what is up everybody welcome back to my channel today we’ve got Caleb yeah Chris staples and we are not on a basketball court today we are on a tennis court hey airplane can you chill out bro two rounds first round is gonna be you have the racket and the tennis ball the giant […]

Famous Wimbledon Tennis Tantrums

>>KERRY: This week, in honor of tennis player Viktor Troicki’s unforgettable breakdown at this year’s Wimbledon, I would like to devote this episode to a few of my favorite, including this one, special Wimbledon eruptions. [THUNDER] I mean, if you’re ever having a bad day, or just kinda need a laugh – sit down and […]

Tennis Trick Shots

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity Today we will be doing tennis trick shots. With us here we have got the Finnish tennis pro Otto Virtanen Thank you for having me! Let’s do some fun tricks! Alright, let’s see how well the Pongfinity guys can return my serves. First serve now! I’m ready! What!? No […]