surfing and snowboarding in Greece: A GREAT GREEK ADVENTURE

A snowboard and surf trip to Greece has been on my mind for a couple of years. And with the worst winter to hit the Alps in decades and the record snowfall in Greece in Januray, … … the decision to leave Switzerland was easy. My relationship with Greece began in the early 80ies, … […]

Parkour POV Snowboarding Adventure | Vlog 97

Now we walk up to the mountain peak It is super hard to walk in the deep snow I just did my first backflip on a snowboard ever in my life I did not stand it of course but the feeling was awesome I will do it again directly and try to land it I […]

Snowboarding mit Luke in Georgien | Roadtrip nach Indien #22

In this episode we still don’t know how to get our visa for Iran. So we are driving to the mountains of Georgia to go snowboarding. Our problem was, that we had applied for the Iran visa in Baku in Azerbaijan. The Application was official, but although we waited for over 3 weeks, we never […]