You’ve Heard of a Murder of Crows. How About a Crow Funeral? | Deep Look

Big news! You can now support Deep Look on Patreon. More after the show. A verdant park, an idyllic day. But something has gone terribly wrong. A passerby discovers it first — and lets out a piercing call. Within seconds, everyone in earshot rushes to the scene. It’s mayhem… or so it seems. Crows are […]

13 Creepiest Mysteries Solved by Journalists Covering the Story

13 Creepiest Mysteries Solved by Journalists Covering the Story. Every writer is looking for the one story that can make their career. While investigating even the smallest mystery they dig up, and devour facts that can hopefully lead to a greater understanding of calamitous, and horrifying events. Some stories take years to get to the […]

Craziest SELF DESTRUCTIVE Animals In The World!

From bugs that will detach a leg, to ants that explode, here are 10 self-destructive animals…. 10. Leaf-Footed Bugs One of the main reasons animals purposefully injure themselves is to escape danger. The Coreidae family of insects, more commonly known as leaf-footed bugs, do this quite effectively, and it’s actually extremely common for them to […]

Weird NHL Vol. 30: Blast off into the Second Round!

the most shocking playoffs in memory continue into the second round yes these are the playoffs gone absolutely crazy like two straight weeks of games there is no telling how often this bad boy will go on tonight but I can tell you one thing I will be ready well Mike said before the game […]

Mole Cricket Experiment!

(cricket chirping) – You guys hear that? Yeah? Okay, so right now we are on location in Texas filming episodes of Breaking Trail. And last night, my wildlife biologist Mario and I were walking up and down this pond looking for reptiles and amphibians. And we kept hearing this sound, and I kept thinking it’s […]

[Vinesauce] Vinny – Glitch Cricket (Ashes Cricket 2013)

Vinny: [sarcastically] Uh-huh. Yeah, he caught that. Okay. Okay! [laughing] Okay! I love this. I don’t know what’s happening, but I love every minute of it. Announcer: Straight out of the middle! Vinny: He caught it with his foot, and it teleported into his hand. [crowd cheering] Vinny: How did he teleport that way? How […]