The Extraordinary Ordinary Life Of A NHL Player | P.K. Subban vlogs

The Extraordinary Ordinary Life Of A NHL Player | P.K. Subban vlogs

that I’ll shout out to all the fans out there
that supported me and subscribe to jumpin subscribers look like we got
through the tough part start of the season obviously it was a little rocky
start got a weird week the next couple weeks are cuttin good hello good morning
as we go from like 6 or 7 games in like 10 or 11 days to like playing two games
so it’s different got a busy day Lindsay just got back from Spain yesterday she
had to get that award from the king and queen of Spain pretty awesome then we’re
going on the Pats Jets game tonight should be pretty sick hello world
obviously back-to-back wins is huge it’s tough to win this league you know I
think we’re a little bit younger of a team you’re still learning how to win
every night but an emotional start I think for everybody everybody really
wanted to come flying out of the gate and we did with our effort but we didn’t
have those results now we’re getting the results it’s great but the energy in the
room right now that’s been great since the service you feel our records would
be probably for two and one right now easily you know we’re not though yes
that’s pro sport it’s the message in the locker room is focused on what’s in
front of us you know don’t even look at where we’re at the standings right now
it’s just there’s so much hockey left to be played let’s just focus on the hockey
have some fun you know but I also find like guys have to learn to in pro sports
you can take so much of your energy basically you gotta find ways to get
away from it I know a lot of people talk about self that I do but that’s also
just up the house you know you gotta balance your life up when you come to
work punch the clock let’s go to work it’s poke that time I got it work there
we go work day pretty much done that’s gonna head home now
get some treatment then get ready for the big game tonight Pat’s and jets see
ya woody where you going there’s smiles
baby single if you guys didn’t know that you’re single woody sorry it’s a
good-looking guy though alright we’re ready to attack the day here
that’s Jets all right so this is episode two YouTube chisholm beat hey hold on
we see them every day you just introduce yourself to my fans I just want them to
know who you are you always keep this up how you doing guys I’m Joe nice to meet
you guys this is Joe head security here keeps us protected all the time tease us
up at the Prudential some great people so for you fans that come stop by and
say hi to Joe so you know Joe is a good guy always takes care of a couple’s two
vayniacs here we’re gonna get some autographs don’t know if they’re getting
sold or not but you guys sell these on eBay are you going right up on my wall
I’m gonna check I can send you a picture of all the cooks I’ll collect all that
Tuesday shit you see that celebration we got
there you go dude thank you so much all right have a good day plague I do too
actually this might be a great time to break down some of the lingo kitchen I
don’t know about everybody else’s mom imon whenever she’s cooking in the
kitchen obviously it wasn’t around because I’m trying to pick it was I’m
trying to steal my mom’s got this thing like she doesn’t like people in the
kitchen when she’s cooking so when I get in there she’s like out of the kitchen
out of the kitchen so I talk about getting in people’s kitchens it’s
basically you’re giving someone’s personal space I get some grill you know
what offsets people right horn annoys them and then you play to that another
terminology wasn’t ours it’s time to face the challenge so let’s just say
girl comes up to him talking and asking him whatever and she engages and she’s
like oh you’re a cute guy and I come out of nowhere and I’m like hey Sasha you
know did you get that cream from that doctor that you got to put on your
private parts or whatever sickness wasn’t ours because that sewers them
right no girls gonna want to talk to you she thinks she got something going on
but that’s just 101 PK lingo so I got my buddy Chris O’Sullivan who’s
in town like I said we’re just gonna roll in here in buzz towers get a shot of the puppies that’s more
sister it doesn’t even matter if you’re on the phone but some towers hard at
work I’m the only one not work how many jerseys and support fine grain
beef to Montreal Oh in our bedroom two chairs I’m gonna go check that out now I
think I know it’s that Korea time it’s like we what movies have from
coming to America that one all this so we got a couple extra chairs for the
bedroom here I’m gonna be honest with you I mean the chairs look great but I
mean why come into my room I’m laying down eggs so you might want to cut now
cuz you’re gonna see me naked lose the back is he be careful watch your step
the dogs it look there’s so out here we actually get in this why long Jersey
we’ll get box that come in by bucks like you can’t lines crazy the dogs go not we
get box deers foxes we gotta get them all back here so if you come back all
the way oh love the pine cone we fence this off
for the dogs so they’re not running into the creek down there
oh yeah my sanctuary man we had a choice to either go in the city or they’d be
out here like it I was furious oh so Chris dude where’s your gestures
game day might be back you gotta wear the jersey
today to the door you gonna wear the Jets jersey we’re in the owners box holy
gullibility That’s not me I’m at Crystal Sullivan
right here game day he’s got some rules for me yeah
we should gear I guess I gave you get aboard Chester so I’d expect you to be a
batsman but you’re gonna be one of Jets jersey today so we’ll see that’s
actually you don’t do it where unless you’re in that same picture to hold yeah
I only got a thousand followers though I’m not a toes
no look at this right here get hit zoom in close Crystal Sullivan
yeah but move your jets look and the Hat well you can’t explain the Hat there’s
no reason to wear the hat look well Barry has committed he’s an unbelievable
Photoshop Oh so I’ve already had I had an are you
beating me won’t give me a score what do you think tonight
dude that’s that’s a crazy you know I’m just trying to push him in a boat again
guys get this is their time to push Lindsey play crazy head back to back
games this week that’s what do you guys think of that right like no it’s it’s
crazy she comes back from vacation first one on the table about to get ready to
head into the city watch the games gonna grab some lunch
as you can see Lindsey’s already getting ready clearly she’s not ready to go so
we’ll probably be another hour and a half takes about an hour nap we’re ready
it’s gonna be a good one tonight Monday night here goes the other seven dogs
three look there they go yeah we’ll wrap it up in the car let’s go there’s a
little misunderstanding about the dogs you two watch the door I know
we gotta go back not banging Yui right now
take a left left yeah first off if I do this the camera guy dies he’s here to
take one for the team he already told us there you mention it that’s my YouTube
channel again she’s also gonna take it down listen there’s gonna be a little
little memory for you at the very end of it
welcome to pk seabeds youtube channel we’re filming my youtube right now oh hold on
I almost forgot what’s today no day of the week Monday exactly exactly we’re all used to baby a couple yup now
we got the silliness out of the way we got a breakdown music music I don’t
think a lot of people really understand well it’s my youtube channel so I’m
breaking things down the way I want to break them down
okay beautify with that Lindsey great thing anyway
okay I started music Monday because I love music music literally is what makes
my heart beat every day without music I don’t think I could really live I love
music because no matter how would you stop bleeped lip I’m trying to
break it down right so it would your heart still didn’t have music that’s a
tip for all you guys out there happy wife happy life but we’re outside live
stadium headed for the big game can’t wait to see cats and Pats go toe-to-toe
I’ve got a couple of my friends once again just having a good time
hope you guys enjoyed this episode episode 3 coming up

100 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Ordinary Life Of A NHL Player | P.K. Subban vlogs

  1. Idk why,, but I clicked on this video expecting to talk some kind of smack about it….it was actually very impressive. Well done P.K. You're a very classy dude.

  2. "PK lingo" is taking credit for how kids talk in junior hockey, when they think it is cool.. it is amazing that, even in the show, they dont grow out of it. I'm confused as to whether I am jealous that they never had to grow up.. or embarrassed. Add peter pan to your lingo!

  3. Can't beat ice hockey greatest sport in the world play until you drop P.K. U look 👀 like a pimp with that hat on Let's Go Devils!!

  4. Rangers fan from Brooklyn, somehow I can’t get enough of P.K.’s antics & Lindsey
    I wish more players were more open to share their world like this.

  5. First 14 seconds already made my day happier😂 You are also in my nhl 20 hut team and not gonna lie ur card is worth to buy

  6. I feel if you say anything negative against PK’s fiancé, you are directly insulting the man himself. I don’t tolerate that. Not a fan of the devils even when a family friend Mike Repp, was on the team. Wish he had gone to a better seeded team.

  7. Huge 🇨🇦 #Subbaniac . I always liked the way you played in Montreal. Couldn't be happier that you're a Devil now. Best defenseman we've had since the Rafalski/Neidermayer days. Please don't leave NJ PK! And ps. How much for one of those signed jerseys :p

  8. When Da baby came on and the white girl started doing that head shit. They cant relate, P.K feels that shit in his bones. We been in the trenches, struggling.

  9. Has anyone replayed the first 15 seconds of the video drowning into laughing tears…???? 🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭

  10. i'm just confused as to why no one told me that my celeb crush made a youtube channel?? p.s. sending love from Stillwater, Minnesota !

  11. P.K. bro you got the best white woman ever! She is smart, tough, fun, funny, beautiful, a champion and passionate! Oh yeah loyal as fuck! You better treat her like the queen she is bro! She is amazing!

  12. Im Salinger contrats for p.k. For having over 200k views already in just 2 vids since im a sens fan LOL

    …Well at least Bobby Ryan has a YT channel

  13. Keep your head up bro we are VERY happy to have you as a Devil! We will get better on the back end of the blueline. Sami is a monster so far this year. Stay happy and healthy.

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