How To Butter With Grabs On A Snowboard

Buttering Like A Boss. This series of buttering tutorials build on our Basics Of Buttering series, so make sure you’ve watched those tutorials first as it’s fundamental for the moves and techniques that we cover in these videos. While riding on your tail, experiment with grabbing your board. The easiest grab is a Tail Grab. […]

How To Fix Your Early Release! 5 Simple Golf Tips!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the dreaded early release syndrome and so today in this video I’m gonna give you some some tips that’s gonna fix you up let’s go all right thanks for stopping by again a lot of a lot of you have been asking about how to fix that […]

How To Ground Spin On A Snowboard

Step 5, Ground Spinning.This exercise is really good for your balance. It keeps you in a very central position over your board, it’s also very good for your switch riding. The idea here is that we’re trying to build your edging skills so that in all the future buttering tricks we learn, you’re always going […]

How to Become a Clutch Putter in Golf | Mr. Short Game vs. Golfholics

alright guys we have a special treat for you today let’s do it okay you’ve seen Mike and my our matches on your channel you’ve been killing it thanks I’ve got a new one come in so be sure to check that out and but I’ve been going through a lot of the comments a […]

How To Beat Long Pips Players – Table Tennis University

The long pips if you have a key there that means you know when the long pips push it’s no spin and you loop, they chop back it’s backspin. So, okay, we’re going to show some. So when the long pips push this one it’s no spin. This one’s bottom spin. This one’s no spin. […]

The BEST GoPro Settings for Skiing and Snowboarding – Hero 7 and Hero 6

Hey everybody, this video is about the GoPro settings for skiing and snowboarding. In this video I will show you which settings I use and I will explain why. I will talk mainly about the settings for the GoPro Hero 7 Black and the Hero 6 but even if you own another version I am […]

Will This Fix Your Golf Game? The GForce Golf Training Aid Review

all right today we’re at the beautiful Pelican Hill Golf Resort do a little review for you let’s do it okay you might have seen these before hmm look at GeForce bindi Club Mandy Club so these obviously link in the description below for this so ah but we’re gonna check it out what they […]


How to drop a cliff with snowboarder Xavier de le Rue

Dropping a cliff seems really easy, it seems like it’s just about jumping, let yourself off a rock, but it took me years to understand how to do it and to being able to stomp a cliff. The tendency that people have when they start jumping cliffs and which I had is to go slow […]