what’s that very welcome back to the channel today we are going to be doing a kind of a part two to the wrong sport basketball video we did a while back we’ve got smooth from Ukraine and the Randall twins today we’re gonna start with a game of knockout with a basketball that’s normal […]

Lit Par 3 Course | Featuring GM Golf and Andrew Jensen

we’re at the lit par 3 course yes tonight we’re gonna hit the shots chip shots punch everything wedge only I think the longest full is looks to be maybe eighty ninety yards we’re not really sure again the whole course is six hundred yards six hundred euro yards yours yours so we’re gonna take […]

EFFORTLESS GOLF SWING – Simple Move for easy power

hey Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I am super excited because I have one simple move that you can do whether you are a senior golfer lady golfer average amateur golfer that will massively help you generate so much more power in your golf swing more importantly it will generate it […]

Gun Golf and Mordhau

– [Dunk] Pew Dew Redemption II. This is the one we’ve been waiting for, boys. (Laughs) Let’s play this game- I’ve been waiting so long for this. There’s- There’s Pewdiepie! There he is! (Gasps) There’s Pikachu! Wow! Good graphics on this game. That’s — Minecraft! (Gasps) Is- (Gasps) – [EA Intro] “E” – [EA Intro] […]

We CAUGHT The Toy Master!

(chalk scratches) – [Child Narrator] Tic Tac Toy! – [Adult Narrator] This video is sponsored by Zuru. (mellow music) (footsteps crunching) – Do you like suprises, Maya? – Of course I do, if they’re good surprises. – Me too. Can you throw me a surprise part for my next birthday? – But then it won’t […]

Airplane Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

This is the triple hoop loop-d-loop coming at you Code. Ready! It looks good, it feels good! Ha ha! Plane to the chest. What’s up guys? We’re dude perfect welcome to airplane trickshots Here we go! This is the limbo lander. Loop and land. That, is awesome. Pilot ty coming at you from the top […]

What my trip to Japan was like

In October I went on the first vacation I’ve been on with my family in… years. My dad works super hard all the time, so normally it would be either my brother, mom, and me… Or just me and my mom. And even those vacations became pretty sparse. It’s been over 10 years since we’ve […]

Texas-style links golf, volcano erupts on golf course & gold ball marker

Check out that green! 107-yards long and dubbed as the largest in North America! A traditional links style course in Texas? Does that qualify as unusual? Welcome in to the Good, Bad & Unusual from the brand new Trinity Forest Golf Club. Marking the first time in the AT&T Byron Nelson’s 50-year history that the […]

Kahani Road Road Ki | Ashish Chanchlani

Sir, I have license. I have license to walk, sir. Hey! – Sir. Both of us are together. He wasn’t with us. Good. Boys! Triple seat? Triple seat? Triple seat? He is a kid, sir. He is my son. I had taken him out for stroll. His mother is sitting behind. I mean, his father. […]

How To Turn In A Small Confined Space – Inline Skating tutorial

Step one is you have to push. So it’s… it’s really simple you just, I’m going to, I’m going to push with my right leg so you just push out. And If I’m going to turn to my left, Now let’s see if I can, there’s a, the, the little area on the floor is […]