Mill’s Test⎟Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow

This is going to be a video on the Mill’s Test for lateral epicondylitis, better known as Tennis Elbow. Hi and welcome back to Physiotutuors. The Mill’s Test is designed to maximally stretch and therefore provoke the Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus and Brevis. To perform the Mill’s Test have your patient in standing position and […]

Golf Club Review | Mizuno MX700 Driver

Hi everybody. Donal from Golfbidder here at the Doc’s Dawn Raid. Today we’re in Carton House in Maynooth County Kildare. They’ve got the Montgomerie course; they’ve got the O’Meara course and only half an hour from Dublin airport. Make sure to check it out if you’re around Dublin. Now we’re looking at the MX700 driver […]

Golf Club Review | Ping G5 Driver

Good Stuff. Right Shaun we’ll have you in again. Come over here and tell us about the Ping G5. We’ve had Shaun looking at the Ping G2 and now we’ve moved on to the Ping G5. Released the year after the G2. How do you think this compares to the G2? I would favour the […]

Factory Defect & Fix – OLED Burn in Test Update Week 10 –

Hi I’m Daniel from We are now up to week 10 of our real-life OLED burn-in test. There were two peculiar results we noted in the last video update – the first is that an outline of a 25 percent window has become visible on two TVs when displaying full-screen slides and the second […]

Which Jockstrap Is The Best? (TEST)