The White Line: A Film about a Snowboarder

The White Line: A Film about a Snowboarder

23 thoughts on “The White Line: A Film about a Snowboarder

  1. Beautifully filmed with a unique and novel angle I loved it. It’s a movie made for and starring snowboarders who aren’t pro riders like Travis Rice etc and don’t live in the mountains…like many of us snowboarders from England! It’s made for snowboarders who spend their days at a desk in full-time jobs and earning to look after their family. Look forward to watching the full movie,

  2. The film is amazing!! Inspiring and just freeing. Love snowboarding! I would love to know the music and where to find them! Especially the one at 10:40
    Love this thanks for the film!!

  3. There's 3 musicians:

    1. Sam Hanlan – Start up to 1:15
    2. Dominic Sewell – Main film.
    3. Nick Perri – Outro from 10:40 to end.
    The track is called 'Before You (I Couldn't..)'

  4. I'm so inlove with snowboardingits not even funny. 21 years old and after finishing a plumbing apprenticeship im dropping my life in south Australia to start my winter hoping adventure. I need the mountains I need the snow I thrive on the cold. This movie has so much inspiration and heart its been a pleasure watching. every one is trying to make there way in the world but in most circumstances YOU are the only one who can make your dreams come true. if it doesn't work out then atleast you tried.

    EPIC MOVIE!!! great editing love it love it love it!!

    any snowboarders out there, travel where your heart tells you to travel don't hold back and experience life before slaving for a mortgage!!

  5. Year 2 back on board, last time riding before last year was with Jake over a decade ago. I am grateful to have been able to call Jake a friend, although we have not kept in contact over the years, he was an inspiring and multi talented person with strong family values. Jake I send you positive energy, wish you and yours all the best. Take care old friend.

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