How Would a Tennis Player Perform with an Old-School Outfit? | Fashion Behind The Games

This is Past And Present. The ultimate challenge to see how fashion has helped sport move forward to this day. We travel all around the globe to challenge six athletes and six designers to make an old garment and test it under today’s conditions. Let’s see what happens when past and present collide. This is […]

L’Hiver et le Hockey à Montréal

The winter in Monréal is something special, another universe The temperature reaches most of the time -30°C or worse And of course, you’ll be surrounded by snow When you add the humidity and the wind stroms, it can make you stay home A nice surprise : all the murals and paintings in Montréal Embellishing the […]

Swiss Ice Hockey Federation and Dartfish.

Hello I’m Patrick Fischer, Head Coach of the Swiss Ice Hockey National Team. We have been using Dartfish for two years now, and we are very happy with the system. Dartfish has helped us get better as a Hockey Nation and we are proud that it’s made in Switzerland. I work as a video coach […]

Zach Osburn | Senior Night | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Hockey

– Oh alright, you know what? That might’ve been a little up there. – That little victory music? (hand slaps) – Ow. What was that all about? – [Man] That wasn’t me. – What? I’ll never forget my first day. Showing up and the first guys I see are, you know, Cody Milan, Jarrod Rossburg, […]

HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Football prevails on Senior Day

Two men to each side, letizia the running back on the right of Sweeney, third and 14, Hill motion and they faked the jet sweep again, he’s back to throw backside pressure deep for shed there’s the catch there’s the record both records he’s inside the 5 to the 3. Brandon shed is the all-time […]

Portuguese football legend Eusebio has died aged 71

The legendary Portuguese footballer Eusebio has died at the age of 71. Born in Mozambique in 1942, he went on to play 64 times for his country, scoring 41 goals. He also scored nine goals during the 1966 World Cup in England, more than any other player, and helped Portugal to finish third. He is […]

Field Hockey Tips: How To Dodge And Lift

Hey guys, my name’s Anna Giannoni. I’m a former college field hockey player and a CoachUp Coach. And this is a Dodge and Lift. The Dodge and Pull is a great technique to use when you wanna go around your defender to the left, you can lift the ball over their stick and simply go […]

Hockey Speed Training [For Small Spaces] 🏒🚀

Hey hockey players coach garner here from hockey training dot com. In this video I’m gonna run you through a speed workout that you can do with no equipment and even if you have a limited amount of space. We’re gonna begin this workout with four back-to-back exercises to act as your warmup we’re gonna […]