Talking Tom and Friends – Heatwave (Season 1 Episode 38)

Talking Tom and Friends – Heatwave (Season 1 Episode 38)

Whoo, It is hot. Thanks for helping
me record this song, Ben. Ooh. Sure. Let’s do it quickly. If it
gets any hotter in here it’ll fry my – Computer processor! Gaaaahhh!!!!! Oh, why do hot things happen to good people?! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. We
can handle a little heatwave. Imagine we’re on vacation, relaxing in a sauna. Ooh, a sauna! Don’t mind if I do. Ahh. Uhm, guys, why don’t we
just turn on the air conditioner? No! The Landlord said we’re not
allowed to touch his new thermostat! And he said it with a finger waggle! I’ll just turn it down a little.
The Landlord won’t even know. Someone touched thermostat?! I’ll find out who. Have mercy, m’lord. The maiden
didn’t know it is forbidden to touch the royal thermostat. I knew in my brainpower
you were not to be trusted, so I bought the high-security thermostat! Yes! It requires a code –
a secret code! And that code can only be entered in the computer
cloud – a secret computer cloud! Do you all understand?! – No problem m’lord.
– Yes sir, your majesty, sir. – Okay, fine.
– You got it. Okay, I go to mountains for day to –
how you say – chill. Stay cool, everybody. But thermostat you no touch! Stay cool?! Stay cool?! I don’t
even remember what cool feels like. I can’t think, it’s too hot! How’s it going, Ben? Any luck? Does “bad luck” count? No. Hey guys, I was going to take
a dip in my swimming pool! And wanted to stop by and say
you can’t come, because my parents said no one
can visit until it’s five… Why are you telling us this? I figured you’d want to know
that I’m comfortable. Bye! I wish I lived with Ginger. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Maybe
we don’t have a pool like Ginger, but we can find ways to cool down. How? Uh… we could go outside… yeah! A nice breeze is like free air conditioning. Come on! See! Isn’t it nice out here? I think I’m just gonna go home. No, don’t leave! I’ll miss you – I mean…
maybe Hank has found a way to keep cool! Hank? How are you holding up? Alright, then tell me this: If you
saw every episode of “Ron Spyman: Undercover Agent,” then why did the
Agency try to make him cut his ponytail? I mean, don’t they know he
doesn’t play by their rules! True Hank. But in the season finale,
he did visit an enemy barbershop, right? But he only got his mustache trimmed! What did he charge, Hank?
What did the barber charge? I-I can’t remember. Oh good, I was worried
the heat was getting to him. Okay, this is getting ridiculous.
Ben’s computer is fried, Hank has gone crazy, and worst of all,
Angela is considering going home. I know the Landlord told us not to touch
the thermostat, but… the tripod is melting! Okay, that’s it. Somebody has
got to stand up to the Landlord. You know the answer. You
saw the episode, Hank. Okay, okay. Give me a hint, did the
enemy barber charge Spyman more or less than the lady
at the Secret Agent Spa? More, Hank. Okay, okay, she charged
him eight bucks for a buzz-cut, twelve if she used scissors… Comrades, we have suffered enough
under the Landlord’s sweltering tyranny! We must join together and
claim our rights to basic coolness! Yes! Tom I am with you! Let’s
claim our coolness rights! But the code to the thermostat
is in the cloud, remember? Oh, right. The secret cloud. Well, I guess Ben is just not good
enough with computers to get in there. Not good enough with computers?! Hold on, hold on… I’ll find a way
to hack into the cloud somehow. Behold! There is something on
my head, but it is not a hat. That’s it! With my virtual reality
device, I can enter the cloud and reprogram the thermostat from inside! We’re all with you, Ben. Wow! Finally. A world that makes sense! Now… where is that thermostat? What’s Ben doing? I don’t know. I’m at the top of the stairs!
I see it! I see the thermostat! Oh, no. You got this, Ben. You got this. Who-ho, yeah! Ben, Ben, Ben Ben! What?! Even the virtual
thermostat needs a code. Oh! How about his address. No, what about his birthday, which is… No, his mother’s maiden name… Gah!
That’s everything I know about him. What’s the password?! Fourteen ninety-five! What? That’s what secret agent Ron
Spyman paid the enemy barber! Fourteen ninety-five!
One. Four. Nine. Five. Hank, buddy, maybe you
should go lie down, okay? No, thanks, I’m going to go lie down. Well, it’s worth a try. “One, four, nine, five.” It worked! Yes, oh, oh, thank goodness. Coolness! Yes! Oh, so nice. I could
stand here for the rest of my life. Ahh. Ben, you did it. You defeated the Landlord
and won us our rights to basic coolness! Ben, you’re our hero. Oh, please. Hero is such
a strong word… and appropriate. Oh… Is that… conditioned air?! Yes! Feel it! Breathe it! Hank, you won’t believe this but
Ben turned on the A-C using the code that you gave him! What code? What co – one, four, nine, five!
Somehow you knew the secret code! I did? Yes. How did you know the code anyway? Oh yeah! I remember. The watermelon
gave me a clue, and I figured it out… I wonder how the watermelon
knew I knew… That’s weird. Who cares? It’s not hot
anymore. Let’s hear it for Ben! – Yeah!
– Ben, Ben, Ben. Codes. Ah, hey, Ben, ah, it’s starting
to get a little too cool in here. To you maybe. But it’s the optimal
temperature for my electronics. Can you make it just a little warmer? No! I saved us from the heat!
So now I am in charge of the thermostat! Do you all understand? Okay, was just a suggestion. If it wasn’t for me, we’d still be
too hot. Don’t you forget it! Thank you, oh brave one. Ben, you have to stop this. You
c-c-cranked the temperature too l-l-low. Yeah, it’s c-c-c-freezing in here! One more comment and you
will be banished to the heat! You can’t talk to her like that. That’s it. I’m going to make it w-w-warmer in here. That’s what you get when you
oppose the ruler of the thermostat. Okay, Angela, now let’s record that song. Angela? Go ahead. Angela? Hey, guys, my lifeguard said it’s okay
for you to swim in my pool now – Why’s everyone frozen? Because they are touching thermostat,
when I am specifically telling them no touching of thermostat – Oh, I get it! You’re acting like the Landlord. No, I’m not! The Landlord took away
everyone’s right to basic coolness – And you took away everyone’s
right to basic warmness! I love it! Oh… no. What have I become? A tyrant! I don’t want to be a tyrant! Why not? Because I want to be a friend. I’m sorry, guys. I thought I could
handle the power of the thermostat… but I could not. I became
a thermo-mo-monster. It’s all good, Ben. It wasn’t you… It wasn’t? No. It was the thermostat. When it all
comes down to it, the real villain is – The Landlord! Welcome back, your lordship-ness! Huh-hu, just be cool guy, no one
touch thermostat, right? Did you? Who? Us? No… I mean, what, do you
think, we hacked into the cloud and reprogrammed the thermostat? That’s… That’s… Wait, wait, did you do
that or not? I do not know. What’s that, Ginger? You want
us to go swimming in your pool? Right now? Alright. I didn’t say that – Pool party at Ginger’s house! I never said that I said that. Pool party, yeah! No one gets to touch
the pool noodles except me! ‘Tis had been a pleasure, m’lord. Of course they no mess with the
thermostat. How could they guess? I mean it’s not like watermelon saw
me type in and told everyone. Good one, Landlord. You mean one-four-nine-five. First people get sick.
Then the change begins. My eyes! No! No! Until there’s no one healthy left. See you later, incubator!

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