Guillen Community Schools Luncheon

today we have the community partners luncheon which is a bi-monthly event that we have with Community Schools program this is the third one we’ve had to basically is there as a November we invite for the community partners from the from the neighborhood to come and find out what’s going on partners who haven’t […]

Balls for Hart

we’re visiting Hart Elementary School the teachers here told us the kids are working really hard and they’re making a difference in the lives of each other and so we wanted to come out here and make them feel special and give them a present let them know that they are making a difference in […]

The Technology That Will Make Hockey Easier to Watch

On January 20th, 1996, at the All-Star game in Boston Massachusetts, the NHL debut the infamous glowing puck. Fox and the NHL were trying to solve a problem that’s plagued hockey for a while. The ability for casual fans to follow the puck. It had a short life and in 1998 was sidelined for being […]

Precision Training with Tennis Prodigy Borna Devald | Gillette World Sport

I started playing tennis when I was 6 years old, when I went to school. But even before that, I used to play tennis with my grandfather. I loved playing tennis, so I decided to really focus on it. I also used to play football… …but tennis was definitely more interesting. So for last four […]

The Truth about Hydrogen

This episode of Real Engineering is brought to you by Skillshare, home to over twenty thousand classes that could teach you a new life skill. As the world grapples to eliminate fossil fuels from our energy diet, electric cars have seen an incredible boom over the past few years. Last year, over one million electric […]

Skycam | Innovation Nation

when you see a camera angle like this watching a sporting event you think it’s pretty cool right well imagine how much technology went into designing the camera system that can capture these images it’s called Skycam and it was invented by Garrett Brown a revolutionary camera man on films like Rocky and Indiana Jones […]

The Tracking Device that became Key to Hockey Training | The Tech Race

Welcome to the Tech Race. Every single step a hockey player takes is important and will be tracked. Now elite athletes train and compete under surveillance to achieve their best. (HOCKEY TRACKING SYSTEM) During a 60-minute hockey match, players may sprint at speeds of up to 30km/h, making it nearly impossible to analyse their explosive […]

Dragons blown away by “toughest negotiation in the Den” | Dragons’ Den

Next up are Brian Smiley and Euan McCreith Two Scottish techies with a plan to revolutionize the mobile app For our fantastic products it’s you know, innovative disruptive and you know, yeah, it’s very exciting Whenever we pitched, we’ve had a 100% hit rate in terms of them pitched classes investment, so I’m very confident […]

Google’s congressional hearing highlights in 11 minutes

Our only witness today is Mr. Sundar Pichai Pichai is the chief executive officer of Google. Chairman Goodlatte ranking women adler distinguished members of the committee Thank you for the opportunity to be here today More than 90% of all internet searches take place on Google or its subsidiary YouTube and they are curating what […]