Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 8: Stanford Golf Club

Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 8: Stanford Golf Club

100 thoughts on “Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 8: Stanford Golf Club

  1. “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.” – Greek Philosopher Bigus Randallius

  2. If Randy is not on the final hole dressed as Rickie to congratulate the winner of the final match what are we doing here

  3. At Pro Traj Holdings, LLC, we're Disrupting the golf media industry and Making The World A Better Place through intercontinental travel vlogs, nuanced social media engagement, and other forms of digital content distribution.

    We are truly SoLoMo.

  4. On this episode of Tourist Sauce (Rich Homie Quan voice):

    Icarus and Big Randall go banging down doors with Erlich Bachman on the hunt for Series A.

    DJ succumbs to head cold resulting from too much speed. Refuses to remove beanie.

    Tron ‘Dwayne Michael’ Carter waltzes into the finals. Credit fire scripting

    Soly arranges conference call with NCAA Clearing House to check on eligibility.

  5. More heaters, night putting and Big Randy perusing sale racks. Also can we start getting weather updates on the first tee? Temp/wind velocity/forecast…

  6. If Soly loses against Tron his bachelor party should be organized by the Strapped boys in a Strapped budget

  7. #spoilers Next level filmmaking with the montage of Gankas Speed free ads by DJ foreshadowing his untimely/timely departure from the bracket.

  8. “Not exactly breathing down his throat”?? I feel like the only person who needs a resuscitation is Rory.

  9. i wanted to root for tron, however, his move makes this impossible. get him a babolat and let him live out his days at ponte vedra inn and club in relative peace and harmony…growing out his beard and crushing forehands. but please do not subject us to watching his golf swing. peace and love.

  10. I feel like i got ran through after watching that episode. Just gut-wrenching to see the C-suite boys come out on top again. If DJ wasn't busy causing his own pain, he would have realized he has been #MunchausenAdjacent for years now

  11. Combing through DJ twitter just to make sure the punishment tweet is still up was a great way to spend the evening #Jointheconversation

  12. Big randy shopping for “ricky gear” with ricky promo in the background. Can only be replicated by losing his ass in Scotland and seeing ricky birdie the same hole. Id feel awkward too.

  13. Match play etiquette eh??? 😏Tron takes hole 13 to go one up, slow rolls the walk to the next tee shot, allowing him to gauge DJs tee ball, then stuffs it!

    Question: Teeing honor violated vs backstopping??? Debate…

  14. Those trees on 12 are neat from the tee and the goddamned devil from the fairway.

    I mean, I assume they would be because they’re also bad from the rough.

  15. 2:32 – the answer we've all been waiting for…why does tiger have so many belt loops! Stanford with the Dateline style coverage. We only have one photo, but that's not going to stop us from showing it 27 times

  16. Tron running the field is like the Average Joes title run. If you’re not rooting for Tron in the final round are you even a golfer?

  17. Nothing personifies Late Stage Capitalism more than being unable to buy a Rickie outfit at a PGA TOUR Superstore.

  18. DJ is like that team full of seniors that somehow won the regional tournament in high school basketball, get the first round bye and then get bounced out in the quarters of the State Championship. It just tears your heart out.

  19. You know, Tron shows up with those goof ass outfits and you immediately think this guy is a bit of peacock on the course and probably just hacks around. I have to say I am really impressed by the consistency in the game and not giving away much of anything. Momentum might be on his side going up against Soly where Soly is just trying to blow it past him every chance he gets and has his own icarito moment. I could see it. We all know Soly is afraid to go low.

  20. The only situation developing more quickly than Soly's confidence going into the Championship is the deteriorating living conditions on the Rigarito. 1:17

  21. "Okay Tiger, I want you to look like you're really excited to eat this Strawberry milkshake. I'm just going to turn the lights out and stand on the table next to you to take a picture really quick."

  22. Greetings from the year 2029.

    I am putting myself in grave danger going against President Dwayne Johnson’s recently passed law preventing any form of time travel, but I wanted to enlighten you of the consequences of your actions in an effort to save what was my favourite podcast.

    Whilst at the time, everyone seemed content with the “Juicy” bet after Tron’s wildcard win, the quick disappearance of the tattoo brought disagreements over whether the bet was paid. This came to a head during Sunday evening beers after the 2020 Players Championship when T.C. demanded the debt be repaid in full with a 7 day forehead exhibition. After this was declined by the Merch Czar, a mildly intoxicated Tron branded the 5 letters into a passed out Neil’s right cheek below the belt. The end-result was a hostile takeover of Pro Traj Holdings, LLC with Neil forming a buying company alongside Christopher McDonald and the recently retired Sundar Pichai.

    Meanwhile, after positive responses to Big Randy’s almost-Puma outfits, he agreed to wear it to the final round of the 2020 US PGA Championship. With Rickie having given away his 54-hole lead and sitting one back back going into 17, he leaks his 8 iron right into the bunker. Despite a downhill lie and no green to work with, Rickie dunks his 2nd for birdie and goes onto beat Matt Wolff in a playoff. When interviewed afterwards, he claimed he had an “out of body” experience, and swore he could see a giraffe-like version of himself in the crowd telling him he could do it. When Scott van Pelt identified the man as Randall, he became a viral sensation. Later forming a pop trio with Rickie and Hunter Mahan, the fame went to poor Randy’s head and subsequently he moved to Martinsville, OH where he is now known simply as Phil.

    Finally, whilst Munchausen syndrome seemed like a joke to some, the thought that Jason Day could be suffering from a serious illness drew the attention of the Medical Council of New South Wales. They spent $600k of public money working with Day to investigate during the summer of 2019. With Day winning the US Open in 2020, they rejoiced their work, only to later find out it had all been a spoof. DJ Pie became a figure of division between Australia and the US, and refused to be in the public eye any further for concern over his safety.

    This all left Soly to pick up the pieces alone. Luckily he offended no one given he was practically vacant for 3 consecutive episodes. The “Tour Sauce” podcast has over 3 million weekly listeners, but it’s mostly trash.

    Please ensure these events never happen. Thank you.

  23. Neil trying to one up Soly's divot game with that parking job. And you know what they say about someone's divot size…

  24. "I wasn't disruptive enough to get down here" After binging all of NLU's content, I can safely say this is an extremely false statement by Neil.

  25. Do the Strapped boys have any years of college eligibility left? Feel like the Stanford golf team could use a real-world lesson in maintaining a budget and capturing the ever-elusive mega bonus.

  26. Is Turncoat Tron's European Team allegiance the key to his clutch match play performance? P.S. Rigarito's long and parallel divot pattern is highly commendable.

  27. "You know, Tron is a good curmudgeon in his own right"

    – Any broadcaster hired to commentate Tourist Sauce

  28. When will such a humble organization like the NCAA catch a break and be able to make money off their Student-Athletes? Such a shame that he NCAA only has 3 pictures of Tiger as Student-Athlete that they can monetize.

  29. I’m sure I’d be echoing Randy’s thoughts on tech disruption after my first few tee shots with an Epic Flash driver…. “Did it really make anything better or are we just more miserable?"

  30. This comment is a reflection of my history. I've read every conceivable stat and box score there is relating to my Driving performance. I have less swing speed than DJ (in case I haven't told you). My carry distance is frivolous compared to that of Icarito (when he's on his way up). And I can't decide whose ball flight fits me better (Tron or Big Randy's), so I attempt them both with no success.

    But if I have learned anything from the legendary Trent Dilfer, it is that stats and box scores do not mean squat. I am who I am as a driver of the golf ball! In "must-drive" situations I will continue to do what I have always done. Par 5? Miss the fairway. Par 4? Miss the fairway. I cannot hit the fairway because that is who I am. This is not a "just-today" thing for me, this is who I am as a driver of the golf ball.

    Dilfer once told me, "you are what you are in the most difficult situations in life". In golf, that moment is every time I grab my driver and uncomfortably step up to my ball. I know what's going to happen, you know what's going to happen, and Timmy the 12 year old caddie knows what's going to happen. I'm sending the ball off the grid and into the long stuff.

    I'm on the edge of uncomfortable, and I'm trying to learn. "You can't miss fairways on the golf course and expect to hit them”.

    On second thought….a new Callaway Epic Flash Driver might help my cause. Love everything you guys do. Thanks! #GetInvolved

  31. Realizing that JDay Munchausen tweet is what Tron chose to do with DJs account was like watching JB Holmes spend 5 minutes at the 2018 Farmers just to lay up. Definition of anticlimactic.

  32. Tron Brumder redeeming himself at Stanford after getting (r)ejected by the admissions office. Brother got him there in three hours.

  33. The canyons echo with the footsteps of the greats. Titans of the swing, magicians of the short game. Yet from all these one has risen today, but one not of swing or short game. Indeed, he is the fount of flair. A savant of style. A visionary of vests. Among legends he has separated himself. Tron Carter has proved today that he is better dressed than Tiger Woods.

  34. After all these shenanigans we get Silky Soly vs. The White Rick Ross aka TC Grinder. 🤣 #throwdownshowdown #SHAFUAEARLY&OFTEN

  35. DJ the Jax beach lifer, very keen to make sure everyone knows he never swings left. This was merely a temporary aberration after his holiness GG laid hands on him

  36. With the motor home stuck knowing it’s messed up the landscape, The strapped boys looked rattled like Sergio after he takes a driver to the tee block 😅😂🤣

  37. That match was so hard to watch you should have just told us who won and shown 30 minutes of Big Randy and Neil doing a fashion show at PGA Superstore

  38. *Neil writes on white board and sits cross legged on a chair, leaning chin on fist in deep thought.

    “"You can't lose games in the NFL and expect to win" – Trent Dilfer” -Icarito

  39. DJs face when he loses!! Lol, it crushed his soul. He traveled 2,771.7 miles to be one and done. He looked like he was just punched in the junk! Ahhh great stuff.

  40. I'm installing TC as a -130 favorite for the championship match based solely on the pants that he is wearing in the preview of the next episode.

  41. Cinematographic art of Rick and Randy at 15:03. I call it, "The Eyerolls Have It".

    I need this as a poster in my room right next to its Tiger precursor.

  42. Tron and DJ are more
    "over the top" than Sylvester Stallone in 1987! DJ even came over the top on his club slam at 17:36

  43. Please choose the best answer(s) to the question.

    DJ Pie has:
    A. Speed now
    B. Had enough of Soly's attempt at Wild World of Golf commentary
    C. No answer for the Sartorial Assassin
    D. Less twitter followers now
    E. Speed now, in case you haven't heard

  44. In honor of College Football season around the corner and the visit to Stanford I present the NLU College Football recruiting class

    Soly – The #1 rated QB on the ESPN 300, a real student of the game. If Soly isn’t out on the field practicing, you will find him in the film room studying.
    Comparable Peyton Manning

    DJ – A player that really knows his game. Over the past year he has found speed and is expected to break every QB record in the MAC.
    Comparable Chad Pennington

    Big Randy – A great HS QB in his own right, but likely will make the move to TE. Randy is a great locker room guy and will reach his full potential with a program like Oklahoma State, the alma mater of his hero.
    Comparable Tyrone Swoopes

    Tron – The #36 QB on the ESPN 300, likely by virtue of his last name. Tron will have a tough time sticking with a program if he is not the starter. Likely a Graduate Assistant transfer to Toledo or Nevada.
    Comparable Brandon Wimbush

    Neil – Possibly the biggest steal in this recruiting class, a natural and raw talent. Neil has gotten this far on pure talent, if he puts the work in, he has the potential to become a future 1st Round pick.
    Comparable Trent Dilfer

  45. I feel like DJ was the little troll living under the bridge and TC just had a to solve a few of his riddles on the front to then lampoon his ass on the back 9. Kinda scummy if you ask me how TC has no respect for the hardworking Mr. Pie, a real player in his own right! A real Hobbit’s hobbit!


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