Inside the ant colony – Deborah M. Gordon

Think about all the things that need to happen for a human settlement to thrive: obtaining food, building shelter, raising children and more. There needs to be a way to divide resources, organize major efforts and distribute labor efficiently. Now imagine having to do this without any sort of planning or higher level communication. Welcome […]

The skill of self confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph | TEDxRyersonU

Translator: Jaime Ochoa Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard In my past life as a soccer coach, once you won a national championship, everyone wants to come play for you. Really not true. Once you paid them $ 25,000 a year in scholarships, everybody wants to come play for you. And parents would always come to me and […]

Why Google won’t protect you from big brother: Christopher Soghoian at TEDxSanJoseCA 2012

Translator: Mohand Habchi Reviewer: Denise RQ My name is Christopher Soghoian, and I’m a privacy researcher. In particular, I study the surveillance state that we now live in. Not exactly the theme that’s happened today. If you look in Hollywood movies, cop shows on TV, we see a single vision of surveillance. We see surveillance […]

Corporate Anthropology: Michael Henderson at TEDxAuckland

Translator: Catherine Dean Reviewer: Maria Pericleous So to get us underway, would you please give a warm welcome to corporate anthropologist, Michael Henderson. (Applause) (Cheers) Thank you. (Applause) Thank you. So I just thought, to start off, to make it very clear, when I was sitting, the smoke that appeared behind me wasn’t due to […]

Football physics: The “impossible” free kick – Erez Garty

In 1997, in a game between France and Brazil, a young Brazilian player named Roberto Carlos set up for a 35 meter free kick. With no direct line to the goal, Carlos decided to attempt the seemingly impossible. His kick sent the ball flying wide of the players, but just before going out of bounds, […]

Sport psychology – inside the mind of champion athletes: Martin Hagger at TEDxPerth

Translator: Mohand Habchi Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard When we look at Olympic sport, sport at the highest level, there are clearly some athletes who always seem to get it right. For example, Usain Bolt: Olympic 100m, 200m champion, twice over, in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and in the London Olympics. Michael Phelps: the most bemedaled Olympian […]

East vs west — the myths that mystify | Devdutt Pattanaik

To understand the business of mythology and what a Chief Belief Officer is supposed to do, you have to hear a story of Ganesha, the elephant-headed god who is the scribe of storytellers, and his brother, the athletic warlord of the gods, Kartikeya. The two brothers one day decided to go on a race, three […]

Ten Meters of Thinking: The ABC of Communication: Paul Hughes at TEDxInnsbruck

Translator: Mohand Habchi Reviewer: Thanh Nguyen Cong Success is not a point. Success is a path. I’m Irish, and in the Celtic symbolism there are many symbols that refer to a journey and a path. One of them looks like this. It says unity. Everything is connected. And it says eternity. That no matter where […]