Top 3 Ways People Cheat in Golf!

Top 3 Ways People Cheat in Golf!

in this video today I’m gonna talk about
three ways your friends know or people you play golf with might just be taking
advantage of you let’s do it okay the first way is having to do with how you
mark your ball now you know you seen guys do this mark the ball and then they
replace it you know up there that’s called being a little loose we might let
that slide a little bit you know with our buddy
it might be a little divot or a little impression here we just wanna okay I can
let that go but there are many people who do this they get to their ball and
they come up in a market in front of the ball totally legal
you could totally do that not a problem clean your ball do your stuff
but then when they replace it they do that now if you’re not paying attention
you would never notice he’s come in mark it I’ve seen guys remark their ball to
go get a second read and then come back and do it again I’ve seen guys actually
do that twice you got to pay attention to these slick players I mean it’s a
variation of this move here where guys come in and they just kind of do a
little that you gotta be what you got to watch out for that one too
this one is a little more a little more sneaky they’re not doing any magicians
sleight-of-hand trick you didn’t even know you did probably didn’t realize
what I did there that’s something you got to watch out for let’s move on okay
cheater number two and this one this is a good one and a lot of people don’t
even know about this at all little I don’t know rule violation totally rule
violation they get up to a tough hole long hope they might do it every hole
every got a little chapstick a little lip balm where
put that on there order that tastes good we learned this from baseball put the
Vaseline under the Hat right that little trick this is the golf version of that
so I got a bunch of chapstick on my work lip balm whatever that’s good you see
what I’m doing I’m putting it on the face of my driver yeah shoot that’s a subtle way I’ve seen
guys just really load up their finger right here rub that sucker on you’re not
even paying attention you don’t even see it what does that do it totally takes a
lot of the spin off the golf ball so now if I had a little kite it just it might
not cut as much if I draw it might not draw as much it just takes a little spin
off that golf ball putting a little this little this stuff right on the face of
your club totally totally against the rules of
golf you can’t mess with your clubface you could put it on your lips but you
can’t put it on your club I mean when do you notice the guy rubbing is uh his lip
then looks like I’m cleaning the face yeah I’m cleaning it clean it with the
little grease take the spin off the ball it’s too wet help me out a little bit
that’s the second way there’s another one I want to show you that’s even worse
all right you’re gonna love you’re gonna love this do you have a people you play
with they uh they eat a lot of these out on the golf course
beware of the golfer with a lot of these let me show you why now this is a fine
candy one of my favorites Oh what do you know
the green ones right on top that’s that’s a golfer’s best friend right
there let me show you why you’re out going to hit your ball you’re hitting do
a par-5 you’re putting your your partner I’d
hardly call him your partner you’re the fairway across the fairway they really
want to get on this par 5 or a long par 4 they’re hitting that Oh a fairway
metal or hybrid or something these green ones these green long guys just throw it
down there you know they’re cleaning grass behind their ball Oh what happened
you see I just did i steed my ball up with the green lifesaver you can’t even
see it you can’t even see it there it’s teed up with the green lifesaver you
would never notice that across the fairway no way is it my turn my shot all
right I mean it’s teed up now what extra fantastic is it’s it’s
better than a tea because when this lifesaver shatters green stuff flies
just like the grass so there’s no tea so somebody might say huh but they would
never notice it unless they we’re looking for it because there’s green
stuff lying around beware of the golfer carrying lifesavers
everywhere they go they eat them till they get to the green one and use it
they use it to tee up their ball well there you go that’s the top three ways I
mean there’s many more ways people are shaving the rules doing shady things out
there those undesirables there’s many more ways but those are three of the
sneakiest ways I’ve ever seen so beware beware I’ve got the lifesaver on my club at least my three three metal tastes
pretty good now but beware beware of the guy marking his ball beware the
chapstick and and beware the lifesaver that green sucker very delicious but
people are taking advantage of you you might not even know it so anyways hope
you liked the video share it with your cheating friends pass it on to a mr.
short games got you figured out now I know what
you’re up to do it anyways subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so
already appreciate it and we’ll see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “Top 3 Ways People Cheat in Golf!

  1. i thought it wasn't allowed to touch the line of the putt (16a-1), so placing the marker in front wouldn't have been allowed in the first place anyways?

  2. Years ago the Pro at my club told me that he'd seen players in the morning men's game using the ball marking and the green Lifesaver tricks. He couldn't believe they'd do that for a couple of bucks.

  3. I don't even keep score when I play, it's too depressing. I just keep count of pars and jack pars. Always play winter rules because the places I play the courses are worse than a good course in the winter.

  4. If someone is over the age of ten and eating lifesavers should be an automatic loss of hole or two strokes penalty

  5. The only sport where I'm fairly sure of no cheating is perhaps bowling. Actually an illegally altered ball is a way to cheat at bowling…so I take that statement back. Instead…there is virtually NO sport that can't be cheated.

  6. Cheat because you cant seem to beat you grandpa in golf so you have to find ways to do better.

    Oh wait I'm terrible at gold I hit a ball better with a sand wedge than a driver.


  8. stop playing with these people or kick em in the nuts and if these are the only people you can find, play by yourself….

  9. 😂. Never heard of the lifesavers one. Heard of the marking and chapstick. Since I don’t play tournaments anymore I don’t care what they do but I do play some money matches with buddies. I’ll keep an eye out for them. 😂😂😂😂

  10. I was thinking along the more realistic ways people cheat like moving their ball out of a divet on the fairway or "forgetting" about that third shot they took.

  11. forgot a big one.
    the classic hit out of bounds but drop next to the out of bounds instead of re tee. or better yet hit in hazard but actually drop like 100 yards closer to the hole than where the ball entered….

  12. At the end of the day, cheaters are cheaters. When and if I find out they are cheating, I will curse them out. If they are not my friends, I will let them know how to play the gentlemen’s game.

  13. I now have 3 new things to do for casual games with buddies, haha! Awesome video, will look out to see if I catch others.

  14. I've seen old people at my course drop a ball out of the pants through a hole in the pocket when they've hit it out in the rough and aren't able to find it.

  15. Yah thanks for the tips lol don’t kick the club (goose poop ) lol gonna see if amazon has all green life savers

  16. You should pick your friends better lol first on the course then in your bed with your wife stay woke

  17. Roll of Green Apple Lifesavers…check
    Chapstick tube refilled with axle grease…check
    Drop 4 strokes next round……nope
    I still suck…

  18. Another thing you can do with lip balm – which IS legal – is to lubricate the sole of a wedge before a pitch from a tight lie. You would be surprised how much this helps the wedge slip between the ball and the ground on some kinds of grass. It is legal because the rule against applying foreign matter only refers to the face of the club. It also works with spit. You have to apply it just before your actual stroke because a practice swing will wipe it off.

  19. When was the last time you saw ANYONE eating a roll of Lifesavers? Especially that weren't Butter Rum? Also have a hard time watching videos where people are just winging their "totally-off-the-cuff" dialogue.

  20. Beware the guy who has balls in his pocket with holes just wide enough to slide a ball through in the woods or hazard and always seem to find every ball!

  21. These techniques aren’t as good as my own.

    The best way to cheat is to be the guy that fills out the score card!

  22. I have seen the marker issue a lot. I just don’t get it. It’s a 10 foot putt and they get 1inch closer. So what? It’s just silly

  23. In the spring or fall, butterscotch lifesavers work best if grass is dormant. Also good for brown-colored rough.

  24. The marking of the ball to gain an inch or two, we call “nudgin”. Had a guy named Tuffy, we played ready golf, he would play fast and get to the green first. He would walk up to mark his ball, take a quick peek around, and as he bent down to mark it he would toss his coin a few feet closer to the hole.

  25. When I’m playing for fun with my dad or the Sunday afternoon round I’ll do the lifesaver trick out of the rough or long second shots just for a laugh, but all tournaments I compete in i would never. Cheating takes the fun out of the game because the goal is to beat yourself, if you cheat then your cheating yourself in the long run.

  26. i let them do whateverdafuckthey want. until we start betting. then i call them out. most of the time, they're so nervous it throws them off their game. play it as it lies! don't tee it on the fairway by moving the ball around. no gimmies, none! tee off from behind the markers. no grounding the club on hazards. bleh.

  27. I've actually seen a guy Tee his ball up with a lifesaver and during his backswing I yelled stop. I picked up his ball and I saw the Lifesaver and I said oh a lifesaver picked it up and then ate it and then put his ball back.

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