Visibly Sweaty Trump Wants G7 Summit at His Golf Club

Visibly Sweaty Trump Wants G7 Summit at His Golf Club

If you want to hear a story about the height
of kleptocracy or maybe better said the depths of cronyism currently in charge of our country.
This is the story for you. Donald Trump has confirmed that he wants to host next year’s
g seven summit at his own Doral Golf Club in Miami, Florida. This would be completely
unconstitutional and this is not my opinion. It’s the opinion of legal and political experts
because there’s this thing called the emoluments clause asked why he wants to do this. This
is hilarious. Donald Trump said, well, it’s convenient because it’s close to Miami airport.
Checkout a visibly sweaty, sniffing and confused. Trump making the case for this after arguing
with a reporter about what counts as a question and then making himself a martyr for willing
to be president of the United States. Take a look. Here we go. Yep. I actually have a question
for you on next year’s g seven summit, but can I just clarify something you said you
mentioned earlier today, one question go. Let me do the clarification and then I’ll
get to the question. You talked about calls with China and a breaking news alert. I’m
trying to understand what specifically you heard from China and on next year’s [inaudible].
You alluded today drop several hens about Miami, about drought and hosting next year’s
g seven at your property. What reassurances, if any, can you give the American people that
you are not looking to profit off the presidency? Well, I’ll tell you what I’ve spent and I
think I will. A combination of loss and opportunity probably it’ll cost me anywhere from three
to $5 billion to be precedent. And the only thing I care about is this country couldn’t
care less, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. People have asked me, what do you think it
costs and between opportunity, not doing thing. I used to get a lot of money to make speeches.
Now he gives speeches all the time in order to get Zippo. And that’s good. And I did a
lot of great jobs and great deals that I don’t do anymore. And I don’t want to do them because
the deals are making a great deals for the country. And that’s, to me, much more important.
Derail happens to be within Miami. It’s a city. It’s a wonderful place. It’s a very,
very successful area of Florida. Uh, it’s very importantly, only five minutes from the
airport, the airports right next door. It’s a big international airport, one of the biggest
in the world. Everybody that’s calling all of these people with all of their big entourages
come. Uh, it’s set up. So PR, and by the way, my people looked at 12 sites, all good, but
some were two hours from an airport, some were four hours from Miami. They were so far
away. Uh, some didn’t allow this, so they didn’t allow that. With arou. We have a series
of magnificent buildings. We call them bungalows. They each hold from 50 to 70 very
luxurious rooms. Trump also very interested in racking up mini bar revenue during the
[inaudible]. That’s why he wants Russia back in Putin’s entourage. We’ll show up to DRL
in the new g eight and they will just owe Trump tons of money because of all the vodka
consumption. I mean, this is just so stupid and so illegal, completely unconstitutional.
This would violate the emoluments clause against a government official self enriching by virtue
of being in office. If Donald Trump was not president, there would be no discussion of
holding a g seven at a Trump golf club. This is a way in which Donald Trump is self enriching
by virtue of being president of the United States or potentially self enriching. Trump
constantly sends signals to foreign officials about where should they spend their money.
Trump has already wracked up endless violations of the emoluments clause, and this would be
another one, and the thing with Trump is maybe it’s a good thing compared to corruption behind
closed doors, although there’s plenty of that with Trump. With Trump, a lot of the corruption is out
in the open. I’m wondering, is it possible that doing the corruption and the cronyism
out in the open helps Trump get away with it in some way? If the g seven was that some
secret location and later it turned out that it was Doral or Mar-a-lago, maybe that leads
to more outrage and consequences than Donald Trump. Just saying straight up at my golf
club for all of the cow towering too and praying to the altar of the constitution though I
would love to just hear Republicans say this can’t happen. This can’t happen, but even
though they fetishize the constitution, it’s actually a lot like the Bible for them. We’ve
talked about how a lot of Republicans are all about the Bible but not really. They’re
all about the parts that are convenient for them. Somethings something about abortion,
something, something about gay marriage because man lying with another man or whatever. Otherwise who cares when the Bible is not
convenient for you? They similarly claim to be all about the constitution, but it’s only
certain parts, right? The second amendment and their complete misinterpretation of it
that they are definitely in favor of for sure. The First Amendment for people they agree
with. Absolutely. The emoluments clause. That sounds like something that should only apply
to democratic presidents, and I’ll tell you this, if Trump wants to do the g seven next
year at Doral or Mar-a-lago or whatever, he will probably get away with it. The way it
will go down is will here, it’s about to happen for month after month after month, outrage
panels, debates. Then it will happen. Even the legal experts say, Oh yeah, this is clearly
illegal. It’ll be a week of corporate media panels about, is this impeachable? Is it not
impeachable, blah, blah, blah legal experts. Again, we’ll continue to be United and say,
yeah, this is illegal. Then Trump will threatened and you could tropical storm or something
and everybody will move on and forget about it and he’ll get away with it like he’s gotten
away with everything else. Fiasco after fiasco, cronyism, swamp filling worldwide. Embarrassments
the media outrage cycle chases it for their own benefit and then we move on to something
else. When Trump says let’s bomb a hurricane or send people back to s hole countries or
whatever, and there’s a very good chance, I hate to tell you this, there’s a good chance
this is not going to end in January of 2021 with the inauguration of a Democratic president.
There is a good chance and we need to recognize it and we need to prepare mentally for it
cause I don’t want to see the crying on November whatever, 2020 if and when this happens, there’s
a good chance this is going to go on until January of 2025 when Donald Trump will be
78 years old and will be completing eight years as president of the United States. Be prepared. Buckle up it because it may well
be happening that, uh, is sort of the bulk wrapping up our g seven coverage yesterday
and today. It has been an extraordinary embarrassment. Half the country thinks that it was some major
alpha male victory of some kind for Donald Trump. Uh, but anybody who understands sort
of how the world works and basic geopolitics and diplomacy understands that this was truly
the height of embarrassment for our country. Make sure you follow the David Pakman show
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I’m not talking about the breed. I’m talking about a dog from Portugal named [inaudible],
which means flee in Spanish or presumably in Portuguese as well. I’m guessing, uh, who
watches the David Pakman show? Okay. There is a Portuguese dog that watches the David
Pakman show daily and I have a video of that dog on my Instagram
at David Dot. Patrick, follow me there. We’ll take a quick break, much, much more after

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    Answer from them: his people say it's the best place.
    Followup question: When does he ever listen to his people?

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    PS: I’m the dog from Portugal🐶🇵🇹

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  18. Trump's corruption is so expansive that some of it comes out of him in public. It is a wonder that a mere portion nonetheless occupies much of his public persona. The swamp is deep.

  19. The Right seems to confuse loving the IDEA of the Bible and the Constitution with actually adhering to them, thus providing the framework for the array of mental gymnastics required to justify the beliefs and conduct of its members.

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    What you have to but some say is well
    I’ve been losing money being president
    I used to make money giving speeches
    Now I give em for free .
    Blah blah holy

    Our current government is out of control
    This trump interview demonstrates zero accountability

    I’m usually jaded about trump , but this interview is just crazy that he’s allowed to con everyone else

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    And he will keep the OFFAL Office in 2020. He didn't win in 2016 but they still have him the office.

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    He’s constantly “self-enriching” every time he and the SS and wh staff stay at his hotels….unless they are staying free. I would be interested in knowing how much the SS and wh staff pay per night. Six years ago when I worked for feds there was some ridiculously low per diem of like $175/day for room and food….bet we (taxpayers) are paying waaaayy more than that now. Why hasn’t some reporter filed a FOIA and give a real number to his over-spending. He might not have been a billionaire when he stole the office, but he sure will be one when he leaves the office.

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