This Elbow Trick Will Fix Your Volley

Improve Your Second Serve | Tennis Serve Lesson

Having a weak second serve is a big problem at the recreational level and maybe you find yourself having a pretty good first serve, usually flat like this and then on the second serve basically you do a slower version of this serve and just gently tap the ball into the box. Or maybe you […]

Tennis Instruction :Racquet Acceleration – Learn to Rip it!

Everybody wants to hit the ball harder. I get asked many many questions about how can I hit the ball harder? What do I need to do? Let me give you a couple of ideas. In order to hit the ball harder the only way that you can achieve that is if you’re able to […]

Tennis Drills – Volley – The Best Drill Progression to Improve your Volley

The wall is the perfect tool to improve our volleying technique because it allows you a great deal of repetitions in a very short amount of time. The forearm volleys you get as close to the wall as possible and try to keep the ball in play. The racquet stays nice and still very little […]

Tennis Instruction: Watch the Ball Like a Pro and Turbo charge your Game

One of the most common instructions in tennis is watch the ball. We hear it over and over and over but we still have a hard time really hitting that ball at the right spot at the right time. So why is watch the ball so complicated. Well I think a lot of times people […]

WIN More Tennis Matches With The ‘RULE OF 3’

TENNIS LESSONS | How To Crush A Sitter Tennis Forehand

Hey there, it’s Jeff Salzenstein, and in today’s video lesson, we’re going to get right to it. This is all about the forehand sitter. The put-away forehand. We’ve had a few people send me emails the last couple of months. “How the heck do you hit a forehand sitter put-away?” People are really struggling with […]

How To Stop Foot Faulting | Tennis Serve Lesson

In today’s video, I’m gonna show you how to stop foot faulting on your serve. Foot faults on the serve occur at every level of the game from the recreational players all the way to professional players and there is one specific type of foot fault that takes place at the recreational level and I’m […]

TENNIS VOLLEY | Fundamentals: 5 Steps To A Winning Volley

Do you want to master your forehand volley quickly and easily? Well, in today’s video, I’m going to show you a simple 5-step proprietary process that I’ve developed to help players all over the world improve their forehand volley. Hi, this is Jeff Salzenstein, founder of Tennis Evolution and USPTA Elite Professional and in today’s […]

Tennis Drill – Improve your Groundstrokes by Improving your Timing

off the bounce a player practices hitting us deep bouncing ball off the bounce at different heights. This is a great drill to improve timing the ability to take the racket head to the ideal contact point precisely at the right time. A good warm-up is to have to advanced players rally with each other […]