Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : How to Pad & Saddle a Rodeo Horse

Hi, I’m Holly Heidemann and today on behalf of Expert Village we’re going to talk about the equipment involved with barrel racing. We’re going to start out with the pad. The pad that I happen to use is a Saddle Right pad, but there are many good pads on the market. The thing I like […]

Advance Snowboard Lesson: Dropping Cliffs

One of the most exciting things in Snowboarding is a Cliff Drop! It’s Pure adrenaline, but we want to make sure that when we have that adrenaline that it lasts for the rest of our lives! So it’s always a great idea to scout your landing Just like when we talked about Park we Scout […]

Teaching Children To Snowboard: Part 3

This snowboard video will give you tips on teaching kids to snowboard I’ve been talking to my brother about taking his kids out snowboarding, but they live in Phoenix, Arizona We finally got the chance with the great early conditions this Thanksgiving to go up onto the slopes My boys went out with their cousins […]

How to Find Sponsors To Fund Your Pro Tennis Career

Finding sponsors to fund your professional tennis career is an essential ingredient for a successful tennis career because you need to pay for travel and hospitality, training, equipment, food and much more. Therefore, you should play an active role in providing a platform for your potential sponsors because that allows them to make money and […]

Youngest snowboarder in the world to ever land a double backflip, Eli Bouchard 8 years old..

My name is Eli Bouchard, I’m 8 years old I started snowboarding at 1 and a half We had a snow storm and Max kept the powder to put it in the landing so it does’nt hurt when I land Last week, I was trying to backflip I kept on falling, tried the double, and […]

Snowboard Padding Equipment Flex & Extension Pros & Cons

Now when I go out and try new tricks I want to have the Safety Gear to help prevent injury if I do crash There’s a downfall to having this safety equipment though. It’s your flexion extension, that is lacking a little bit more so if I were to be wearing a knee pad or […]

Antomi Ramos Beach Tennis player – Shark Sport interview about Beach Tennis – 2nd part

The best Beach Tennis player of Spain with best ITF ranking as well. Very good Antomi. Welcome. Thank you. Antomi Ramos started to play Beach Tennis with? Nino Mireles Nino Mireles, and how old were you then? I’ve started with Nino when I was 13-14 years old. 14, 13 years, and now you have? 22 […]

How To Improve Your Forehand Flip – Table Tennis University

Open your racket a little bit more. No you don’t have to open your racket too much. Right now before you do this one, don’t hit the ball too hard. Try to keep the ball on the table first. Okay? I’m going to show you. You’re going to serve short. So make a higher arc […]

Training eines Profi-Snowboarders | Dave on Board (2/13) | Doku | SRF DOK

How To Attack Deep & Fast Chops – Table Tennis University

Against bottom spin I know some people that push really good. So going to the white line here. uh… this one when you’re trying to attack You can try… the easy way the first thing you need is a smaller motion So your loop try to smaller a little bit smaller stroke. And when you […]