How Far Apart Should Your Feet Be In Your Golf Stance?

Hello I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I thought I would continue along my basics playlist and I would talk about how wide your feet should be in your setup. Stay tuned. [MUSIC] So how far apart should your feet be? There is a lot of conjecture. There is many different opinions. Mine […]

How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Care for Your Ice Hockey Skates

This is Tim McKeig, of the UNCW Seahawks, and today, we’re going to show you how to take care of your ice hockey skate. Now, when you get to your ice hockey skate, you’re going to want to make sure you take great care of these skates. Many things can go wrong, that would lead […]

Your Body Language + Game Day | KID BLOCK | ROLLER DERBY QUICK TIPS No.2

Welcome to Vlog 2, to this is entitled body language and game day What does your body language say about you on game day? Your body language gives away so much about what’s going on up here. Your mind could be saying one thing but your body can tell a completely different story and we […]

Shoot Like an ELITE Hockey Player – Elite Snap Shot Tip

So here we’re going to the proper shooting mechanics for the snapshot and the wrist shot. We are just going to talk about it real quickly here, just a refresher. The main key that we are going to talk about always is your hands, getting your hands away from your body. The reason for that […]

How To Play Table Tennis – Reverse Pendulum Backspin Serve

The reverse Pendulum serve is an excellent example of a serve which offers many opportunities to the server to produce different rotations It requires good control of the forearm hand and grip This tutorial is for left-handers for right-handers use the video as your mirror image Stand in the back-hand corner with your body position […]

How to Short track speed skating #4 Basic pose -Advanced [cc]

Could you tell me how to get the basic posture when short track speed skating? Yes, the basic posture is mostly important. Normally we sit like this when we are asked for skating pose. It means your hips go back further than the heels. This is not good because To make a good posture, you […]

Love You Bangaram Telugu Full Movie | Rahul, Shravya | Sri Balaji Video

Human Being! In this world, he has many specialities than other creature, believe me. Happiness, Anger, Affection, Suspicion, Love, Revenge, to name few of his feelings. While few feelings help us to taste success, the others may drag us to failure. The first feeling in the second category is Insecured. How a computer malfunctions while […]

How To Play Table Tennis – Backhand Drive

Hey, I’m Georgina Pota and I will show you the Backhand drive Like the Forehand Drive, back hand drives are no longer have the importance and role they once did However, they remain the irreplaceable basics for the players development The drive is a great starting point for a new player to learn the anatomic […]

table tennis shakehand grip techniques

Welcome to EmRatThich. Happy New Year ! Today is 01/01, our 1st Ping Sunday in 2017. I will explain the most important tips / advices of how to hold the table tennis racket correctly based on Chinese technique. This is the part 2. But firstly, I want to share with you a true story … […]

Dabangg 3: Official Trailer | Salman Khan | Sonakshi Sinha | Prabhu Deva | 20th Dec’19

There are cops. And outlaws. But I am an outlaw cop. Sir, what about my promotion? Do you have similar thought in your mind. Not at all, sir. Never, sir. Not even in my wildest dreams, sir. – I love you, sir. – I love you too. Tagging along…is my super-sexy wife. Rajjo. Coming to […]