Thanksgiving Dinner in #GridironHeights Was a Complete Disaster | Gridiron Heights S3E12

Welcome to dinner for all the teams who have to play on Thanksgiving! I brought my famous green bean casserole It’s pretty good, but it’s not gonna win any awards I wish we could go out to the bar tonight like the other teams ELI, IT’S BEEN YEARS! HOW YOU BEEN, MAN?! We’re undefeated in November! YO, JAMES CONNER IS DOING KARAOKE! We’ve got some exciting news in the middle of this Gridiron Heights episode PS4 and VR Bundles are starting at $199 during Black Friday week! GOBBLE, GOBBLE Taysom, more pepper! Hey man, let me take that I think you’re finished Pass this around to Khalil Just pass left, Mitchell A toast! We may not see all of you next year— Wait, what? But we love coming together To friendly competition! Careful, Matt, don’t choke WHERE’S DREW’S MVP, SEAN?! SIT UP STRAIGHT BE FANCY AND PROFESSIONAL LIKE ME Hey, Stafford, you want seconds? Uh, sure I’m Colt McCoy and I’m still the most popular quarterback in Texas THE NFC EAST COULD BE MINE INTERCEPTION I BLAME THE FANS TAYSOM, START THE CAR Already done, sir Hey, what exactly is Taysom Hill’s job? NOBODY KNOWS I could kick Dan Quinn’s ass I’m good now Happy Thanksgiving

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