The Golf Club 2 – Features Trailer | PS4

The Golf Club 2 – Features Trailer | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] WOMAN: The Golf Club 2 brings
you the future of golf gaming. Rise through the ranks in an
all-new robust career mode. Establish and run your own
societies and recruit players to challenge others online and
dominate the competition. Win tournaments and grow your
bankroll to upgrade to bigger, better clubhouses and make a
name for yourself as part of the golfing elite. In The Golf Club there were over
150,000 user-generated courses made, and every single one of
them can be imported into The Golf Club 2 and augmented with the new tools
and features available. Suffice to say, there won’t be
any shortage of courses to play right away in The Golf Club 2. The Golf Club 2 is equipped with
a state of the art course editor with all-new assets and
tools including dynamic crowds, multilevel water features, and
an all-new system for ease and efficiency, empowering
creative course designers. Within the course creator you
will have ultimate creative control and a myriad of
props to choose from. Let your imagination run wild. Start by selecting a theme
ranging from tropical resorts to the Scottish Highlands. Dial in the amount of trees,
water, and hills on your course. Set the course difficulty
and the number of holes. You can even change the time
of day for varied lighting. With your basic course set up,
you can now change the position of holes, sculpt the land,
clear trees and features, and layout bunkers
exactly where you want them. Layout different surfaces, add
sand traps and other obstacles, and finish off with cosmetic
items like waterfalls and clubhouse mansions that will
make your course stand out. Brand new in The Golf Club 2
course creator is the addition of camera towers as well as
crowds that show up dynamically depending on the prestige of
the event taking place on your course. A casual round of golf will
not attract any spectators. However a high-stakes tournament
will bring up a full crowd cheering you on. With the all-new editing
improvements in The Golf Club 2 course creator, the only
limit is your imagination. To celebrate the
release of The Golf Club 2, players who preorder will
receive the special Day One Edition which includes the
Aristocrat Bonus in-game content including an
instant money payout, a 24-carat gold
driver, throwback apparel, an elite emblem
for your society, and access to a
premier clubhouse. Remember, Day One
Edition supplies are limited, so don’t forget to preorder now.

64 thoughts on “The Golf Club 2 – Features Trailer | PS4

  1. man i love the thumbnail design, the fact you just screenshotted the media player and kept the progress bar in was a nice touch!

  2. Will the features include a smart alecy gopher and an inept groundskeeper so I can reenact scenes from the movie Caddyshack?

  3. are any of these like 5 fucken golf games coming out free because the list of free games is dogshit in my opinion

  4. I'm still playing TGC 1 and cant wait for this to come out! So glad we can import our courses into the new title.

  5. yeah, everything just works!
    it looks way too good to be true with all of these stuff you can do, shown in the trailer…. until you play the final product though.
    I'll just wait for the new everybody's golf.

  6. Shiiieeeet everyone over there playing GTA 5 and the new Nier Automata or Persona 5 while I'm using quality time playing golf ⛳

  7. Maybe Donald Trump can buy this game and play it while in the White House debrief instead of ditching them all to go to a golf course every week

  8. never been interested in play golf games, but this one looks pretty cool
    the customizing feature where u play is also very new to me

  9. To bad they didn't have other players on the course playing a head of you. Why do they make these golf games so unrealistic? why are you (the player) the only person on the whole course? it's like your playing golf during closing hours. They should make this game more like Sid Meier's Golf where others, beside yourself, are playing on the course. Come on! Make the Game more realistic, like when you show the inside of a club house show people in there drinking eating and buying golf balls and Tees just before they walk out on to the course. Oh, and have a Pop Machine or two where we can sit them anywhere outside the club house or on the golf course for the thirsty customers. Also, make it so your player can get in a golf cart and be able to drive to the next hole.

  10. Thanks for the recent update on the Golf Club2 Playstation team !!!I have the Golf club 1 and have been enjoying playing the game and creating new golf courses and seeing what others have come up with.This looks improved with the dynamic crowds on bigger events; scenery etc as well as an easier  approach on creating new golf courses to your likingThe Golf Club 1 is nice to play but is way too quiet on the course when you are out there alone; no crowds and quietAlso Im hoping that your team gives us a better "Character" creating as well with better face and hair and body features and perhaps also even an audio name as yourself.The golf club 1 is too generic;Hopefully you have also worked on the look of the game improving scenery textures and playability with your new playerIm going to give it a try when it comes out.If you play or like anything about golf, it is a good pickup.Hopefully you read your comments Playstation teamRegardsDex

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