Which Jockstrap Is The Best? (TEST)

Golf Club Review | Cobra S2 Driver

Now I’m looking at the Cobra S2 driver. I’ve got pat here looking at the driver. Pat I’m just going to get you. You’ve been hitting a couple of shots with it. Do you want to hit one for the camera for us and then tell us what you think about it. That’s a nice […]

10 Items I Got at Toys “R” Us Before They Went Out of Business

what was under there though cookie what’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome because today is quite a special day as it is always when we make videos on this channel this is Tanner here and Tanner went to Toys R Us and why is that strange other than the fact that he’s […]

Cozen’s Test⎟Lateral Epicondylitis “Tennis Elbow”

This is going to be a video on the Cozen’s Test for lateral epicondylitis, better known as “Tennis Elbow”. Hi and welcome back to PhysioTutors. The Cozen’s Test is designed to maximally flex and thus provoke the extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis. To conduct the test, have your patient in a comfortable position and […]

Golf Club Review | TaylorMade Burner 2007 Driver

Hi everybody it’s Donal here from Doc’s Daw raid. We’re at Carton House on a beautiful sunny morning in Maynooth County Kildare. We’ve got all the guys here but be sure to sign up yourself for a Doc’s Dawn Raid where you can test all the driver, fairways, irons that Golfbidder have to offer. Now […]

Golf Club Review | Ping K15 Driver

Hi everybody. Donal here from Golfbidder. We’re at the beautiful Carton House in Maynooth County Kildare for the Doc’s Dawn Raid. So I’m looking at the K15 driver here. Mick is here with me having a go with the K15. So if we turn the camera around we can see Mick have a swing and […]

Golf Club Review | Callaway X Fairway

Lovely Shot. May we grab you for a second. How you doing? I’m fine thank, how are you? Pleased to meet you. You’ve been looking at the Callaway X Series fairway wood for me. Tell us what you think about it. You seem to be striking it pretty well on the range. There is a […]