Rogers Report January 2020: BGSU Hockey

welcome to 2020 we are kicking off this new year with the Rodgers report from the Slater Family Ice Arena we are in the middle of a great season and so this month on the Rogers Report hockey well this is a sharpening room or the repairing room and we do all of our repairs […]

Burton Kilroy 3D – 2020 Snowboard Review

Hi I’m Rob from Snowtrax. I’m the snowboard buyer for Snowtrax, and here today to talk to you about the Burton Kilroy 3D. so this is a new one from Burton this year. Super excited to ride it and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve got make an apology, this is the snowboard that has now kicked […]

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Snowboard Follow Cam with Elena Hight (Ep 3)

What’s up, I’m Abe Kislevitz and I’m on the media team here at GoPro. Today we’re snowboarding with GoPro Athlete Elena Hight and we are going to be doing some Tips and Tricks with the Follow Cam. If you really want to get that cinematic follow cam, no matter how hard you try doing it […]

How to Play Soccer: Soccer Formations

Hey guys, it’s Simon here from Soccer Training Central Just put some slides together on some soccer formations that you might play as a team It’s not an exhaustive list but it’s really to get you started on some of the more common formations that you might want to play. First of all, the 4-4-2 […]


Hey what’s going on hockey players? In this video I’m gonna be testing out the new Bauer Nexus ADV hockey stick that has a hole in the blade. So you guys have probably seen this already Bauer’s calling it their new sling tech technology. Basically how it works is the top part of the blade […]

How to Put on Your Snowboard || REI

hi I’m Amy Gann with the American Association of snowboard instructors or here with REI and this is how to put on your snowboard the first part of getting our snowboard on is making sure our boots are on correctly first thing you can do to set your day off right it’s making sure that […]

Watch Snowboarder Chloe Kim Win 2017 Burton Women’s Open Halfpipe Tournament | Features | Refinery29

We’ve called her the future. She’s really the now of competitive snowboarding. Chloe Kim, the Golden One. Last time around when they were picking the U.S. Olympic team, she would have qualified based on points but she was in fact too young to compete in the olympics. Don’t you hate when that happens? When you’re […]

Gdzie spędzić zimę w Europie?

Hi, I’m Vincent, and this is Menel We work, live and travel together in this van all year round the place where I spend another winter is Andalusia, a province in the south of Spain and today I want to tell you why I think this is the best place in Europe to spend the […]

Artists ♥ Football: Matthew Barney | SFMOMA Shorts

I wanted to put my body into my work. I wanted to put my own experiences into my work. And this was, as a student, this was at a time I just stopped competing as an athlete. So the experiences I had which had been most profound were on the football field. You know, I […]

Snowboarding at a skatepark 💀❗❗ – Prepare for some crashes 😂

What did you want to warm up? We were warming up while coming here True that Doesn’t seems like a good idea So it’s for me Come on Blaise let’s rock It barely has some snow on it So if I turn I might fall So I have to go straight However if I go […]