powwow tennis – new way of tennis – urban tennis

Hey and welcome to powwowtennis. In some stories we want to describe you the idea and concept of powwowtennis. powwowtennis has its origins in touchtennis A new way of tennis which has huge success for example in England. Meanwhile there is a pro tour. We want to bring this new trend sport to your urban […]

Can I Shoot Under Par In Scotland? | Golfing At Gleneagles Host Of The 2019 Solheim Cup

all right so before I head out to the course stopping in here for a little lunch I’m eating lunch next to well most importantly Rachel yes however this right here y’all this is the Solheim Cup going to be completing here in less than a month right next month it’s gonna be playing here […]

Can I Shoot 59 From The Front Tees? | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

hope you are having a great day we are out here at Nashville golf and athletic Club for part two of how low can you go right here is number ten behind me we’re going to be playing the back nine’ from the front tease the front nine I shot 31 five under was off […]

Ticketmaster Talks: Ice Hockey

On this edition of Ticketmaster Talks we are here at O’Brien Icehouse in Docklands and we’re here hosted by the fantastic champions that are the Melbourne Ice. *laughs* What have I gotten myself into? Make sure you’re comfortable, not too tight. So how do you feel? Fine. I’m sure as soon as I get out […]

Golf Scramble With GM Golf | Public Embarrassment For Losing Team

every now and then I can putt right what are your thoughts about Matt in general what’s up y’all hope y’all having a great day we’re out here at the Junior course again with the GM Golf crew everyone right here behind me we’re gonna do a little 2 man scramble teams it’s me and […]

Making Birdies In Hawaii | Golfing At Hoakalei Country Club On The Island Of Oahu

and you just drove your ball over that lake what was the carry on that 300 what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day I’m out here at Hoakalei at Ewa Beach Hawaii this place is incredible we just got done playing the front nine this place is mint I’m gonna vlog the […]

Саша Трусова ИСТОРИЧЕСКИЙ ПРОКАТ❤️Alexandra Trusova historical skating

Good afternoon, dear subscribers and channel guests. Alexander Trusov in Bratislava issued a historical rental. Three quadruple jumps and three world records. Ondrei Nepel Memorial forever go down in history like the tournament that happened three quadruple jumps at once in female arbitrary the program. The author of a new achievement – Alexander Trusov. Her […]

Improving Golf Clubs through Acoustics

there is certainly a chill in the air these days and on Sunday you’re more than likely gonna be hanging out on the couch watching the game that heading out on the links but if you got to get one more round in this year you’re going to want to see this Shh please keep […]

Golf In The Mud! (Mud Ball Challenge)

what is up y’all happy new year hope you had a great one here at Nashville Golf & Athletic Club today it’s a little chilly you’ve got a ton of rain lately and today’s challenge is I can’t clean my ball all day that’s gonna make it pretty tough I can’t even mark it on […]

Williams Sisters are the near Perfect Tennis Pair | The Olympics On The Record

You join us in the second set of the semifinals of the women’s doubles tennis competition at London 2012. Russia versus the United States. The winner goes through to the gold-medal match. What a great tie we have here today. Here’s Maria Kirilenko and Nadia Petrova of Russia and they’re up against the might of […]