This Is What Happened To The Duck Dynasty Cast

This Is What Happened To The Duck Dynasty Cast

Remember when people couldn’t stop talking
about Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family? A few short years ago, this close-knit Louisiana
clan was the talk of reality TV, but everything changed after Phil Robertson’s notorious GQ
interview in 2013. The Robertsons managed to stay on the air following their brush with
controversy, but lost a vast portion of their audience, and were dropped from A&E in March
of 2017. “Well, hey! There ain’t nothin’ I can do about
that now, we done screwed the pooch here!” Did the Robertsons just disappear after that?
Not by a long shot. So, where are they now? Phil & Kay Robertson In an interview with local news station KNOE
8, Phil and Kay Robertson said they don’t have any grand plans for the future. Phil
said he’s basically going to spend all day in the woods, while Kay is looking forward
to getting back to a “quieter life.” Phil wasn’t sad to see them pack their cameras
and go. “I, for one, was thankful it ended. There’s
a lot more to doing these TV shows than most people realize.” While the Robertson family patriarch would
like everyone to think he’s happy checking duck blinds all day, he’s actually been pretty
busy outside the Louisiana wilderness. During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, Phil
became politically active, voicing his support for Republican candidate Ted Cruz before switching
to supporting Donald Trump, and he’s been quietly playing behind the scenes in conservative
politics ever since. Phil and Kay also travel around doing speaking
engagements, mainly preaching their religious beliefs in what Phil described as, quote,
“helping our neighbors and living a godly life.” Recently, he’s taken to Facebook to
advocate for the NRA, which should surprise exactly no one. “My idea of happiness is killing things. Boom
bom bombombombomb bow.” Willie & Korie Robertson The Duck Commander himself, Willie Robertson,
also took a deep dive into politics as the show tapered down, speaking at the Republican
National Convention in 2016. Willie attended the 2017 Presidential inauguration and even
visited the White House. Lately, he’s hinted at possible new TV projects and discussed
an expansion of the family’s West Monroe, Louisiana warehouse. “I’m fixin’ to go crazy redneck up in here!” But like his dad, Willie’s also not resting
on his laurels. He and his wife Korie decided to reopen Willie’s Duck Diner, a local family-themed
restaurant once featured on the show. Along with his partner in the restaurant, Willie
was also instrumental in organizing relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Harvey. Meanwhile, Korie has parlayed her TV fame
into a brand of her own. Already a New York Times bestselling author, Korie released her
latest book post-Duck Dynasty, called Strong and Kind: Raising Kids of Character, which
she paired with her Strong + Kind collection of housewares, jewelry, and accessories. But there’s one area where she and Willie
differ. In a surprising break from the family, Korie told CNN that she didn’t share her husband’s
enthusiasm about Donald Trump, and stated that her and her husband agree to disagree.
She also called on the president to, quote, “be a leader that unifies, that brings people
together.” Sadie Robertson Arguably the breakout star of the show, Willie
and Korie’s daughter Sadie has become a full-blown media figure in her own right since the final
duck call, starting in 2014, when she nearly took home the mirrorball trophy on Dancing
With The Stars. Since then, she’s also become a bestselling author, launched clothing lines,
and started an acting career. Just like her mother, Sadie’s taken the concept
for her book, Live Original, and turned it into a full-blown brand, which includes a
blog and live show. Sadie views herself as “a beacon of light in an oft-dark world,”
and she’s working on a follow-up book, Live Fearless, which she says is about her “journey
of finding freedom.” John Luke Robertson The second oldest child of Willie and Korie,
John Luke also got a jumpstart on his post-Dynasty career. In 2014, he authored a series of children’s
books called Be Your Own Duck Commander before venturing into non-fiction with Young and
Beardless: The Search for God, Purpose, and a Meaningful Life, a memoir about camp, volleyball,
and anguish over things like his girlfriend getting texts from other guys. Taking a cue from his family, John Luke also
seems to be building a personal brand. He’s launched a blog called Young & Beardless,
as well as promoted the handle through his social media accounts, although a quick look
at recent posts suggests he may already have to consider re-branding to Young & Scruffy.
And if that doesn’t work out, he clearly has a future in endorsing canned fish. “Bumblebee tuna. Bumblebee tuna. Bumblebee
tuna.” Uncle Si Robertson “I’m like a bat. Kaboom! Kapow! Punch! Zap!
Kick!’ As the last season of Duck Dynasty was airing,
Uncle Si launched his A & E spinoff series Going Si-ral, which pitted the quirky technophobe
against the world wide web. “I got myself a show about the internet. I’m
not even sure what that is, yet.” He’s also busy working on new music and about
to start touring with his band, Uncle Si & The Sicotics, which is comprised of himself, his
daughter-in-law Marsha Robertson, and Bridgette Tatum. Si must have learned a thing or two from his
solo series, because he and his bandmates now routinely post lengthy Facebook Live posts
that keep fans engaged, but also play out like a reality show. And if you just can’t
get enough Si, they’re also selling ringtones. “It’s ringin’, ringin’, ringin’! Hey, Jack!
Answer the phone!” At any rate, it looks like diehard Uncle Si
fans are still able to get their fill of the eccentric Vietnam vet, and for that we say
God bless the internet, Jack! “Hey ya! Oh! Woah!” Jase & Missy Robertson Though there was already a huge internet kerfuffle
when photos of the pre-beard Robertson clan surfaced online, it happened all over again
in September 2017 when Jase Robertson lost a battle with the buzzer for a great cause. Jase agreed to shave as part of a fundraiser
for Mia Moo, the foundation he and his wife Missy founded, which is “…dedicated to raising awareness and funds
towards research, treatments, and causes of cleft lip & palate.” Jase and Missy were moved to start the foundation
after the outpouring of support they received when their own daughter, Mia, was born with
the condition. The goal for #ShaveJase was to raise $100,000 dollars, after which Jase
would shave and cut his hair and record it live. Though they missed their goal, Jase
honored his pledge, and posted the video to Facebook via his new venture, CamoFlix, which
Jase described as “…a place where outdoors people, hunters,
fisherman, fisherwoman can go and share videos.” Think of it like YouTube, only you need a
fishing license or a hunting tag to upload. A few days after Duck Dynasty’s final episode
aired, Missy Robertson told the Daily Journal, “Right now, we’re taking some time off to
rest and re-evaluate what our next steps will be…”
“I’m enjoying being able to travel to see [my sons] Reed and Cole, who are currently
living in Nashville and Malibu, and spending time with Mia and all her activities.” Missy has yet to strike out on a completely
new venture, but she’s continued her work with her jewelry line, Laminin, which focuses
on pieces which are, quote, “made by women who have come out of very difficult situations.”
Laminin has become more than just a jewelry retailer—it’s also an outreach program. “All women can come together who would like
a job, who need a job, and that can express their creativity, and just being a part of
each others’ lives.” Through the creation of the Laminin House,
Missy hopes to expand across the United States, and serve as a ministry to disadvantaged women. Reed Robertson Still in Nashville and plugging away at his
fledgling country music career, Reed Robertson recently released his new EP, although he’s
still pretty far from the big time. He told The Outdoor Experience, “We didn’t have a plan, and we didn’t really
have a defined sound that we were going for. We just got in the studio and had fun and
just wrote, and it just kind of happened, which is really cool.” Reed was married to Brighton Thompson in October
2016, and the newlyweds have been posting happily-ever-after Instagram shots ever since. Jep and Jessica Robertson Knowing a good thing when they saw it, A & E
greenlit a spinoff for Jep Robertson and his wife Jessica before Duck Dynasty ended. But
like every other Robertson, Jep and Jess couldn’t possibly have just one iron in the fire, which
is why in addition to operating Jess’s jewelry line, Cavalry, the couple also launched a
podcast, The Jep & Jess Show, in March 2017. The busy couple said the show would be even
more revealing than before, and would definitely feature regular visits from the rest of the
Robertson family. So in case you were worried, yes, all the charm of the reality show is
still intact. “By the time I’m through, y’all are gonna
pee in your pants, and then you’re gonna throw up.” Yep, charming. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon
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  1. This video is faulse. The Robertsons quit and they sold record number of duck calls and other merchandise after the so-called controversy. They did not lose viewers, they gained many more. Fact.

  2. All a bunch of fakes built by some tv network producers! I got pics of all of them in golfing shorts and shirts standing there with short hairl also living in high end residential neighborhoods no where near the swamp water they pretend to be from. REALITY TV is REALLY UNREALLALITY TV! THEY GOT RICH BY BEING FAKES!

  3. I loved Duck Dynasty, they should never have taken it off air. I hope Phil and Kay and the rest of the Robertson family do another show and I love the fact they are not afraid to stand up for their love of God and Country. God Bless them all

  4. The way the interview was set up was one sided why ask someone’s opinion on something if you only will accept one answer??

  5. It's sad that people are trying to justify racism and homophobia. But "praise these people". Yeah fuck them

  6. Get your facts right, A&E didn’t drop them. They chose to quit. I live 30 minutes from them and know they didn’t quit.

  7. Good Christian people who love this country, help others, do wonderful charity work, and are an inspiration for good decent people of all kinds. No, let's get them off the air and watch the kardashians. That's a lot more fun. Surgery, drugs, mental illness, and having tons of out of wedlock babies with rappers and NBA players. Now that's real America comment isn't it?

  8. This is a regular God fearing American family and I would to them as my neighbor even though I have the same values but a different lifestyle

  9. They were loved because they portrayed a backwoods backwards religious family. They were hated when people found out that they were the only reality show that were real and on script.

  10. Whey Willie where has Trump got you now? Bet you wish. You had shut up and. Listened to your wife. Never heard your father preach and pretty sure I wouldn't want to. Anybody who voted for Trump couldn't have much to say about GOD. TRUMP IS now saying he is the second coming of GOD. What do you think of that? Ever heard of. False prophets? Sherry hall

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