Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap

This guy took a package from my porch and now he’s about to open it in his car But what he doesn’t know is this is a custom-built bait package that is recording him on four different cameras And it’s about to unleash a pound of the world’s finest glitter along with some other surprises. […]

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Hey guys, this is Karina!>>It’s Ronald, and we are from!>>Sis versus Bro! And today, we are doing the Ice Cream Sundae Challenge!>>Oh yeah.>>So each of us went to the grocery store and picked 12 items. None of us know who picked what, but we are gonna put them in this bowl to make it a […]


[intro theme] Greetings, children, Captain Disillusion here. Let’s get right into it with a recent video that’s been all over my feed– [Going Up the Country song] Oh, okay. Not that, sorry, heh. We’ve had a few, uh, out of context reposts of the last, uh– How about–nope. Nope. Uh, maybe something, uh, on Instagram? […]

Unsung Heroes of Everest | Nat Geo Live

Sherpa does not mean to carry something.It’s an ethnic group, it’s not a job.I wanted to know about the Sherpa.And reveal a part of their soul and their life and their visionthat we don’t normally seein those adventure magazines.( applause ) Um…I gotta comment on this one really quick.This is Danuru Sherpa.He became a really […]

How to Play Hockey : How to Make a Wrap Around Goal in Hockey

Hi Reyno Benjamin with We are going talk about a wrap around goal. Back here the goalie is guarding. You got a defenseman coming. The goalie does not know which way you are going cause his back is facing towards you. So you want to fake him. You fake this way, fake this way, […]

How to Share Live Cricket on Facebook – [Tutorial Video] The Tech Tube

Hi Friends Welcome to My Channel “The Tech Tube” Please Subscribe My Channel In this Video I Show You how to Share Live Cricket on Facebook Profile First of all, Go to Google Play Store in Your Android mobile Phone Search app “Screen Stream Mirroring ” app, Download and Install in Your Android mobile Phone […]

How to Swing Each Golf Club : 7-Iron Golf Swing

OK, now we’re going to be using the seven iron, which is, this one is thirty six degree loft, which means you can see that it’s angles pretty substantially still. So this club as we go down, the clubs are going to be hitting the ball further and further. So, a seven iron is going […]

Golf Club Review | Callaway X460 Driver

That’s it Shane. How’s it going? Good. Good. Welcome to Doc’s Sawn Raid. I have Shane here looking at the Callaway X460 driver. Shane give me your thoughts on this. You’ve had this baby. It’s 2011 now so you got this 5 or 6 years ago now. 5 or 6 years ago yeah. So you […]

How To Watch Live Cricket. (Bangla Live Cricket)

Hi Gays This Is Me Maruf Khan Ovi And After a 1 Week Left a New Video And Today I’m Going To Show You How Watch Live Cricket First Step : Type : Now Click Bangla Cricket Click This Image Now You Watch Star Sports 1 Wait 25 Seconds Then Close This Ad