The next generation of big air snowboarders

We are here in St. Morvitz on the Corvatz with five outstanding young men involved in the Next Generation Camp. Swiss coaches from the national teams are here as well. We have a three-kicker line, where the last one is a good step-over where you can try something out. I’m Simon Bürki. I’m 19 years […]

Ski and snowboard race to the bottom – Red Bull Home Run Sweden 2011

We are back here in Are for Red Bull Home Run. This is my favorite event, I won it a year ago. There are more people now, I’m going to ski away from 350 people. It will be harder this year, Petter Nortugh is here. There are professionals here as well as regular skiers and […]

Quand le snowboard était le roi des pistes

Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! (Mario Tennis Aces)

*heartbeat* + *cheering* *gasp* *blood curdling* Peach: Oh noooo! Hello Internet, Welcome to GAME THEORY! Spending more time analyzing fictional athletics than actually going outside. I know I recently said that Mario is classified as overweight according to the BMI scale. But one thing BMI doesn’t do a good job at factoring in is muscle […]

Ich fahre SNOWBOARD!? + Lift tour BTS – #STORYBASE2019 Tag 7 & 8 (German / English)

Good morning and welcome my old and new friends of 4freeskier. Today is day 7. Yesterday evening got a bit late, thats why there was no outrow but i hope that you understand that. It was really funny for sure! “You have to take the days like like they are and take the chances 🙂 […]

Street Skating in Barcelona – Red Bull Skate Arcade World Final 2014

♪ (techno music) ♪ Skating is just fun. What better place for it than an amusement park? It’s all here, and we’re having fun. We’re all here in Barcelona. One of the best skating spots in the world. An amazing view here, and a sick skate park. The international finals of Red Bull Skate Arcade, […]

How To Ride Switch On A Snowboard

Hi this is Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction. We’re up at Whistler Blackcomb and this is a tutorial on switch riding. When you first learn to snowboard you generally ride in one direction until you’re relatively confident. At this point you start doing jumps, learning to butter and entering the terrain park which is when […]

Professional alpine snowboarder prepares for the World Cup – Roland Fischnaller

I take so much energy and so much power from nature I started snowboarding in our valley, the Val di Funes. I was born there, on these mountains, I grew up in the alps. I chose alpine snowboarding because I liked to carve the slopes and to ride on a steeply slope, a thing that […]

SMG4: Stupid Mario Tennis Aces

Mario: Woah! Mario: *Gibberish* Mario: OOOOHOOHOOHOOHOO! [WOW] SMG4: I’m Playing Some Fortnite Mario! SMG4: And you Can too By following the link in the Description! Mario: WUT?! (Out of everybody in the world who plays this Mario doesn’t) SMG4: It’s a huge 100-Man PVP game with destructible envrionments *LE GASP* SMG4: Buildable Structures OH BOI […]

Mario Tennis Aces ANALYSIS – Reveal Trailer (Secrets & Hidden Details!)

Another Nintendo Direct has come and gone, and as usual, it’s left several new games behind in its wake, and of those games just happens to be Mario Tennis: Aces on Nintendo Switch. And unlike the barebones Ultra Smash on Wii U, there’s actually stuff worth analyzing here. So it’s time to boot up the […]