Snowboarding in Gala Yuzawa | Tokyo Vlog

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow. Look at all the snow! Ok, I am completely wrapped up and looking like I am afraid of the cold. Which I am. And I’m going to show you how I got here. So this is where you exit from the station. You come in through here and then right […]

Sunday in the park PIRATE 03 snowboarding in Whistler Vlog #013

Hey, wassup y’all guys. So for today’s video, it is a video from Whistler. I went to Whistler with Milo on the very last day of this season. Past season, not this season to come. Past season. I know it has been a while that I, I don’t upload anything, so that day I was […]

Snowboarding at GALA Yuzawa | Cuti-Cuti Jepun and more!

Alright. We’re going in. There’s no one here. (Put the) board there. I got this ‘Tokyo Wide Pass’. If you want to use a ‘Shinkansen’ with the ‘Tokyo Wide Pass’, I suggest you take the free seatings (non-reserved). There’s no one in the coach, as you can see, I’m happy all alone. So we have […]

Poor Man’s Pebble Beach | Golfing in California

what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day I’m out here at Pacific Grove California just outside of Pebble Beach I’ve been doing some social media work and some content creation for a tournament at Pebble Beach the last week so so sorry for no uploads but wanting to come out here and […]

How Do You Play Golf? Aggressive or Safe? | Great On The Course Golf Drill!

what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day we’re out here at Nashille golf we’re gonna be playing the front nine it is very cold today mid 30s little breezy feels much colder probably low 30s to upper 20s is about how it feels out here before we get into today’s video and […]

How to drop a cliff with snowboarder Xavier de le Rue

Dropping a cliff seems really easy, it seems like it’s just about jumping, let yourself off a rock, but it took me years to understand how to do it and to being able to stomp a cliff. The tendency that people have when they start jumping cliffs and which I had is to go slow […]

Vlog#86 Free Skating | فلوق#٨٦ تزلج مجانا

Alsalm Alikom here we come from Gorge Lake Saint cloud Minnesota I will show you how people are skating in the lake this lake will be melting in the summer but now people are skating on it we came here now to pick a skating shoes for free you use it and bring it back […]


Golf history en hickory : Je vous emmène golfer au siècle dernier ! le golf en histoire


But I certainly love rollerblading these is Rollerblade whats up Ricardo? Olá youtube, My name is Ricardo Lino and I´m a wheel addict this video might be a little bit controversial as most of you know inline skating rollerblading Whatever, you call, it blading was Super trendy the 90s. It was a time that Basically […]