How Would a Tennis Player Perform with an Old-School Outfit? | Fashion Behind The Games

This is Past And Present. The ultimate challenge to see how fashion has helped sport move forward to this day. We travel all around the globe to challenge six athletes and six designers to make an old garment and test it under today’s conditions. Let’s see what happens when past and present collide. This is […]

How To Add Style To Your Grabs On A Snowboard

Style is one of the most important aspects of snowboarding. After you’ve learned the six main snowboard grabs, you can start to style them out. This is done with a combination of two techniques at the same time. Leg extensions, where you extend one leg while pulling the opposite leg in and Shifties, will you […]

How To Boardslide Street Style Features On A Snowboard

As you get better at jibbing you’re gonna start to hit more street style features which require you to approach from either the Frontside or the Backside. Our Balance Bar top piece is perfect for simulating this. It gives you the feeling of what it’s like to move your body over top of a feature […]

Joel Grimes – Master of Illusions

For many years I defined myself as a photographer and I had to work within sort of the boundaries that definition puts forth, but photography is not reality, it is a representation of reality. Really, I view myself as an artist, and I have the ability to pick and choose what I want to render. […]


Quand le snowboard était le roi des pistes

How This Paralympic Snowboarder Overcame Her Disability | Cosmopolitan

What I do want to be remembered for is somebody who made change and someone who blurred the lines between what’s possible and not possible. I grew up skiing and snowboarding and absolutely fell in love with snowboarding when I was 15 years old. Knew that it would be something that I would do for […]

Johnny Weir is Figure Skating’s Force of Nature | Fashion Behind the Games

How you doing, everybody? – These are the 2000s. – Right now. More specifically, 2010. The Chinese horoscope says it’s the Year Of The Tiger. Yeah, sounds good. The Earth Hour is celebrated in more than 4,000 cities in 125 countries around the globe to raise awareness about climate change. Guys, lights please! In Los […]

We Ordered Jackets Off Amazon • Ladylike

fade-in I’ve heard worse here during a fashion truck through the magic of the American postal system our jackets are here we ordered the jacket off Amazon and they are here they have a bribe so now and we gotta try them on now I’m really excited kinda I knew going into this that I […]

Ultimate Golf Road Trip – Episode 10: Golf Club at Cuscowilla

hey guys and welcome to episode 10 of the ultimate off road trip today we’re at the golf club at cuscowilla about an hour and 20 miles southeast atlanta now I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news the good news is this is another fantastic Coore and Crenshaw design the bad news is […]