all right there we go don’t burn yourself thanks Josh welcome as I’m holding hot chocolate and mashed potatoes potatoes yeah okay yeah what’s up welcome back to the channel happy December holiday seasons here today caleb nash feemster aka santa today’s videos two things it’s a world record Wednesday which means I’m gonna set […]


what is up everybody welcome back to my channel today we’ve got Caleb yeah Chris staples and we are not on a basketball court today we are on a tennis court hey airplane can you chill out bro two rounds first round is gonna be you have the racket and the tennis ball the giant […]


what’s that very welcome back to the channel today we are going to be doing a kind of a part two to the wrong sport basketball video we did a while back we’ve got smooth from Ukraine and the Randall twins today we’re gonna start with a game of knockout with a basketball that’s normal […]

Airplane Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

This is the triple hoop loop-d-loop coming at you Code. Ready! It looks good, it feels good! Ha ha! Plane to the chest. What’s up guys? We’re dude perfect welcome to airplane trickshots Here we go! This is the limbo lander. Loop and land. That, is awesome. Pilot ty coming at you from the top […]


what does everybody welcome back to the channel hope you’re doing well today we’ve got a whole squad here there are ten of us this is crazy I’m super excited about it today we are playing bass ketball here’s how the game works it’s one team at a time you can shoot a free throw […]


just for that you’ve awoken the beast what up everybody welcome back to the channel in another episode of world record Wednesdays we break or set a world record every single Wednesday do you really have to do that every time I got it down every time so yes today we’re joined with our guest […]

All Sports Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

All Sports Trick Shots. I love it already. Dude Perfect. Got a football, a tee, and a bat. This is the 80-yard Crossbar. Looks good. Oh! Let’s go! What a start to the day, baby! Woo! All right, Cobes. Get up in the sunroof. Cody is going to throw us a bomber. Let’s do it, […]

Go Kart Soccer Battle | Dude Perfect

What’s up guys we’re dude perfect and since the World Cup has kicked off We worked with 23 and me to find out where we’re from. And today we’re gonna be repping those countries in go-kart soccer. Here we go dude perfect The rules of this battle are simple play soccer with go kart Let’s […]

STRONG MAN WORLD RECORDS *Most Baseball Bats Broken In 60 Secs*

what is up everybody welcome back to the channel it is a Wednesday that means we will be breaking or setting some world records to old records today that’s right – this is my buddy JD how you doing I’m excited to be here I’m traveling of course of course JD and I had met […]