100 thoughts on “The Ugandan Snowboarder Gunning for the Olympics

  1. THIS guy will NEVER make it, my 11 year old nephew boards better and can grind rails better than this "Olympic hopeful."

  2. he just does not look like he has that natural balance riders have. he looks awkward and uncomfortable on his board. best of luck dude, I'd more be shooting for a sponcer first then the Olympics.

  3. Is it me or the black people of the world only dominate running and strength related sports but not athletic sports

  4. Wear ice hockey pads training imo…
    would help your confidence 100x to help get your technique down!

  5. Man that guy on the news clip is uninformed as fuck! Apparently there's no snow in Africa…nobody knows what the white shit is that is covering the tops of the mountain ranges like the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda, Mount Kenya in Kenya and basically every other mountainous region of Africa! Nope, no snow in Africa just some unexplained white stuff that looks a lot like snow but definitely isn't snow…

  6. The school in the video is my elementary school. I met brolin last year, he is an amazing guy. Best of luck in the olympics

  7. What the fuck is this? The kid is not able to go to the Olympics are you people insane? He's a good snowboarder for a casual rider but he's not a top snowboarder in the world and he's nowhere near getting there.

    And before you people say I'm the one being a dick anybody who thinks snowboarding is so easy that some kid from Uganda can just pick it up and go to the Olympics is insulting to the art and sport of snowboarding. It's fucking hard and takes a very long time to master.

    This is like making a documentary on some 20 year old kid from Italy who still has to work on his jump shot and saying he's going to go to the NBA. It's ridiculous. This kid need is to focus on just having fun on the mountain. That's how you get good at boarding not prenteding to train for the Olympics and treating it "like a job" before you're even fully comfortable on your board.

  8. shot of triple cork 1440 is a white dude lmao. also, im a black snowboarder. the best he's got is what looks like a 7 lmfao… girls can do that. no offence to him, but this video was made 2 years ago…

    He also mentions being "cold" – which is the biggest reason you don't see more black men snowboarding.

  9. Ive played enougg vr chat to know when i hear the a real authentic ugandan accent . And this man is a full blowm faker.

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    FRUM ? BLACK * ICE ,
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