Taste the Golf Life in the Finger Lakes at Ravenwood Golf Club!

What a view. Wow! Hi, i’m sue I’m with Finger
Lakes visitors connection and the best part about my job is that I get to show
people around ontario county. We’ve got some of the best places for meetings,
conferences, and special events. Today i’m at Ravenwood Golf Club in Victor i’m
here with an event planner from Cleveland. She’s looking for a location
to do a fall tournament next year. Right now she’s out on the course with Mike Rhoder, the general manager, and David Lee, my office mate. He’s our resident golf
expert. I’ll catch up with them a little bit later but you catch up with him
right now. Alright David! Great shot! You know Karen,
what’s great about Ravenwood is that we can set the golf course up for a lot of
fun for golfers. We have five sets of tees. So the golf course is set up
for any level of golfer. And the fairways are very wide to make it very fair and
golf friendly for everyone. So, I think we can do a real good job for your group
from Cleveland. One of the really unique features here
that you’re going to find at your tournament when you come and play is the
GPS system that we have at Ravenwood. What’s really cool about it is you’ll
see this particular screen and see this live leaderboard of the tournament as
your people are playing. So they get to keep score, view the live leaderboard, and
even see a little sports ticker along the bottom here if one of their favorite
teams happens to be playing that day. Oh wow! They will really like that. What else
can I expect the day of the tournament? Well, we’re full service staff that will
help you out and we’ll take care of your clubs when people arrive. We’ll have the
scorecards, the cart signs, the rule sheets, all set up on the carts ready to
go all lined up. The golf range will be ready with the golf balls down there. We
even have a shuttle service that will take you to the range and back to the
cart. So we basically take care of everything for you. We don’t want you to
worry about that at all. We just want you to come here to play golf. Hey! So what you think? It is so beautiful
out there. Oh good, you think your groups gonna love it? My group will love this
place. Oh super! Well, let me show you around. This is the banquet room. I think
for a group of 100 it’s gonna be ideal. I agree. And the GPS leaderboard that Mike
was talking about on the cart it can be brought right into the room here so your
guests can check the tournament out their entire stay. Yeah I could see them
doing that. And take a look Karen, look at the view. So beautiful! I can’t wait to
come back. It’ll be perfect. Hey sue! Hey Karen! How’s it going? It’s going great. Well, you had a beautiful day. The course is beautiful they’re treating
us so well. Great well go and enjoy. Well, there you have it. Bring your group to
the finger lakes and taste the golf life.

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