Portuguese football legend Eusebio has died aged 71

The legendary Portuguese footballer Eusebio has died at the age of 71. Born in Mozambique in 1942, he went on to play 64 times for his country, scoring 41 goals. He also scored nine goals during the 1966 World Cup in England, more than any other player, and helped Portugal to finish third. He is […]


I have a dress, I played for Liberec you´re late and only two? are you fucking kidding me? there you have hockey kits Hi guys welcome to the new video finally is here Fitness vs Hockey it´s fucking difficult but we are preparing to the fight against Vsetín today so here we go hi man…where […]

How Snowboarding Conquered The Winter Olympics | Burning Questions

It might be one of the most popular Winter Olympic sports around, attracting throngs of cowbell-ringing fans everywhere it goes. But did you know that snowboarding was actually banned by most ski resorts until the 1980s? All right. Chill out, mate. Chill out. It’s a ski resort. Oh… So how did snowboarding go from the […]

Meet the World’s Oldest Hockey Player

(dramatic music) – Oh, my goodness, I played, I guess you might say, forever. Probably about 1931 is when I first started. It’d be 85 years approximately that I’ve been playin’ hockey. I’m Mark Sertich. I’m the oldest ice hockey player in the world. (uptempo, rhythmic music) I’m 95 years old, hope to be 96 […]

Snowboard Boy Seçimi Nasıl Yapılmalı ? I SPXTV

Hello Our topic is, how to choose a snowboard length. A major mistake people make here is, choosing it’s length according to your own height. Actually it is completely wrong to do so. This wrong technique is formulated by snowboard rental places to keep the circulation going and to rent you… …the snowboard or the […]

Livigno Ski & Snowboarding 4k GoPro || Mottolino & Carosello

Hello mobile, hello mobile, can you hear me? I’m recording for my friend… Seriously! Everybody here? Minutes later, Marcin twisted his knee With camera in mouth? Fuck… xD high five at camera HIGH HIVE AT CAMERA! Fuck, I won’t make it!

9th February 1895: Volleyball invented by William G. Morgan

Hello, and welcome to HistoryPod. On 9 February 1895, volleyball was invented by William G. Morgan, the Director of Physical Education at the YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Morgan had attended the YMCA’s Springfield College where he had met James Naismith, the inventor of basketball. After graduating Morgan continued to work for the YMCA and soon […]

Can a Finnish Olympic ice hockey legend change this Chinese team’s fortune? | The Z Team

Hey! Hennessy! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Shoot the puck! Ice hockey is a fast-growing sport in China with new teams springing up all over the capital. But the Huijia Green Dragons, the most recent addition to the Beijing Junior Ice Hockey League, are a team in trouble. Right, come on! Crack coach Jiri Novak’s been drafted […]

Jamie Nicholls gives you full access to the Snowboard events at PyeongChang 2018 | Winter Tales

The Olympics is the dream. Such an honour to represent your country on one of the biggest sporting events in the world. If you’re not looking at your television, now’s the time. 3½ on that one. A true definition of happiness, of friendship, of honour. When you come to the Olympics and see all the […]