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If you’re looking for a practical and comfortable
estate car with economical engine choices and a high quality interior, then take a look
at the revised VW Golf Estate. With its new and stylish good looks it certainly trumps
the outgoing model in this department. Everything has been taken into consideration
here, the space is large and usable, the movable floor sits level with the load lip, there’s
extra stowage here [lift floor] and there’s also a ski hatch in the rear seat backs. talking of which although they don’t fold
flat, there is no step and the seatbelts don’t get tangled in the process. A really handy
feature when the boot is this deep. Another plus about this new estate car is
the room in the back for passengers. I’m only 5 foot 4 and a half but even Carbuyer’s Senior
Web Producer, Rich at 6 foot 1, is fine in these seats. here is rather much like the hatchback. Build
quality is high and the cabin is neatly laid out especially around the centre console.
Storage is superb, allow me to demonstrate and spec is good because you get this touchscreen
display as standard, digital radio, roof rails and an electronic parking brake. Move up to
an SE and you get things such as automatic headlights and wipers plus some extra safety
kit which we’ll come back to. Top of the range GT models get sat nav and parking sensors
as well as sportier suspension. Getting comfy for driving is easy, so let’s do that! The new Golf estate also sits comfortably
on the road, with its decent suspension setup that absorbs the lumps and bumps rather well.
This gives you confidence in the car. another reassuring quality is its safety credentials.
It comes with 7 airbags, automatic post collision braking, automatic distance control and city
emergency braking on the SE model. The hatchback on which it is based scored the full 5 stars
in the EURO NCAP crash safety tests, and we expect the estate to perform admirably too So it’s just as safe and good to drive as
the hatchback, and you would be forgiven if you thought it might burn more fuel being
a bit heavier but actually all models manage over 50 miles to the gallon. The 1.4 litre petrol doesn’t feel gutless
and returns 53.3 miles to the gallon, while the popular 1.6 diesel returns more than 70
miles to the gallon. The most fuel efficient 1.6 litre diesel fitted with Bluemotion technology
can return 85.6 miles to the gallon and is free to tax! It’s the one we’d go for too,
because it’s quiet on the motorway and doesn’t feel too sluggish either. Is there anything I don’t like about this
car? It is quite expensive. A Skoda Octavia for example is cheaper and slightly bigger,
a Kia C’eed Sportswagen is significantly cheaper and comes with a whopping seven-year warranty
– compared to the Golf’s three year guarantee… What’s more, it’s a bit too easy to drive,
if you’d like your practical car to be more fun, the Ford Focus estate could be a better
option. Having said all that I am being a bit picky,
the new VW Golf Estate will tick a lot of boxes for a lot of people. That’s why it’s
so popular. It looks smart, is great on fuel, safe and practical. Check out its rivals though,
watch the Kia C’eed video here and the Skoda Octavia video here, and click here for our
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