Can Athletes from Tropical Countries compete in Winter Olympics? | Burning Questions

Pristine beaches, crystal-clear seas, and balmy temperatures. Where better for an athlete to prepare for the Winter Olympic games? Snowy powerhouses like Norway and Canada will be expected to dominate proceedings at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. But what about those countries where ice would be nice and snow is thin on the ground? Can […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make an Air Hockey Table

How to make it The air hockey table will fit nicely into an arcade area or at an office! Not all air hockey tables have this, but I include the bar on the top that normally shows the score! The flower pots are supposed to look like the mallets while the line of redstone looks […]

Can I Break Par At Indian Bayou Golf Club? | Golfing In Florida

what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day we’re down here in Destin Florida actually on a family vacation just decided to get out for a little round of golf one and y’all to come along with me we’re gonna be playing Indian Bayou Golf Club today number one par four three hundred […]

Can I Shoot 59 From The Front Tees? | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

hope you are having a great day we are out here at Nashville golf and athletic Club for part two of how low can you go right here is number ten behind me we’re going to be playing the back nine’ from the front tease the front nine I shot 31 five under was off […]

Training for Rio with the Indian Hockey team

​My name is Manpreet Singh, I am a midfielder for India’s Hockey team. We’re currently in Bengaluru at our training camp as we prepare for Rio. We’re focusing on a lot of different aspects in our training. We’re trying to address our weaknesses from previous matches. Dynamic running, working on our press and particularly for […]

Ben Stokes ‘keen to get back to cricket being sole focus’ after being cleared of affray

Today’s verdict represents the end of an 11 month ordeal for Ben during which time he has had to maintain his silence at times when many on social media, and certain parts of the press, predetermined his guilt long before the trial began. The jury’s decision that Ben is not guilty fairly reflects the truth […]

Stinger Only Challenge With Matt Fryer & Lloydigolf | Golfing At Monifieth Golf Links In Scotland

we’re here in Monifieth Scotland playing the Monifieth golf course can’t wait to tee it up here we’ve got something special in store for y’all today I’m gonna have a couple others joining in on this video have a challenge today stinger only super cool course here this is actually where Tom Watson hit his […]

Shot Power Exercises for Ice Hockey ft. Hillary Knight | Workout Wednesday

Hi. I’m Hilary Knight. I’m an Olympian and I’m going to show you a couple of medicine ball exercises that are going to help you improve the strength of your shot. In today’s game, it’s really important to continuously work on the strength of your shot, because you need to be able to shoot from […]


Bonjour et bienvenue à ce nouveau récap quotidien c’était aujourd’hui le jour des demi-finales beaucoup de tension sous l’eau dans chaque catégorie ce qui nous amène à la question du jour “Entre la Turquie et la Nouvelle Zélande en U24M qui va gagner ? Voyons ce que vous en pensez “Je crois que la Nouvelle […]

The Lion That Plays Football

AGNES: I’m Agnes Mululeke, the curator at Johannesburg Zoo, I’m in charge of carnivore section. So I am looking after all the big and hairy and scary animals. AGNES: Triton is our male white lion, he’s pure white, he’s not a carrier of Tony coloured genes, he was bred here in Johannesburg Zoo and hand […]