Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! (Mario Tennis Aces)

*heartbeat* + *cheering* *gasp* *blood curdling* Peach: Oh noooo! Hello Internet, Welcome to GAME THEORY! Spending more time analyzing fictional athletics than actually going outside. I know I recently said that Mario is classified as overweight according to the BMI scale. But one thing BMI doesn’t do a good job at factoring in is muscle […]

Mario Tennis Aces ANALYSIS – Reveal Trailer (Secrets & Hidden Details!)

Another Nintendo Direct has come and gone, and as usual, it’s left several new games behind in its wake, and of those games just happens to be Mario Tennis: Aces on Nintendo Switch. And unlike the barebones Ultra Smash on Wii U, there’s actually stuff worth analyzing here. So it’s time to boot up the […]

Mario Tennis Aces – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

It feels like it’s been a life time since a Mario Sports game has truly had energy behind it but Aces has so much energy that it can use it to control time. For the first time since Mario Strikers Charged, I actually want to keep playing Mario Sports. The mix of pure Tennis and […]

Mario Tennis Aces ANALYSIS – Nintendo Direct Breakdown (Secrets & Easter Eggs)

Nintendo recently gave us another look at Mario Tennis Aces, and it offers a pretty good overview of the new mechanics coming to the game. But for as comprehensive it is, we can always go deeper. That’s what the analysis machine is for, right? But before we start, keep in mind that we already did […]

the Wacky Wario bros: Golfing for gold

So, are you ready? Okay! *Wario laughing* Oh yeah! *Wario laughing* *Ding sound effect* Okay. *Buzzer sound effect* Nooooo!!!!! Oh no! Wah-ha-ha-ha-ha! *DK screams* Wah! *Pipe sound effect* *DK gets triggered* Nooo!!! Good luck! Oh! Ah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah… *Barrel jump sound effect* GET OVER HERE!!! Oh yeah! Ow! *Thud* Hello sir, can I take your order? -Wah. […]