The Sting (9/10) Movie CLIP – You’re a Gutless Cheat (1973) HD

$500,OOO to win. Lucky Dan,
third race at Riverside. [stuttering] You heard me. H-Hold on, sir.
l–l’ll get the manager. …ín the Fourth at Belmont. Jay Stout wíll
ríde flyíng Cross. See that guy
up there? He iust put
$500,OOO on Lucky Dan. The wínner
at Rockíngham Park Enfin, paid $6.1O $4.30 and $2.50. What’s your problem? l’m putting $500,OOO
on Lucky Dan to win. Third race at Riverside. Can’t lay that off in time. A bet like that
could break us. Not only are you a cheat you’re a gutless cheat
as well. What are the odds? 4-1 . Take all of it. [people chattering] Ladies and gentlemen,
this is Arnold Rowe calling the third race
at Riverside Park
in Kansas City. Thís ís
a claiming race for $1,500
for 3-year-olds and up. lt’s been raíníng,
and the track ís muddy. The flag ís up and
they’re off and runníng. Dr. Twínk
ís goíng to the front followed by Lucky Dan,
Ima Dreamer, Orkín Josíe G.
Chí Chí _nd Líttle Star. Around the clubhouse turn,
it’s Lucky Dan ahead Dr. Twínk a length,
Orkín a half followed by Ima Dreamer,
Josíe G. Chí Chí and Líttle Star. lnto the backstretch ít’s Lucky Dan a length,
Dr. Twínk a half Orkín a head,
Ima Dreamer by one. Sorry,
l couldn’t wait. Everything
going all right? You got nothing
to worry about. l put it all on Lucky Dan. $500,OOO to win. To win? l said place!
Place it on Lucky… That horse is
gonna run second! lma Dreamer a half,
Dr. Twínk a half and Orkín by two,
followed by Líttle Star. lt’s a drívíng fínísh! There’s been a mistake. Give me my money back!
No, l’m sorry– l tell you
there’s been a mistake! Give me my
goddamn money back!

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