We Built A Crazy Mini Golf Course On The Beach!

We Built A Crazy Mini Golf Course On The Beach!

we’re here at the Daufuskie Island National what is up we are out here at Daufuskie island Garret Kevin Matt with rohback we’re out here what are we doing
today Garret I’m gonna have you explain what we’re doing so part one was on my
channel if you ever checked out go ahead and check it out we are now four up team
bunker fuskie against team smooth and what we’re doing is we created an 18
hole golf course on a beach let’s get right into the action we’re gonna head
straight to old ten Kevin we got some ground to make up and we’re gonna get to
it right here hold ten coming at you pull ten here the tide is coming in
quick we have a long one ahead we’ve got a buoy in the way it is all the way up
here on the right behind the buoy stay out of this stuff don’t want to be in
there taking unplayable most likely we’ve got the hole down here on the Left
tide is coming in quick box coming off the face a little bit
slower which I oh that is not bad folks that is pretty good a little short
didn’t stay in got mr. Gary Clark here GM golf that was very hard sir
oh what a bank this tide is coming in quick partner
weave it is getting more and more difficult to play this hole we need to
go ahead and hit our tee shots yeah it is tough especially with the
distraction of a jellyfish right there like a pile of wood now I gotta hit this
hard well that one didn’t get hung up in the
water and too tied like I thought it would so that was a bit firm we’re gonna
be taking a drop up here Kevin here flying three would be a huge plus putt it’s got a good line just off the lip so
this axe was a bit long here as well as me and Kevin we all get penalties and
back on the green back in play yeah yeah all right putting four three
Kevin is down there is putting four four I’m putting four three right there Matt
what are you putting four he’s putting four three we’re all around the same
shot explain to everyone oh yeah we need to explain since they
we’re not your on part one or maybe they work but anyway if you hit lb you take
it where it cross the line and you play your third shot or your you just take
penalty other words it’s like hazards like a hazard that’s not out about yeah
just but you can’t play it if you that’s weird anyway right third shot for Zach
he’s got a perfect low line through the gap they’re not really sure what’s gonna
happen here be good simmer simmer these greens are a
little speedy groundskeeper came out here triple rolled them this morning
what one about 17 on the stuff I was thinking 26 but never mind Matt here
right to left but up the hill come on yes huge humongous putt good boy
r5 down through 10 holes got a lot of work to do pull 11 here folks little
bender to the right but then right back to the left through the brush piles up
here right there in the whole team bunker fuss keys evaluating this whole
game plan we need a big comeback here sir
five down what I really like about this whole stack is there’s a lot of
obstacles in the way and these guys aren’t aren’t big thinkers they’re more
just you know hit the ball straight that’s all they can do stuff like we got
a little strategic going and gonna win this Matt here he is going
with an aggressive play I did not see that line he’s up in the brush pile so
he was trying to cut the corner right here up there towards the hole didn’t
quite pay off oh I did not see I this is an option this is not in play the out of
bounds line goes right around there that was clearly implied oh what a putt
that is looking pretty good but he is kind of stymied right there behind that
rock he’s got a little work to do what a play oh he got hung up there
however it’s alright about pin-high just a little short we’re here at two fusty
island national robach invitational we got a bunch of us games first maxi
action got it out a hole what a pot that was
big mine did fall to the bottom of the cabbage this is gonna be dicey okay what
do we got here well we’re looking like zach is covered and we’ve in a really
good position for us at least yeah we really want this ball-ball barely move yeah that had some
sauce on it but there’s a little rim right here
this is what I like to call the brain barrier breathe out
whatever I just said uh-oh denied oh no he has gone into a
divot folks it’s not a premature celebration that was it definitely was we are six down through holes we’ve only
won one hole today Cinderella’s story in the making stay tuned well that’s team
smooth Kevin’s gonna make a hole in one I’m calling it right now we have what we
call not a false front a false flowing really okay that was really a pretty
well struck ball that went right did you learn anything from here it’s okay that was a little aggressive stop 2-minute power didn’t leave it
short no taking it out a bit right itself from Garrett we needed that when we are five down
with six play full 13 Here I am not sure who designed it but we’ve got like
several paths that you can go you kind of cut up through the woods there
there’s the hole safer play would probably be to play it down in here
however the break could take you into the reeds is just out of play right there he’ll be
taking a drop Zach what’s the play I didn’t come here to lay up so we are
taking it straight through the woods the brush piles and you know hopefully we
get a good bounce that was so close and hit right here it fits right there
I think it’s in the hole however I’ll take it good guy Gary Clark right there
along the tee up crew oh alright he’s alright didn’t roll down the hill a little short there roll oh it stopped
alrighty oh no rolling down the hill
denied what a putt that was a great putt leaves
him him hi about two and a half feet let’s plan of attack here well we’re
trying to say if we do stymies or he just goes around it but I think a plan
did not go well and he’s gonna be right back where he
started that was a great roll by mr. Clark much needed we’re we’re wolf down but
we’re making a comeback or the nerve starting to flow at this juncture in the
match sir Charlie five up there’s an infancy
yeah I mean they went they won the last fall and now you know we’ll see this is
not an easy but we got this I got a toe oh that was a bit firm currently three
or four up we just choked the last two rules not the best situation there but I
did design this whole whole 14 it’s probably the hardest course of the third
hardest ball in the court and let me show you why it all breaks to the right in the weeds its OB or you got this is
where the hole is located so if you meant he keeps bowling if you miss again
it keeps rolling now this back stop right there
and stop the ball is just very unlike you ought to make you part here not very
good any stop ID weeds whilst I’m in here yet but this is not a
job that I don’t that was a valiant effort and I think
he’s gonna be right back where he was oh this actually could be really good I
could be really good he is saved by the reeds that is my ball next to him that
was gonna be a very difficult shot there have any words you know I thought that
that little twig was gonna affect it but it didn’t you know my wife the play we’re in a better
situation now thanks to Matt thank you very much sir if there is any way you
can hit my ball to get it over that Reid could’ve been better wait sir let’s go
we are currently only three down don’t call it a comeback because but I think
it’s a Cinderella story what does Garen think right behind you
he is standing in a pool what is going on you know I’m a little out of the
match right now I just my head’s in the wrong spot we’re thinking about the sand
right the sand is super-important we call this
quicksand you think you’re getting ahead and then you just start going back back
back and so I like hear from my team a bunker plus keys are coming back let’s
go let’s go we have the whole designer right here Matt you’re tempted by the
right-hand side to the hole took the straight approach Zack are you
feeling feeling pretty good we’ve won the last three holes we are trending I’m
gonna listen to the whole designer Matt he’s right behind the camera yes I’m
gonna take it up high let it lead down to the hole hey honestly I’ll take it I kind of
pushed it but we’re in play we’re gonna take it low here I do not agree with the
high play it’s just it’s it’s a huge risk for warden I just don’t know from
the board’s kind of charisma that is a pretty good play if it stays
in playing it does not at what’s your comfort level on this whole having
designed it honestly I was very comfortable but I’m just a little
rattled we have a little bit of tough team chemistry going on with being
Garrett you didn’t listen to me there so I’m gonna stick with my game plan and
take it high left still a little rattle back Garrett didn’t listen
he’ll be all right not a bad play kind of a tough little walk it’s for four tops m-44 and for 3d man
gee Garrett that was so I feel like I feel like something something was
illegal there what are your thoughts on that sir a lot of wind out here we won
15 we have won four in a row we are two down with three to play I don’t call it
a comeback baby this is right where everyone them it’s just a game we’re
here two or three to go it’s a game that we’re gonna win I did not design this
whole but apparently was designed by Matt in order to symbolize the love trap
was it right there there anyway but that’s not a whole lot of
explanation other than getting wrapped up in the art you need some hearty
hearty what is your strategy here sir no I’m trying to see I don’t know you’ve
got like a little ramp right here I don’t know I don’t think it’s a bad play
shot through the heart really a pretty good play what you leave
yourself to play through the shrubs I’m safe up there to upgrade to play does
Garret actually play it safe do we need to ball safe or does Garret take it up
there is a little ramp up there through the ramp like rightful heir that’s where
he’s looking laid it out right Zack do you see daylight I do I do and do you
feel bad about putting a ball clearly out of bounds the rules official came in
and clearly made a ruling may or may not have benefited deep smooth and I’m not
gonna argue with her we might beat or me but we’re not out
yet we had a disaster here on hole 17 the whole entire hole pretty much just
got taken out by the tide so we had a little adjustment here call 18 is now 17
if we win this hole and have to play another christina is going to have to
design a new hole 18 are you up for the challenge winner winner gets to dock
McGann it’s doctor gong or ring the gong gotta
go so I didn’t really tell you what’s going on here
rushing pile directly in front you have to go over it through it you could go
around it but it’s not gonna stay in play maybe it’s like a chip shot off the
gong back in it’s pretty aggressive play we’re gonna see how it pans out but back back it was off the dog hey and we’re still employed we’re still
in play I that was pretty good attempt all day tried to go straight through
did it get through not yeah and I’ve been discussing something little does
that never really notice so it breaks a little left to right
you can see the ball at home here that’s something they didn’t know what’s go
so is that cheating or not cuz that’s part of the team because it’s out
strategizing I think that’s out strategizing so I think we cheat up here
that it’s inside this box then we go round get all cut shot from this angel
for the job that’s true we can go for that as well I mean we can get tricky
with it we did get easy with it oh no he is on the line man that was not good that was so good did he do it how did that not go in hell
is it raised like a very bad bounce come on back oh no whoa whoa whoa
they are reshaping the contours of the green I don’t know about we need to
bring in the rules official Christina no we need a ruling real quick that’s
okay we’re good guys however round part team chemistry
wasn’t liven and I thought we had a chance
however 17 was would you have done anything better to
the parent for today yes I could have worked on my form a lot I’m gonna visit
my first P when I get back start working on my game pretty hard but for me is
really when we started losing it with that jellyfish that rich jellyfish once
I saw that just spook me and I couldn’t get back to the game
talking about the elements around you what else is going on around here
the groundskeeper riding on the court that rising tide honestly on the first
hole of the back nine I just couldn’t stand it in the ocean trying to get a
shot it just didn’t work out I think it was off to a good start right
like we start off here sits up through 111 was it and you know just right from
there all we had to really do with one more hole we had it so that was very
pivotal and then you know we kind of choked a little bit no excuses there we
just played that our form was a little off we switched up everything which was
a really dumb idea but can you talk about your chemistry at the
team I think chemistry was spot-on we did have one hole where it’s a little
conflict you know we decided to go different room
you can design the hole I don’t know what there was thinking there but we
came back and one of the most coolest things about this was the course is now
gone so we committed something three hours later it’s destroyed so it’s a
special round that really no one else can make no one else will ever play but
we’re good to see it oh man we’re gonna ride around those
golf carts you know that’s first step it’s more stingers traveling you know
keep the golf the minim going for round two tomorrow probably I could film that
but we are gonna come out here play again make it work hope y’all enjoyed seeing the fuss key
national here today at the robach Invitational their links to their social
Zand everything will be in the description down below everyone knows
this guy Jim golf however all his socials will be down in the description
below as well not every yeah I don’t know it’s maybe like three people so hope y’all enjoyed this little beach
golf expedition mini putt-putt course we had a lot of fun hope you enjoyed it
guys if you like this kind of content grow old like up there subscribe below
and yeah we’re going to going back there we’ll see you always see you you

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