100 thoughts on “Trippie Redd – Dark Knight Dummo ft. Travis Scott (Official Music Video)

  1. So much money and bullets in the gun like this if you would listen to this song while getting hella 💰 money

  2. I seen his interview.bet we get along.unless some crazy factor he would be the first black guy I didn't get along with.forreal me and Samoans not the ladies but Samoan men.almost got shot by one and after that it was straight spirit feud.every one I meet so far we almost box.never do either.

  3. I was at my mom's meeting and my earbuds were not plugged in fully and I put the volume on high (because they so quiet) and this is the part that they herd before I turned it off 0:00 – 0:07
    I got kicked out a few secs after XD

  4. Kids in Halloween: trick or tr-
    Trippie : " opens the door and shows the pistol " there's no candy go away madfakas

  5. This song is so bad we need the ogs to save rap I’m talking 50 cent Eminem Kanye
    ice cube dr Dre and then the good new rappers like kendrick Lamar logic J. Cole Joyner Lucas

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