Tennis Fitness & Footwork With ATP Player | Speed & Agility

Hey guys! Gaston from Connecting Tennis here welcome to another video today I’m gonna show you five exercises I actually I’m gonna be teaching doing those exercises with Paulo eighteen-year-old ATP player so you’re gonna see a live training we actually were training before he travels tomorrow to another tournament so you’re gonna see them […]

⚽ Manchester City & Man United Football Stadium Tour – Old Trafford vs The Etihad

Manchester City the current Premier League champions but what happens if you’re a fan of the archenemy hi guys welcome to another episode of ultimate oculus and today I’m here at Manchester City Stadium so Manchester is currently home to the best football teams on the planet Manchester City and Manchester United obviously as you […]

How To Ollie On A Snowboard

An Ollie is the action of using your board to spring yourself off the ground The Ollie is one of the most important tricks in snowboarding, you will use them everywhere! To initiate the Ollie, start by bending your knees and applying a little pressure to your front foot. Slide your board forwards underneath you […]

Tennis Forehand: Racket Lag + Point Of Impact | Connecting Tennis

Hey guys Gaston here from Connecting Tennis welcome to another video today I wanna talk a little about something that a lot of people have been asking again I’m trying to get into the all the things that I’m getting out of the forehand course the forehand week and there was something that I felt […]

He Built a Hockey Rink in Big Sky Country

Winters get long no matter who you are and a lot of people will go south for the winter. I go out and ice skate I don’t get depressed I just I get excited to go skate again and I play hockey. It keeps the winter passing by. My name’s Pete and what I do […]

Snowboarding Tips : Balance on a Snowboard

One of the most important things in snowboarding is your balance. You need to be able to control your balance and know where you want to put it. If you want all your balance on your heel or on your toes or on your nose or where ever you want your balance to be. You’ve […]

The Rules of Beach Volleyball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Beach Volleyball. The object of the game is for your team to win two sets faster than the opposing team teams, and teams are made up of 2 players. To win a set, you must score 21 points and be at least two points ahead. If the scores are 21-20 […]

Seasonality in UK horse racing and how it affects your Betfair trading

so help I’d do a video this time of year to talk about seasonality in horse racing sounds a bit dull but it will give you some guidance in terms of where you are within the year where to set your expectations and what you can do about it so the thing is that all […]

Hockey Speed Hacks 🏒🚀

– Hey hockey players. Today I want to talk about hockey specific speed training. More specifically, the speed hacks that you can start incorporating into your traditional speed training program design today to start becoming a faster hockey player. Now, everybody should already be taking the traditional approach that I’ve talked about in many articles, […]