The Best Skateboarding Game Nobody Played

The Best Skateboarding Game Nobody Played

Rockstar Games. Maker of Car Chasers. Car Racers. Tennis tables. Cowboy game with gun. But did you know that their collection of extreme sports games does not end, at just Ping-Pong? That’s right stinky [doot]. In 199- In 1999 they published a little piece titled “Thrasher Presents” “Skate and Destroy” Developed by Z- Axis Games, a very highly esteemed game developer. I’m sure you’re all aware of for their masterclass achievements in the interactive realm. Such as Madden ’96. [Doot] Aggressive Inline [Doot]. BMX XXXX [Doot]. and X-Men the Official Game [Doot] Which is officially a piece of dog shit. Alright so Thrasher is the only game you should give a shit about. But it’s good, It’s really good. It’s janky as fuck, but it’s really good. You see, Thrasher was developed around th- Jesus Chri- You see kids, Thrasher was developed around the same time as a little-known game called, Tony stocks (Hawk’s) and both came out in the year of 1999 anno domini. The year of our lord. It was a great year for Pizza Hut. But Tony stocks came out first and by the time Thrasher- Thrasher came out later in the year everyone was already doing nine hundred thousand point dick flip combos watching all the secret tapes they get to jam into the [stuttering] VCR Tony was taking over the world I mean. I say “skateboard” you say “Tony” Tony says “hey kid show me a dick flip” you say “Alright Tony, huh how high do you want it this time.” also Thrasher didn’t stand a goddamn chance against the Birdman anyway. Because the gameplay is the polar opposite You got Tony Hawk over here that’s fast. It’s clean, it’s arcadey, it’s hot It’s gonna take you to prom It’s gonna teach you how to spell with the SKATE letters. Thrasher on the other hand is fucking hard and weird and it took a much more simulation approach to skateboarding. Like think of Thrasher as the skate before skate came along and changed analog stick-a-dick flips forever. But because analog sticks weren’t really popping off back in 1999. All the tricks in Skate and Destroy are done with a variety of button combos like for example. Triangle is the dedicated flip tricks button. Circle as the decade spin moves button and add those two motherfuckers together [Doot] [Small doot] *breaths heavily* It’s the frontside flip next what makes Thrasher so goddamn good? The game is just purely based around skateboarding in some iconic skateboarding spots. Nothing else, no other- no other panhandling bullshit like when I was in Washington Square Park last week. I saw the monument. I was like wait. Holy shit That’s Thrasher wait. What the frick. Am I in video games? What the- [Doot] I can play that song from Harry Potter [absolutely nails “Hedwig’s Theme”] Each level you visit in the game allows you to free skate for as long as you please until you decide to start your run But look out young man If you let that timer run out before you’re done doing your dick flips the coppers gonna come try to take you to the jailhouse So because of that you can exit the level whenever you want. Just just get the required score and look for an exit. Go home. Go see Papa. “Hey Dad.” “What’s up?” “Not much Son, just playing my recorder want to hear something sick?” “Okay dad- son?” Or purposely wait for the cop do tricks in front of them to get extra points like a rebel to society trying to break down the social constructs of our modern government. Hell yeah brother. Also, there is a health bar in this game. So if you bail or get smoked by a fucking train you now have liftoff because the game has a rag doll- Has rag-doll physics as well. Which along with awful character models of Paul Rodriguez another thing that later appeared in the Skate games. Just kidding. Your primary goal is to rise through the ranks of “you see you later boys” by getting brand Sponsorships and winning competitions to eventually become a real-life sk8r boi on the cover of Thrasher Magazine Whoa? But as we all know a skateboarding video game is nothing without its music and how’s the music in this game? I don’t mean to offend any fans of Sean White skateboarding, but Thrasher has the greatest video game Skateboarding soundtrack of all time I mean you got Gang Starr, Tribe Called Quest, Run DMC, Stetsasonic, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Like I probably wouldn’t even be listening to some of this shit if I didn’t play Thrasher so much. So what’s really my point with this video you might ask my point? My point is to say little freakin’ prayer. A little prayer that may hopefully land on the precious earlobe of someone who works at Rockstar. Join me in prayer, please. [Doot] Rockstar please once again join the realm of interactive extreme action sports with the severe lack of Skate 4 for the market is primed, ready and lubed for another skateboarding masterpiece. Rekindle the flame with Thrasher. Rekindle the flame of my life. The dawn is always darkest before the dawn Dona Nobis Pachamama and Dog Bless [Out of breath Doot] I will now recite the names of the Holy Ones Adley Vogel Ethan DiRosato Willy aka Wilinstein The New Hot Boy Divine OTG JerBear fartin [laughs] Matthew Egeler Jan-Willem de Boer Big Per Tgebbs PajamaWrestler Howie Malowie My Doggy Francisco Quintas Matt Goldstine Alan Paulin Tyson James LoserNerdlin Jeremy Vedire Callum Deadman SuperNotMitch Matthew Fransquet Overflowwww PandaGamer Aaron Kraus Its Ya Boy My Guy and Tom Gebbie. Thank you very much for- Jokes aside, thank you very much for your service. You’re all very sweet, and I appreciate it. [Doot] Dona nobis pacem also quick shout-out to a very nice man named Andre who’s a great Airbnb host when I was in New York City last week and he gave me quarters to do laundry and stuff, very nice man. You could check out his music channel on YouTube in the description down below Comment rate subscribe. I’ll see you in a couple days [Doot]

80 thoughts on “The Best Skateboarding Game Nobody Played

  1. Stick that recorder up your butt and play with your skin flute homo… Everyone played Thrasher: Skate and Destroy!!! It was tits, unlike the Harry ballsack song you like. PS the cop drops his bear claw.

  2. So annoying when I see a video where it’s obvious the creator said something along the line of… “Yea, it will be just like a Tim & Eric video!” and “Like for no reason at all I’ll have an old recorder that I’ll occasionally play! It’ll be crazy!” and “I’ll just be sitting on an exercise ball”
    None of it is funny, it is all cringed out garbage….. and the fact that it has this many views tells me that the youngsters these days have really weak senses of humor. Really annoying and felt the need to get that out there.

  3. most of the sports gamers can't do it in real life.
    I mean you play skate 1,2,3 / you play tony hawk, but you can't even ride a real skate

  4. I had this game up til I parted ways with my PS1 cause it wouldn't read disks anymore. I played the hell out of it but back then I didn't care about developers or publishers so I never knew it was Rockstar.

  5. WHAT IS THAT PORNO MUSIC AT 1:35? You've played it in like multiple videos and it brings me back to nostalgia land….If there even is such a thing for pornos from the age of Yore. P-L-E-A-S-E

    1:30, dog forgive me

  6. Aggressive Inline is actually the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater of aggressive inline skating games. Idk of any others besides Jet Grind/Set Radio to be honest, but the gameplay was just as tight as a THPS game, included a HUGE wheelhouse of tricks, and the level/park design was on par with Tony Hawk 3 and 4, even though I'm pretty sure it came out before them.

  7. The music choices really bring me back to my early skate boarding game years for some reason even though rappers delight and white lines weren't apart of that, it was more like break on through to the other side as I was raving about Tony Hawks underground 2

  8. Just discovered your channel. I like your style. Not sure what the instrument is for, but it works.

  9. I played it. I loved it. The demo had me hooked. It got me into hiphop as a kid. It was so difficult to play, that's why nobody played it. They liked the casual easy style of THPS. Thrasher was for the elite.

  10. How high and/or drunk were you to create this masterpiece? 😂 This is the greatest video I’ve seen in a very long time 😎 many claps and applauses deserved 👏🏼 well done 🤣

  11. Ah what the hell I had this on a demo disk. I didn't think anyone else ever played it lol. The cop would have a fricken heart attack if you beat the level.

  12. Rockstar needs to bring this title back out with the thrasher name again! Now that everyone and there grandmother has a thrasher shirt, and snipe all the consumers wanted another skate game.

  13. i got a lil sad when i saw midnight club 3 dub edition… Sad that we will never again get a good racing game like that from rockstar

  14. I loved Thrasher, I think its the best skateboarding game of all time. The only extreme sports game that can compete is the first Dave Mirra game.

  15. I spent hours playing this game as a kid… had it on a demo disc… albeit; i never played the WHOLE game. Wow, never knew rockstar made it though.

  16. Actually, this was my childhood game for 2 years or so. Loved the Old School Rap and have a playlist for the songs featured in this hidden gem.


    Totally Not Skate 4, The Game

    A Please Don’t Sue Us Production

    Coming no time soon to a piece of shit over priced next-gen console some time that is totally not during Christmas

  18. who didnt play thrasher???? honestly anyone with a playstation played thrasher ….and the best game is skate 2, skate 3 if you like the physics

  19. I really like the way that Jake intergrated the late 80s early 90s hip hop into the video with all of the grandmaster flash and sugarhill gang stuff it helped encapsulate the feel of the game back then. Good vid 🙂

  20. Yo where in the holy fuck did you come from your video is entertaining and hilarious as fuck i clicked subscribe immediately lol

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