How Would a Tennis Player Perform with an Old-School Outfit? | Fashion Behind The Games

This is Past And Present. The ultimate challenge to see how fashion has helped sport move forward to this day. We travel all around the globe to challenge six athletes and six designers to make an old garment and test it under today’s conditions. Let’s see what happens when past and present collide. This is […]

Tennis Stars Share Their Holiday Wishlist

hey everyone this is Kevin Anderson and I’m wishing you a happy holiday hi I’m Coco Gauff and my family and I want to wish you a Happy Holiday really nothing materialistic just to spend time with my family I feel like I have everything I need right now to stay home! so we travel […]

Drive To Tennis | Alexander Zverev x Peugeot 508 SW Plug-in Hybrid

The competition is everything that counts To play every point as if it’s the last To focus only on the future Looking forward, going forwards, innovate In order to progress and achieve, you need to forget what you already know Create something new Always be one step ahead

A Day In The Life Of A Junior Tennis Pro!

So guys is Felix here I all welcome you guys to my new series. In the future I’m looking to play lots of ITF tournaments maybe go to the States to play college tennis. So for that I need to increase my UTR to around 13… I need to play lots of ITF junior events […]

My Last Regional Tennis Tournament of 2019!!

Hi guys, today I’m doing a vlog of my 16&U regional tennis tournament It’s nearly christmas so hopefully I can get a few wins. Thank you for all of your support recently It means a lot to us. If you haven’t subscribed – make sure to do it now It only takes you 5 seconds […]

Player Development: How To Become a Great Tennis Player

How to develop a great tennis player is a complex task and requires an individual approach to coaching. I will go over important aspects of player development and hence recommend you watch the entire video. It is helpful to devise a strategy to reach an overall long-term goal, for example top 100 ATP or WTA […]

Tennis Game Evolution over 60 YEARS! | Nostalgia Nerd

[Joyful music, reminiscent of day time tennis with tea] Tennis is one of the earliest games ever represented on a computer, and apart from a game of Pool developed by William Brown and Ted Lewis on the University of Michigan’s MIDSAC computer in 1954 (which we’ll go into another time), it was the first game […]

TENNIS FOREHAND TIP | Swing Slower For Control

I’m really excited to bring this video, to you because it’s going to really help you with your forehand. This is Jeff Salzenstein, and I’m going to be bringing you another video tennis lesson, how to improve your tennis, and the whole idea behind this video is that we talked a lot about racket head […]