Golf club types and uses explained for beginners!

Hi everyone! In today’s video I’d like to talk about this golf club and also introduce each of them.So here I brought my club with me, these are the club I’m currently using it’s a set of 14 clubs because all the players are allowed to use a maximum of 14. So anyone who uses […]

Tennis Serve Lesson for Beginners – How To Hit a Serve

Are you just getting started in tennis and struggling with figuring out how to serve? Or maybe you’ve been playing tennis for a while and your serve has just always lagged behind and been a problem. So this video is for you and unfortunately the big problem is that most tennis players who have problems […]

Golf Tips for Practicing at Home : Hitting Golf Wiffle Balls: Driver

Ok. Last, but not least our driver. So, got our little home driving range with our plastic wiffle balls. I’m not going to see how I’m hitting the driver. So, usually if I’m not in a good groove I tend to fade or slice the ball more than I would like. So, this is a […]

Golf Pitching & Chipping Tips : Golf Clubs: Nine Irons

O.k. the nine iron; once again we’ve got this shot that’s not a full club of any club, so what club do you use? Well we’re going to explore the use of a nine iron on this segment. So I want you to think about; I can roll the ball up because there’s nothing in […]

Picking Golf Clubs, Equipment & Courses : Increasing Drive Distance in Golf

This is Johnny Miles from The Lake Powell National Golf Course in Page, Arizona with another hot golf tip for Expert Village. I’m going to talk about something that every person would like to do: create more distance. Everybody wants that extra 5-10 yards. The way you can clear that pond you’ve been having a […]

Golf In The Mud! (Mud Ball Challenge)

what is up y’all happy new year hope you had a great one here at Nashville Golf & Athletic Club today it’s a little chilly you’ve got a ton of rain lately and today’s challenge is I can’t clean my ball all day that’s gonna make it pretty tough I can’t even mark it on […]

Texas-style links golf, volcano erupts on golf course & gold ball marker

Check out that green! 107-yards long and dubbed as the largest in North America! A traditional links style course in Texas? Does that qualify as unusual? Welcome in to the Good, Bad & Unusual from the brand new Trinity Forest Golf Club. Marking the first time in the AT&T Byron Nelson’s 50-year history that the […]

Golf Club Review | Ping G5 Driver

Good Stuff. Right Shaun we’ll have you in again. Come over here and tell us about the Ping G5. We’ve had Shaun looking at the Ping G2 and now we’ve moved on to the Ping G5. Released the year after the G2. How do you think this compares to the G2? I would favour the […]