Lower Body Strength Drill for Skating – Off-Ice Hockey Training

So here we are going to do wall sits and so there are three different variations for double-leg wall sits, so we are going to have to legs on the ground. We are going to have just the body weight variation. And then you can also do a madison ball variation or a dumbbell variation […]

Hockey Workout Drill for Improving Core, Low Back,and Hamstring Strength

Here we are just going to hold the weight right across your chest. Nice and tight. You can also use lower weight, higher weight. You can go down to a madison ball so there are progressions there. Make sure you can do the exercise proper with proper technique and then you are just going to […]

Improve Your Shot Power – Hockey Training Drill for a Harder Shot

Okay so here we’re going to stick thrust. You just use your weighted stick that you should have made with the two pucks on each side. And also if you want to add more weight in this exercise you can take a two and a half pound weight you can slide it down and it’s […]


Here we have our horizontal movement sprint series and our side movement sprint series. So, we are going to be doing horizontal movement into a full-out sprint. So it is really good here because in hockey a lot of times we are going multi direction. We’re changing direction so now we’re going horizontal to linear […]

Off-Ice Hockey Training – Agility for Forwards

Here we have another drill in the forward-agility series. In this one you would be focusing on quick movements. We have our weighted stick here to work on getting our stick in the right passing lane and again we are working on forward, in a little bit, to backward this time as well. So we […]

HOCKEY DEKE OF THE WEEK – Cut to Middle on Forehand Side

We are working on coming off the forehand side here. We are going to do on this one actually, we are coming in off that forehand side. You want to be able to by a little bit and take over the space to the middle, specially if you want to get that quick shot, just […]

Hockey Workout: Intense Core Training Drill for Hockey Players

This is our plate, knee chops. You can also use a medicine ball or a lighter plate If you want to go down in progression, if you want to go up in progression you can use the forty five-pound plate All you going to do, just be in a good athletic position good hockey position […]

Quick Release is EVERYTHING! (Serious Hockey Players Pay Attention)

It is Zack with 24/7 hockey and we are talking about the difference between quickness and you shot release and accuracy of your shot and the balance between those two. It is a very important balance, because a lot of players want to have a very accurate shot they want to pick the corners but […]

The BEST Breakout Tactics for Wings | Hockey Positioning | Drill | Training | Forwards

In this video we are going to go over some tips and techniques for wings in terms of breaking the puck out. So, how to get yourself in better position during the break outs, create a little bit more time and space for yourself to make effective place. So, that when you get the puck […]

Core Exercise for Hockey Players

Here we have pointer exercises. So what we are going to be doing is you are going to bring out your opposite arm and your opposite leg at the same time. We are really engaging that low back also keeping your core tight throughout the entire movement so don’t let your abs drop. So what […]