The Top 10 Most Memorable Dota 2 Grand Finals

The Top 10 Most Memorable Dota 2 Grand Finals

What’s up guys my name is Colin McNeil for theScore esports. You know there’s nothing quite like a grand final. The crowd is intense, there’s everything to play for, and victory is so close you can just about taste it. Whether it’s the final match in an incredible lower bracket run. Or another shot at the coveted Aegis. Grand finals have given us some of the most memorable Dota 2 matches of all time. So sit back, hit that subscribe button, and get ready as we count down the Top 10 Most Memorable Dota 2 Grand Finals. Coming in at number 10 is Team Secret vs. Team Liquid at The Shanghai Major. The Shanghai Major was known for many things. Poor production, participants playing without proper equipment, and of course, the public firing of James “2GD” Harding. But that shouldn’t detract from the exciting Dota that was played. Team Secret may have knocked Team Liquid out of the upper bracket But Liquid defeated reigning TI winners Evil Geniuses in the loser bracket finals to give them another shot at Team Secret in the grand finals. “I’m actually really surprised, I think going in I would have picked neither team to even make top four, maybe top six.” (Casting) (Casting) Team Secret defeated Liquid 3-1, marking the the first time that this super team won a Valve event. “What a game that was, I think it is only fitting to see Team Secret end with such a dominant game as they did, truly your Shanghai Major Champions.” Coming in at number 9 is Alliance vs. iNfernity at RaidCall EMS Summer Cup #4 In the summer of 2013, Alliance were one of the most dominant teams in Dota 2. (Casting) Which is why it was no surprise that the Swedish team faced little resistance on their path to this smaller tournament’s grand final. But that’s where things got interesting, as caster TobiWan issued them a challenge: “The challenge which was sent to Alliance by myself as jokingish and then they actually said okay was actually to get a racks in ten minutes.” While the challenge was issued as a joke, support player Akke accepted it and the team drafted a heavy push comp. (Casting) Alliance not only managed to take a lane of racks, but beat iNfernity is eight minutes and forty-three seconds. iNfernity would get their revenge in Game 2, but Alliance ultimately won the series. Coming in at number eight is Mineski beating LGD Gaming at the Dota 2 Asia Championship 2018. While Southeast Asia was always seen as a strong region, this tournament saw them win their first Dota 2 Major. And they did it, by taking on some of Dota’s best teams. (Casting) The grand final saw Mineski go face-to-face with one of China’s best, LGD Gaming. The two teams went back-and forth in a series that went all five games. In the end Mineski were the ones left standing. (Casting) Coming in at number seven is OG vs. Team Secret at The Frankfurt Major. Despite a poor showing in the group stage, OG put together a historic run that saw them take the lower bracket by storm. “Blitz, it has been a miraculous run, some might say for OG.” “They have taken down Fnatic, Mineski, Virtus.Pro, CDEC, and EHOME to get here they are 9-2 in their last 11 games. The green dream is strong but the boys in blue, they stand in opposition.” (Casting) In the first ever Dota 2 Major Grand Final, OG would come face-to-face with a team that they had some personal beef with: Team Secret. Earlier in the year both Fly and N0tail left Secret, a team that they had helped found. Team Secret was the final obstacle standing in the way of the greatest lower bracket run in Dota 2 history. (Casting) OG would go on to beat Team Secret 3-1 in the series, defeating their rivals and putting together a tournament run that will be remembered for years to come. “A huge run, the dream run, achieving what no other team has done and no other team will probably achieve for a very long time.” Coming in at number six is Alliance vs. LGD at the G-1 Champions League Season Five. At the time, China was widely regarded as the most dominant region in Dota 2, But Alliance were making waves in the EU scene, and many Dota 2 fans wanted to see them take on the world’s best teams. “This is even better in my opinion, because you have Alliance. The foreigner, the weaker teams coming from this unknown country to these Chinese guys to China and they are just beating up on everybody.” As the main tournament began, Alliance and Liquid were tapped as the west’s only representatives. TL put up a poor showing in the group stage, but Alliance more than made up for it, going 5-0 in their group stage, and landing an automatic spot in the Grand Finals. There, the future TI winners were set to go head-to-head with one of Asia’s most powerful Dota 2 teams, LGD Gaming. But that didn’t phase Alliance. (Casting) Coming in at number five is OG vs. at The Kiev Major. The best-of-five final was a back-and-forth affair, but the fifth game was the one that showed the world why OG could arguably be considered a dynasty. “Let’s get our final predictions for game five.” “Who do we curse?” “Can you just be careful that’s all I’m going to say.” “Ahh Godz.” “Game five of the Major, I’m gonna go with what my gut says, and that’s that OG they’re the three time Major Champions for a reason.” An aggressive draft from VP caught OG by surprise. “They pick an Enchantress, that is…” “Wow” “That’s ballsy” “Oh and they take the Alchemist themselves.” And the European team played most of the first half on their heels. (Casting) With their backs against
the wall, OG brought the fight to VP. (Casting) At number four is OG versus Ad Finem at The Boston Major. During qualifiers, Ad Finem managed to sweep both Team Secret and Team Liquid, defying pretty much everybody’s expectations. After making it through the group stage, it looked like Ad Finem couldn’t be stopped. First, Newbee. (Casting) Second LFY. (Casting) Then, Digital Chaos. (Casting) And then, the final boss, OG. But while OG were favorites heading into the tournament, the greek squad had, heart, soul, and a chant that took over the venue. While OG had their number most of the game, it was Maybe Next Time’s courageous play that took the hearts of Dota fans everywhere. (Casting) The team may not have won the series or the Major, but Ad Finem stood tall in the face of a Dota 2 giant, managed to draw blood, They managed to draw blood, and capture the hearts of Dota 2 fans everywhere. “It’s like it was scripted.” “It’s like it was Ben.” “I’ve never seen you lose it like that. What about you guys Alex? Did you guys lose it as hard as we did?” “Seriously, I am blown a way. What an absolute f***ing treat.” Taking the number three spot we got Newbee vs. Team Liquid at TI7. Imagine, playing on all the right teams, but at the wrong time. This was the reality for Kuroky He would always play on top tier teams, but could never capture the ever-elusive Aegis. At TI7 Team Liquid had to fight their way through the dreaded lower bracket to make it to the finals. (Casting) It took Kuroky four years before he returned to an International grand final, and all that was standing in his way was one of China’s top teams: Newbee. This time he would not let the Aegis slip away. “Don’t forget our motto.” “Don’t give a f***.” “The less f***s we give, the better we will play. I waited four f***ing years for this day.” “This time we’re gonna rewrite history.” “This could be the final game of TI.” “Newbee are down 0-2. Team Liquid has made an extraordinary run winning six consecutive series to get here.” (Casting) Kuroky would finally become a TI Champion. “And they’re about to do exactly that, your champions of The International 2017 is Team Liquid!” Taking the runner-up spot on this list is CDEC versus EG at TI five, a series that will forever be remembered fo one single play. A play that could only happen if all the pieces are in the right place. A play that will go down in history as THE
six-million dollar echo slam. (Casting) It was one of the most incredible plays in Dota 2 history and while the series had its fair share of memorable moments, this one took the cake. “We were in control of the game but they had just picked off SumaiL and they were trying to take Rosh.” “And they all walked into the pit. We didn’t have vision of them at the time but then I told pp to throw in an Ice Vortex. And he threw it in there and I saw a couple of them so I just assumed they’d all be in there.” “And I just made a blind leap of faith. And they were all in there and they all died.” “My first reaction after the Echo Slam I just yelled. I don’t even know what’s coming out of my mouth” “It was pretty loud.” It was the play that made EG, TI Champions. A play that made EG, six million dollars richer. Finishing off our list at number one is, Na`vi versus Alliance at TI three. As the only TI final that needed all five game to crown a victor, the nearly three-million dollar prize pool was essentially left to a best of one. “It all comes down to this, one more game, two million dollars on the table, winner, first place at The International, The Aegis, and the prestige of being the best Dota 2 team in the world.” When the final game began, both teams were considered equal, and victory for either was as certain as a coin toss. Alliance trailed most of the game, and Na`Vi appeared to have their number. Then… S4 did something that amazed everyone. (Casting) Dream Coil, after Dream Coil, after Dream Coil. S4 managed to completely halt Na`Vi’s momentum. (Casting) This would go down in the minds of Dota 2
fans everywhere, as one of the greatest games EVER played. “They are your International 3 Champions.” “They have taken home the first ever International for the Swedes.” Alright guys that’s our list. Now if your favourite Dota 2 grand final was not on it, consider writing an angry incoherent five hundred word rant in the comment section below. Thanks for watching. If you want more great content just like this, be sure to hit the subscribe button.

100 thoughts on “The Top 10 Most Memorable Dota 2 Grand Finals

  1. To me TI7 and 8 finals are both very much things I will remember, simply because I was happy to see Kuroky and Notail winning the TI, because to me they earned it.
    TI3 of course was… just awesome to watch.

  2. TI 6 Finals? Team Wings Vs. Team DK.
    We can't be forgetting that moment. They came out of nowhere and disappeared into nowhere.

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  4. I remember how CDEC came in from wild card and crushed everyone in TI, then suddenly played different with EG, shady for alot of peoples who don't live in America ofc….

  5. Did u guys notice OG start like a newbie and then conquer every major before winning the final big destine.

  6. TI3 is sooo good because it wasnt a one sided game, i watched the whole game from the beginning and it looked like NAVI was dominating hard but the comeback from Alliance was real.. TI8 was also a masterpiece.

  7. How about TI8 OG vs PSG.LGD? I think that would be 1st then 2nd TI3 Alliance vs Navi the day I started to play dota 2

  8. I think we need to sum the shanghai major in one or two words, rather than keep repeating, we know, it hurts.. lol

  9. 17:35 is wrong! Last year's final had 5 games too, and isn't on this list, dispite it being the best ti final!

  10. 6:21

    Well, what do you know now. It's the same team that has been standing in their way in TI8, with the Great Betrayal on the spice.

    What a prophecy.

  11. Ad finem's story is encouraging in Dota2 fans. However, I would say CDEC's underdog story during TI5 is even more impressive than Ad finem.

  12. Best 3 grand finals had a million dollar play
    3- 6 million dollar echo slam EG
    2- 6 million dollar Call OG
    1- Million dollar coil Alliance

  13. Not a joke, but all 5 games from TI 8 belong in TOP 5 with every single games they play. The hype was real and drama was on point.

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