all three ten interesting up there is my turn to go first and we have
a few items up here at the crook stump we said we would kick one to that that’s
an item that’s not in here and then often the tripod bag – yep
all right so let’s go baseball back they pull back now another
another bat it’s really not the greatest bat in the world
Louisville Sluggers it’s a little Slugger but it’s like a tiny wooden bat no way I’m up I’m up one Oh Josh Oh No
stop I’m intimidated by that one he is not gonna he’s down one but he’s got the
bat and that one bit even the playing field buddy putting it off is he I think
gives me the event all right good it’s always important to have a good practice
swing they don’t practice swing then how you get hit the ball you know oh that
was just practicing right very important save joke very important
to breath what’s going on oh that was hit hard got some distance on it but not
enough there’s not enough no air just started rolling right did it hurt your
hands not really bit not well maybe I’m just a little of what yeah all right
well that’s a read of one me but there’s some crazy items left so anything can
happen but probably not a problem copy in the wash down three two one I need
one right here need it and we only have what six items left we just did four
yeah still six items and I think I’m gonna I’m gonna go for the the kick the
soccer wow wow this is this is gonna be
interesting idea I feel like this is the most even of the competitions you’re not
used to hitting golf balls off the tee I am but this is more so like a field goal
I decide whether I go inside of the foot or tow it and that photo angers these
are like really salt I know I wouldn’t go too far either way I might be a
broken toe I say inside wow that was a great shot gonna say it’s worth it but only worth
it if I beat you ouch the marker out oh gosh just take the just take two Allen don’t
hurt yourself I don’t know about that I’ve seen some of your your soccer
skills in their golf videos but you can’t tell me there’s no no no
no yes I slipped I would also do I had a sore throat
yes it’s it’s misty out here so you probably yeah
3 3 2 3 you too you too but I still have to leave and it’s my my choice I think
we’re gonna go interesting you know I’m gonna go lacrosse stick cross here’s the
thing about the lacrosse stick it’s not meant to be hit yeah throw but think if
you hit it in the net might bounce off but we’ll see up 3-2 you don’t kind of
confident what the heck all right that might be
the longest one yet that was amazing right I don’t think you need to put the
marker out there I don’t think there’s any way I’m gonna beat that but here it
is I just the best day oh that was good you
good or not not enough you least you hit it pretty good for two how’s the foot
deal but will hurt for days to come all right for two – for two – you’re
chewing we’re running we’re kind of running low
we get some oh what we’re going bread we’re going red this is gonna be
interesting now we as you noticed we bought two loaves of bread
just in case we break one here so funny story I told Josh to pick up some bread
and in my head for this video I was thinking like a baguette like a nice
like French loaf of bread a bag which is actually funnier do they grab a loaf of
bread it is a loaf of bread you’re not wrong
you’re right it is a lot softer than this hey baguette or whatever that would
have been smarter but I would I would suggest teeing it up higher yeah like
get a brand new T and barely stick it in there yes so the loaf of bread here I
will be amazed if it makes it past this tea boxes but we’ll see do you think I
should get like a running start I don’t like this I don’t know do you want let
you do it wow I don’t think I do it okay what what wow that was like one of your
best shot yet with the loaf of bread is there any damage to the bread it’s kind
of gun I’ll smash at the bottom I’m cool then and take that home to the wife to
have a little peanut butter and jelly alright so loaf of bread which I thought
was gonna be the hardest Josh hit one of his best I don’t know if you can see it
but we got the seed bottle out there probably about 45 yards now his
technique was runny windmill I thought you missed but he actually makes a good
contact but I’m gonna hey Josh Josh don’t slice this one Oh golf term no I heard you say it earlier all right well then that’s an L right I
guess okay Josh is up all right so it’s four to three me we have three items
left and we’re gonna go with the tripod here I got about a fifteen dollar Amazon
tripod it’s already kind of a little bit broke so I don’t care if it breaks okay
and then the last two are the bag and the crutch so keep watching you ready oh oh I keep going Josh’s down for two three as you can see
there’s my mark out there only about probably 35 yards oh what a little
adjustment wow I didn’t think of that D OOP that’s smart why did I think of that
Wow this guy is a pretty smart guy let me
hit it it’s got a roll belt got a roll oh it’s a grass not quiet you’re smart
enough but not skilled enough skilled enough that’s five to three you have to
win the last two to keep it alive okay and what do we have left we have the gut
retch in the bag I’m gonna go let’s go crash and we’ll
have all these left in the back know that you can balance that crush on its
nose may be the weirdest item we’ve had I don’t know the bread was pretty bad
for me for me for me all right not great but not horrible he needs me
to really mess up your game is over very challenging though the hitting area
is like very small right oh my gosh alright so the game is over you won
congratulations we didn’t get touched back let’s hit the back let’s do I’ll
let you do it just for fun to steer your bag yeah make sure to go with that maybe
I could’ve really better good game dude a lot of fun thanks for joining me
thanks for watching everyone make sure you head over to Josh’s YouTube channel
he’s just kind of getting it going yeah I’m just starting it but if you
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make sure you look out for Wednesday’s video because Josh will be back for some
world records can’t wait man it’s gonna be good we’ll see you guys

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