Table Tennis vs Hockey | Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) My name is Britt Eerland, I’m from Holland and I play table tennis. It’s my sport, it’s my passion. Three words to describe myself – I’m spontaneous, driven and fun. (OLYMPIAN RIO 2016) Blair Tarrant, I’m a New Zealander and my sport is hockey. I’m a defender. My strengths are disrupting all the […]

Figure Skating vs Ice Hockey | Who Will be Best at the Other Sport? | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) I’m Herberts Vasiljevs, Latvia, ice hockey. Herberts Vasiljevs! I love fast-paced hockey, the challenge, the competition and when a goal is scored, it’s unbelievable! (3-TIME OLYMPIAN, (TURIN 2006, VANCOUVER 2010, SOCHI 2014) I’m Valentina Marchei and I’m a figure skater from Italy. The good thing about our sport is there are no copies. […]

Tennis vs Softball with Vasek Pospisil & Haylie McCleney | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) My name is Vasek Pospisil, tennis player from Vancouver, Canada. The challenge of problem solving, it can be very demanding, but also very rewarding. My two Olympic experiences were some of the highlights of my career. I’m Haylie McCleney, softball player with Team USA. Softball is all about momentum, team chemistry and skill. […]

Diving vs. Weighlifting Can Lü Xiaojun & Chen Aisen Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) (DIVING) Chen Aisen, ice cool but on fire. Lovely diving. Sensational. The double World Champion, the king of the platform. (WEIGHTLIFTING) That was spectacular. He has smashed that. That is what champions do. (WEIGHTLIFTING/DIVING) (DIVING/WEIGHTLIFTING) Today we’re at our diving pool. There’s our towers, there’s our boards. Let’s have a bit of fun. […]