Volleyball Tip of the Week #14: The Answer

welcome back guys thanks for answering the question to ask you yesterday now we’re gonna go over the answer so if you answered that you would send the ball to one or two on the other side of the net well you were right and we’re gonna see why in a second who’s playing in […]

How to Set a Volleyball | Volleyball Lessons

In beach volleyball, there’s two main ways to set the ball. One way is to pass or bump set the ball, and that’s done with your arms. The other way is to hand-set it, and that’s done with your hand. Typically, more women end up bump setting the ball, and men more often hand setting […]

The Basics of Volleyball – Passing

Hi I’m Emily Hiza and I am the volunteer assistant at Oregon State Unversity and we are doing the basics of volleyball here. And I have my two assistants Izzie is 10, and has been playing for a year and Mattie over here is 12, has been playing for 5 years. So, we’re going to […]

How to Serve | Volleyball Lessons

Some tips for serving in beach volleyball to help you get a more accurate serve are as follows. The most important part about serving is your toss. Getting a consistent toss will increase the accuracy of your serve. I like to start with my hand already on my right side to my right arm, and […]