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  1. I've owned and driven most of the different drivetrains (FWD, AWD, RWD.. not 4WD nor MR) and for a performance car, FWD just doesn't do it for me. I like to be able to kick the back end out.

  2. It would’ve been better if you guys made “Up to Speed on Volkswagen R, since there are a lot of R models on different cars

  3. No only is donut is the best channel on YouTube, they are a rival to the most epic top gear episodes.
    Also I was lucky enough to have a mk2 synchro. Best episode ever.

  4. The VW K8 will probably be electric if I’m honest. Which makes sense if it’s not coming back for 2020 as it’s under development atm

  5. Why the post malone joke? Lol its not even funny but the fact that its so random and im not sure why he keeps bringing it up has me laughing everytime

  6. "Why don't we use the AWD system we already have engineered with Audi?"
    "Yeah but that would require turning the engine the right way"
    "Start writing checks for the engineers"

  7. I’m with you James this was almost too much to handle!! I hope you read this! I’m a mk II guy my self but your mk III is the sickest I’ve ever seen. PLEASE PLEASE do a video on it for us true dubbers. Reminds me of the special teal mk II’s ❤️

  8. I remember when I was little my dad used to have a country and I loved the car everything about it was ugh so sexy with green paint and the blue forest livery on the side we would drive the car everyday for more than 40 km he used to beat the shit out of it and it couldn't be better it was designed for that but we sold it after we moved to another place and it really had a special place on all our heart recently I was visiting my grandpa's village going around when I stumbled on the car on a junkyard kinda place I hopped over and the license plates matched and all it was such a great moment I couldn't hold my tears back I hope in a couple of months Ill be able to get ahold of this car and restore the whole thing

  9. I have a mk1 rabbit pickup getting an r32 swap, air ride, BBS, and new paint. Bet you didn't own a rabbit pick up JAMES

  10. Why won’t my dad call 😂😂😂😂 someone needs to send this to jeremy clarkson i mean his dad 🙈😂😝

  11. Why R400, because it has 400PS (Metric/DIN Horsepower).
    I love using PS and Nm all the time because it makes your car's spec sheet look good.

  12. Lived in Germany for years, have owned VWs my whole life. Back in the USA got tired of VW withholding all the cool, specialty cars from us, and wrote endless letters asking for the Euro-only models here. After many denials, started buying VW's competitors, and loved them! Evo X, Focus ST, Subaru STI, etc. Sorry VW neglects us enthusiasts in the USA.

  13. Porsche helped engineer the mk7 golf, not many people know but that's how the golf is such a great drive

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