The Snowboarding Family: Legacy documentary

The Snowboarding Family: Legacy documentary

Dieter was a DIY guy as long as
I can remember He started snowboarding in the 80ies at this time he was already over 40 years old and also at age 75, he’s still riding if needed he takes his 75 years old car to get to the mountains the best thing about snowboarding for me: freeriding! in early days I didn’t like the term but it really is about the joy of motion and nature so whenever there’s an untracked run I don’t care about how long I have to hike to get there I’m still riding with the same joy and let’s say easiness but of course slightly adapted when asked what I want to pass on to my children I would say “soulsurfing” … that’s how I’d call it I can still remember the first day on a board, and the board it was way too big for us, but of course we had to go out and try so Dieter built DIY boards out of plastic sheets for us and cut down old ski boots to make bindings from the beginning on we were riding various resorts all over Austria and because all of us were riding Bert LaMar started calling us “snowboarding family” in 1988 In 1992 first sponsors approached us thanks to Dad’s DIY attitude, we did most things on our own document everything by ourselves and did independent projects and my personal approach towards the “scene” changed over the years I skipped some seasons and focused on art, design and social activities but in the end all this helped to drag me completely back into it probably because boardsports is a crucial part of me it was obvious to see that Mac had the most talent of all of us he had a very playful approach but he never liked contests and the pressure at events and he always wanted to keep business and snowboarding separated anyway, he developed a very deep bag of tricks and usually came up with amazing things when not expected we collected a lot of footage since the mid 90ies mostly filmed by ourselves so maybe the footage was never 100% perfect but it was 100% authentic and real Mac spent up to 150 days per season on board in recent years and documented every single day, with pictures or by filming Chip is the exception to the rule he rides every other year, 1-2 days per season, or less even though he had the most potential as he started at age 2 Kathi is part of our family for almost 25 years we met at a snowboard camp in 1994 and of course it’s great when partners can do all things together our interests and hobbies are mostly the same Kathi’s clothing label “sixxa” made us relocate to Vienna 10 years ago which led to less time in the mountains so the sessions became less frequent, but not in quality riding powder together would hopefully never change until things gets completely turned upside down that’s what everyone will tell when the first child is due when you want to teach kids how to ride the most important thing is patience and to show them it’s fun! we tried different things over the last 3 years we noticed how the kids enjoy snow and the sessions got longer and longer the kids learn off of each other and together it’s a lot of fun! there are more and more products for kids available it still takes quite some time to find everything you need though we always thought it’s strange when friends tell their kids need to learn how to ski first the mountains, the snow … it turned into a second home for our kids Hedi got her first board when she was 3 we go riding powder whenever possibly so it was obvious for the kids to do the same we don’t think they need to learn tricks there’s no push from our side to do things they try things naturally and enjoy it from the beginning we told the kids to wear helmets and back protectors well, because slams are part of improving Ferry had a big advantage, we had earned a lot about kids’ snowboarding and he benefits from his sisters An outstanding day for Ferry last season was whe he rode powder without any helping device for the first time and he was really proud when he managed to turn both ways for the kids there’s no better thing than snowboarding with their granddparents! being on snow with my grandchildren is amazing you see how much they enjoy experiencing things together as a family I think when people see all of us together in powder they are jealouse snowboarding with the kids is the best thing possible even grandma Ingeborg got back on board after a 10 years break just to be able to ride with the kids the sessions are different with kids but we didn’t have to slow down it just evolved into a different way of snowboarding important part for us was that the kids manage to ride everywhere so we can take them with us on powder days of course there are things that changed since we ride with our children but I don’t see it as if we have to soft-pedal it’s incredibly enriching our snowboarding we’re definately happy that Dieter sparked the fire what I handed over to the kids? well, the excitement of being outside and flow and it’s definately not the last chapter in our book when I see my children riding with my grandchildren I am proud to have passed on something I hope we continue to ride together for a long time!

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  1. This is sick as hell, reminds of my family since all of my 17 cousins and our parents go snowboarding every year. Great film!

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