The Mental Approach To Golf |.You Need.A Game Plan And Why Course Management Is Important!

The Mental Approach To Golf |.You Need.A Game Plan And Why Course Management Is Important!

oh that looked like it landed really
close what is up I hope you’re having a great
day yes we pulled these sunglasses out for today we haven’t seen the
Sun a whole lot here in Nashville we actually had a ton of flooding in many
areas here in Tennessee so we’ve seen a ton of rain today the course is finally
open again it’s been like five or six days that the course has actually been
closed so very thankful that it is back open and drying out but it’s still gonna
be pretty wet out there today I’ve been getting several questions about why I’m
hitting certain shots around the course during my rounds what’s the reasoning
behind it so for today’s video I kind of just wanted to walk you through my
decision-making and kind of the process and thought behind why I’m choosing
certain clubs why I’m choosing certain lines and all of that so today’s round
I’m actually just going to kind of cover my mental approach on the course to help
you game plan for your rounds to make better decisions and hopefully in turn
will lower your scores we’re gonna play the front nine out here at Nashville
golf hopefully I execute the shots to prove the points but we’re just gonna
play nine front nine and kind of walk you through my thought process on why I
choose certain clubs off the tees certain angles and lines into the greens
why I choose certain shots around the greens as well so we’re just going to
try to cover a little bit of everything and hopefully answer a lot of these
questions that I’ve been getting so hope you enjoy number one here at Nashville
golf most of Cole Hall in the course we’re gonna take you to the tee right
now well we’re staying in here so we’re already here but yeah number one has one
of the most difficult approach shots that I’ve actually ever played before
and yes it is our starting hole so she using your line off the tee it’s so
important I’d rather have a great angle and a little further yardage into the
green van bomb and driver down there and having a wedge on a bad angle this green
is very thin so we are going to aim left we want to be as far left on the fairway
as possible even if we’re in the rough rather be in the rough on the far left
for a good angle into the green normally I’d have four iron here but because of
all the rain the ball is not going to roll anywhere so we’re gonna hit hybrid
here should put us in a good yardage into the green so we’re set up here with a great angle
we didn’t pull that tee shot just a little bit but as you can see this green
kind of sits a little sideways from here so it gives us a lot more room for error
for our approach shot into it rather than coming straight on into the green
or from way over to the right coming across the green with the water long
this is going to be our best place to hit our approach shot into number one
green even though we missed the fairway it’s really pretty good so 155 9-iron
little into the breeze middle of the green would be awesome since that’s
where the pin is as you can see we hit that one a little
heavy so we’re okay I mean it’s potting but yeah got a long
putt here let’s go up there and roll it not our best approach shot in there on
one we got our to putt for the par but because of our gameplan off the tee a
Miss hit approach shot still left us in reasonable shape so just because of our
thought process and how he played the hole made for a pretty easy par even
though we didn’t hit a great tee shot or a great approach shot just how we
approach the whole set us up for an easy par so for number two here it’s a par 4
a little over 400 yards out of bounds all down the left so we are going to
adjust our line just a little right to play for our myths to be on the right
side of the fairway and if we do have a Miss we’re going to be in the right
rough I play a fade and the right rough into this green really isn’t a bad place
to be get high let it fly with driver so not mad shape here we did miss it
left but because we adjusted our starting line we’re in decent shape with
a Miss in the wrong direction so about 115 yards here pin is in the middle but
because there’s a false front about 10 to 15 feet short of that pin location I
want to err a little long we’ve got green to work with behind the pin so a
Miss here would preferably be long now let’s execute little left but should be a good number landed just a few feet long right there
spun back but right on our number left us a great look at birdie here’s kind of
the false front I was talking about right there and we had plenty of green
to work with behind so all in all quality wedge shot there let’s roll this
in for bird for the purpose of today’s video we’re
actually gonna play a different tee here on three par five normally I’d play
about six hundred yards from the blue tees back there
here it’s about 525 maybe 530 not exactly sure on the number from here but
somewhere in there we’re gonna go ahead and play this very aggressive you’ve got
to pick and choose your spots to play aggressive especially on a difficult
course here’s one if this was the yardage we were playing from this would
be a gettable par-5 so aggressive here on number three let’s see how it pans
out should be pretty decent maybe left side
but should be able to go hit the green from there we didn’t miss the fairway
just a little left but not in bad shape here about 215 yards left to a middle
pin there is a bigger area of green on the right side so even though we’re
playing aggressive we want to play smart aggressive meaning if I miss it I want
to miss it on the fat part of the green over there so coming out of the rough
there we weren’t able to curve it quite as much as we would have liked but
because we picked a great target and starting line
should leave us a great look for at least an easy birdie
maybe rolling a long one for Eagle did exactly what we talked about hit it on
the fat part of the green for our miss leaves us a long look at Eagle but this
is a game about misses controlling your misses and still leaving yourself
opportunity to score hopefully you can see so far in today’s
round you don’t have to hit it great to still score okay just by making quality
decisions with every shot and giving purpose to every swing aim small miss
small so still even though I’m aiming to the fat part of the green I am having a
target off in the distance that’s a very specific target maybe a branch maybe a
window edge of a building I want to get very specific with my target aim small
miss small number four par four little dogleg right see those
two trees off in the distance I’m gonna be aiming at the right one this does
bend to the right so it does suit my eye and when I find a tee shot that suits my
eye I’m gonna go ahead and be pretty aggressive driver is the plate here so
just kind of let it rip pick and choose your spots to be aggressive when you’re
comfortable you have a tee shot that suits your eye I say go ahead and be a
little more aggressive than usual any straighter not went dead straight hit
the tree right where I was aiming but I did pick a target that if I hit it
straight we’re still okay we’re gonna be on that side of the hill but really it’s
not too bad from over there decent angle under the green see if we can’t go stick
one close we have about a hundred and forty-five yards left to the hole a
little breeze into when you’re on a severe slope like this I recommend
taking a little extra Club and not swinging so hard especially in muddy
conditions you don’t want to slip make sure your balance is good take a little
extra Club swing smooth so I actually have a 9-iron here just a little
three-quarter shot we want to set ourselves up with a putt from the right
side of the green putting back up the hill to that pin location
so a goodness here would be just right of the flag oh that looked like it landed really
close I think it’s fun back a little bit but a quality shot if you can see right
there that’s how it landed with it hopping probably a little forward that
might have scared the whole either way we missed it right where we wanted it a
little right gives us an uphill putt for birdie not quite the first of all we’re looking
for are their own for 1-under through four number five par four we’re gonna be
taking it about right there with driver this is a shorter par 4 so that’s going
to put us up there around the green shipping hopefully from a good spot to
get it up and down pulled that one right there yes that is
the out-of-bounds we did get away with this one thankfully
we’re green side very difficult chip ahead the green all runs away normally
we’d like to be somewhere right over in there when we miss the screen however we
are right here so let’s chip this close I’ll kind of talk through the chip here
in just a second with the green sloping away here we don’t want to leave it
short we want to go ahead and get it past the hole it’s not to just kill it
but be a little more aggressive because the downhill six or seven footer is
gonna be a much more difficult putt then that 15 footer coming back up the hill
so let’s go ahead and get it on past the hole give us a look at birdie so it’s a little long but we did execute
what we wanted to do and leaves us a pretty decent look at birdie still much
easier putt than coming back down the hill mmm-hmm like to see that right there
executing exactly our gameplan and except for the tee shot did get away
with that good decent chip good putt birdie number six par 3 playing about 150 yards
down the hill that pin is on that back left corner there anything in the middle
of the green is going to be a great shot this is a difficult downhill par-3 even
though it doesn’t have a lot of distance small green so here I’m pretty much
aiming at the middle of the green no matter where the pin is to set us up for
a good look at birdie we didn’t execute our game plan there
that was not a great swing we’re gonna have to get that up and down when I get
in the bunker on these short little delicate shots I don’t want to
decelerate so I’d rather take a shorter compact swing accelerating through the
results are gonna be much better hopefully it comes out about like that good bunker shot followed up with a poor
putt I played it just outside the edge putt was pretty much dead straight
wasn’t a great stroke at the same time however when you’re in the middle of the
round and something like that happens don’t let it get you out of your game go
ahead and address maybe that could be something to work on after the round
maybe my alignment wasn’t great I’m gonna go ahead and forget about it move
on because the quicker you can move on and forget about something poor that
happened the better the results will be for the remainder of the round
number seven par five we’re gonna be aiming kind of at that dart patch there
on the right side of the fairway that is going to leave us the best angle into
the green if we hit a good tee shot and we’re gonna err on the right because if
we miss it outright that is an okay place to hit a layup from tee it high to
let it fly with driver see if we can go into the green good tee shot right there
with the conditions we got about six inches of backspin with that driver yes
we did so we’re a little outside go range however I do want to get it down
there as close to the green as possible to give us a good little easy chip
hopefully I don’t have a 3-wood in the bag so hybrid is gonna be our longest
Club that we have besides driver normally hit my hybrid maybe 255 max 260
maybe but that is the club we have we’re about 275 280 yards from here let’s rip
it with hybrid all right deadlines should be just short
of the green so yeah that was a bit shorter than we
were hoping for however you can see that you don’t want to be long that is a very
small area there behind the hole our goal was to be just short of the hole we
accomplished that just a little shorter than we were hoping for number eight par three straight up the
hill when you find yourself having a very uphill shot typically I’d recommend
go ahead and take that extra Club because the likelihood of you being
short is very high so this shot here actual yardage is about 190 but playing
probably more like 205 with the uphill and with it being cool conditions I’m
gonna give it another 5 yards so got 5-iron here that is gonna be our – 10 –
215 Club so that’s what we’re going with here also that pin is on the far left
that is a very tough pin to get to from this distance so we’re gonna err a
little right we’re gonna aim probably about ten paces right at that pin and
just be happy with the middle of the green on this difficult par three so apparently we’re gonna pull it dead
in line with the pen and now we should be perfect so lesson if you aim properly
and miss hit it mighty so close to the hole but if we
would have played right at the pen and pulled it we are in big trouble let’s go
up there and see how close we are what take this shot on number eight all day
long twenty feet straight up the hill to a left pen if we would have chosen to go
straight at the pen and pulled it like we did we would have ended up over there
downhill chip shot not an easy chip shot but because our
target line was the edge of that tree right there right there and then we
pulled it we pulled it dead on line and gives us a great look at birdie let’s see I think that leaves us at
1-under through eight holes today we’re on to number nine par four down the hill
I’ve been getting some questions about why I choose to have four iron off this
tee the reason for that is it leaves a much easier shot into the green I’d
rather have a full wedge into the green then a three-quarter like 60 70 yard
little wedge shot on a downhill lie to a green that is sloping away it’s a very
difficult little delicate wedge shot so for me I like to lay back to a fuller
number in this situation I’m gonna hit the green more times than I would from
60 or 70 and get it much closer more times than not that is the reason why we
hit for iron here on this tee also it’s kind of a tighter landing area you can
miss it right kind of a weird awkward angle into the green but rights okay out
of bounds all down the left for iron here play it a little more conservative
off the tee be aggressive with the full wedge shot into the green and that should set us up nicely good number hold it just a little bit it
stayed right where it landed it is in its pitch bark yep about 25 30 feet away 1-under on today’s nine holes I hope
y’all enjoyed today’s video giving you a little glimpse into why I choose to hit
certain shots around the course I think learning how to manage your way around
the course could save you tons of strokes in the long run making wise
decisions for what clubs to hit and actually knowing why why we’re taking
certain lines very beneficial in getting your game to the next level so I hope
today might help you in your game to shoot scores this year that you never
shot before so let me know how your golfing journey is going and if you
would like me to answer any other questions just comment below if you had
any questions about any of the things I was saying today let me know just drop a
comment I’ll get back to you and if you like this kind of content
please hit that like button that would be greatly appreciated and ring that
Bell turn them notifications on so you don’t
you know miss any of these videos if you’re enjoying this content and guys
again until next time we’ll see you only see you

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