How to Improve Your Golf Swing : Getting the Golf Ball in the Air on a Downswing

Hello! On behalf of, my name is Bryan Pemberton from the Reserve at Spanos Park and we are talking about the golf swing today and one of the things we want to talk about here is actually what a player tries to do when we actually swing the golf club to hit this ball. […]

Dutch Hockey Hero Aims to Transform a Young Kenyan Team | The Z Team

8 FAILING TEAMS You weren’t supposed to do that 8 OLYMPIAN SUPER COACHES 1 WEEK TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Now we wake up! Out! OUT! Mount Kenya University Ladies Hockey Team are a hockey team in trouble. I can’t say we are at our best just for now, but we are trying to come […]

Anatomy of A Rugby Player: How Strong Is Olympic Medallist Tom Mitchel?

We’ve taken six of the world’s top athletes to find out what it takes to make a true Olympian… Now we’re working, come on! – ..testing, analysing… – Dig deep, come on! ..going behind the stats of an elite athlete as we push their bodies to the max. (ANATOMY OF A RUGBY PLAYER) The physical […]

The Long Term Development Of Tennis Technique (Part 2)

– [Tomaz] The body is very complex. – [Colin] Okay. We have a lot of joints here in the arm. We have three joints. All these three joints move. How many options are there to move the racket incorrectly? – Many. – Infinitely. You see. – Infinitely. Yeah. – That’s true. – Now? – Even […]

GoPro: Japanese Ice Hockey Prodigy Aito Iguchi

>>Look at that stick.>>My name is Aito Iguighi from Saitama, Japan. Years old, 11. I am a monkey.>>First impression, in person, I thought he was a bit shy. Ten minutes later, the complete opposite. He was just super energetic, super outgoing.>>Cup bud. And just a kid who loves life.>>And loves hockey.>>Whoa, whoa!>>Go, go, go! Hard, […]

Anatomy of a Biathlete: Can Monika Hojnisz Control Her Heart Rate Better?

We’ve taken six of the world’s top athletes, to find out what it takes to make a true Olympian. Now we’re working, come on! – Testing, analysing. – Dig deep, come on! Getting under the skin of an elite athlete. As we push their bodies to the max. (ANATOMY OF A BIATHLETE) The physical demands […]

Richard – Woodlands Golf Club

[MUSIC]>>INTERVIEWER: Hi, RIchard, thanks for doing the interview today. Can you explain, um, what your business is, and what your role is here?>>RICHARD: Yeah, sure. So I’m the general manager of the golf club, so we are a private golf club, um, we’ve been established for over 100 years. We, uh… I guess our, our, […]

ten cricket live

why we wrote about this as the mother of teenagers my heart breaks for this family said Enquirer editor Caroline Washburn but this suicide took place in a very public place and manner we needed to explain what happened and it raises important issues we hope will prompt conversations in families throughout our region in […]

How to Hit the Ball to Score ft. Robert Kemperman | Olympians’ Tips

(HOW TO…) My name is Robbert Kemperman, I’m a professional hockey player and European Champion. I’m going to show three scoring techniques – the forehand, the backhand and the push up goal. (FOREHAND) You hit a forehand when the ball is in front of your left foot. Keep your hands together and hold your body […]

Garmin Approach CT10: How to Get Started Using the Golf Club Trackers

Welcome to the Approach® CT10 “Getting Started” video. In this video, we’ll show you how to attach these trackers to your clubs and pair them with a Garmin golf watch. Installation is very easy. Simply screw the sensor into the hole in the end of the grip on your club. Screw in the sensor until […]