Alright. In this video, we’re going to go over step-in variations. There are two variations you’re going to use when you’re practicing stepping in when you’re using the ball tossing drill. You’re going to come around the cone, and when the ball comes you’re going to step, and hit, and ideally, hold the finish. The […]

Stereotypes: Tennis | try not to laugh | do you know them?

Music So before we start this video quick thanks to Tennis-Point for giving us these rackets Links below Hello everybody its Felix here from tennis brothers and in this video we are doing another Stereotypes video. We haven’t done one for a while but we thought it would be very fun to do another one. […]

WIN More Tennis Matches With The ‘RULE OF 3’

SIMPLE Tennis Footwork Drill For FASTER Feet – The “Split Step”

– Hey guys, Scott and Nate from and today we’re gonna teach you this simple secret to faster feet, the split step. Alright guys, so today we’re talking about the split step. To be clear, this video is for players of the Play Your Court rating of 79 and below. If you’re not in […]

TENNIS VOLLEY | Fundamentals: 5 Steps To A Winning Volley

Do you want to master your forehand volley quickly and easily? Well, in today’s video, I’m going to show you a simple 5-step proprietary process that I’ve developed to help players all over the world improve their forehand volley. Hi, this is Jeff Salzenstein, founder of Tennis Evolution and USPTA Elite Professional and in today’s […]

TENNIS FOREHAND TECHNIQUE | What To Do With Your Off Hand On The Forehand

Alright tennis fans, coaches, players, really great to have you at this video today. This is Jeff Salzenstein, out in Denver, Colorado today, it’s bright sunshine, and we’re happy to be here to help you. Today’s video is about the forehand, and it’s about the off-hand and the off-arm. I’m a big stickler on the […]

How To Serve In Tennis – 5 Steps To A Great WTA Serve – Tennis Serve Lesson

Hi guys this is Alex from Top Tennis Training and I’m here with Emily Webley-Smith who is a WTA tour player and today we’re going to do the video on the five steps to the perfect WTA serve. So Emily despite being not the tallest player on the WTA Tour you still have a great […]

How To Train Like A Division 1 College Tennis Player

– Hey guys, Scott and Nate from Today we’ve got our good buddy Andrew here and we’re going to show you how to train like a Division 1 college tennis player. All right guys, so today we’re going to jump in with our buddy Andrew here and show you how a Division 1 college […]


(club smacks) – Hi, Adam Bazalgette here, founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Today’s subject, the right knee flex in the golf swing. We’ll look at how that movement should take place. (upbeat electronic music) So right knee flex in the golf swing, specifically the backswing and the start of the downswing. I’ll show you what […]