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How to Improve Your Golf Swing : Getting the Golf Ball in the Air on a Downswing

Hello! On behalf of, my name is Bryan Pemberton from the Reserve at Spanos Park and we are talking about the golf swing today and one of the things we want to talk about here is actually what a player tries to do when we actually swing the golf club to hit this ball. […]


How to Swing Each Golf Club : Driver Golf Swing

Okay, the driver; it’s the club that causes a lot of people a lot of troubles. It’s the most powerful club in your bag. So I think the problem that most players have trying to hit the driver straight is they think, I’m going to kill the ball, so instead of saying, hey I need […]

How to Swing Each Golf Club : 3-Wood Golf Swing

We’re using a three-wood; you can see, it’s got about a fifteen degrees of loft on it. At the pro level the ball can be hit at 250 or 270. It can hit pretty far. Although, for the recreational player, the good local player and for the up and coming player; your goal should be […]

How to do Off Spin |How to spin tennis ball | Bowling Technique | cricket |

So hi friends , welcome to my channel so today I will tell you about how to do off spin so lets start and friends in this video I will also tell you about how to grip the ball for off-spin and you must have heard that when you are bowling off-spin your hand must […]


How to Teach Kids Tennis : The Drop & Hit Tennis Drill

O.k., this drill is what you do is called drop and hit. So I’m going to have the kids drop and hit the ball. And I’m going to work with one kid individually at a time to try to get them to learn how to groove the swing. So I’m going to drop the ball […]

Golf Chipping & Pitching : Choosing Golf Clubs for Pitching

Okay, so here you are faced with this chip shot up to fifty yards and then however big the green is. So in this example here, we’ve got sand traps and things in front of you. So you want to, if the pin is at the back, you can use a less lofted club because […]

HOW TO REMOVE YOUR BEARINGS- Inline Skating tutorial #3

fast tutorial today I’ll show you how to remove aberrant she professed and very easily you will underneath the allen wrench that comes with escape or an allen wrench with a bearing remover let’s start with the classic way with the allen wrench becomes the first case this one can be a little tricky at […]