The National Lottery Big Surprise – England Hockey

Volunteers in hockey are really really
important Without people giving up hours and hours of
their time hockey wouldn’t happen. Volunteering in hockey is really really
rewarding. It’s about giving it back to the clubs, it’s about giving back to the
sport and actually being part of something that gives a lot of enjoyment
and entertainment to everybody. Lottery funding is hugely important to England
Hockey. Without the funding that we receive we wouldn’t be able to achieve
the fantastic success we have had with gold medals but we also won’t be able to
achieve thousands of kids and adults playing hockey across the country every
weekend. Hamid’s been volunteering with us for the last three years he’s done over
600 hours volunteering. So Hamid has some identified learning difficulties and
when he first joined us he was very shy and very quiet. He didn’t have a great
deal of communication skills but over the years he’s really grown into a
really big part of our hockey family. He absolutely loves hockey he loves
volunteering you just see the smile on his face when he turns up he loves every
minute of it. So, together with the National Lottery we’ve organised a special
surprise to thank him for his commitment. Please make some noise for our very own
hockey maker, Hamid! Presented by Olympic gold medalist Helen Richardson-Walsh. Without hockey makers like you, our sport would not be the same. So, thank you for everything that you do for us, for hockey I’m so glad we could give him the
recognition he deserves. Thank you! By playing the National Lottery you support England Hockey and volunteers like Hamid.

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